Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists in Burma

Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists in Burma

So a video which alleges to document ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists in Burma (currently known as Myanmar) made its way to me, I played it back and had to laugh my motherfucking ass off. It felt like when I watched the Mexican Chainsaw Beheading used in anti Bashar al Assad propaganda. Are you fucking kidding me? You can fool the sheeple, but you can’t fool us here on Best Gore. We live in the real world, not a rose colored fantasy.

The alleged document showing systematic slaughter of Muslims by Buddhists in Burma starts with a video from the birthplace of the US president. It was filmed in the town of Kisii, Kenya and shows the burning of people accused of witchcraft. Nice fucking try. I’m sure it works with the sheep, but they ain’t fooling me. Much of the rest of the video shows footage from Thailand that has nothing to do with Burma as has certainly nothing to do with alleged ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists.

At this point I have to make something clear – I know the premise of Buddhism sounds noble and all, but trust me when I tell you, Buddhists are some of the biggest, most hypocritical pieces of shit in the world. You can see the hypocrites in action in Thailand or Cambodia where they would let fruit rot at the foot of a Buddha statue but as soon as they’ve turned around they will move on to scamming the shit out of you with fake smile on their faces, never thinking twice about killing you for a dollar. But while there is plenty of wrong with the Buddhists, starting a big time propaganda accusing them of shit they have nothing to do with? What’s up with that? And the sheeple – of course – accept it unconditionally. Fucking demented sheep. Disgrace to the human race.

Seeing how the video was one big ass fugazi, I went to also see what the scoop was with pictures used to “prove” ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists is taking place in Burma. Lo and behold, every single one is a fucking fake, completely unrelated to Burma and absolutely having nothing to do with any targeting of Muslims.

The popular one is the photo from Tibet taken after an earthquake killed thousands. Buddhist monks rounded corpses up for cremation as is customary among Buddhist and the propagandists used it because it shows Buddhist monks among a pile of lifeless bodies so it had strong potential to strike the nerve with the sheeple. Unfuckingbelievable. Can’t trust anything on t3h interweb.

BTW – Burma doesn’t kiss Jew ass. That’s why you’ll find article about alleged ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists in all Jew media and that’s why so many sanctions are imposed on the country with fabricated claims of human rights abuses. You want to see real human rights abuses? Take a look at Israel.

Thinking of the Jew is pretty obvious here, though – no blatant human rights abuses are taking place in Burma, but the country officials are not dancing to the Jew tune and therefore must pay. I imagine it went something like this:

We’re gonna put Burma in front of the eyes of the sheeple and make every bleating one of them feel outraged over human rights abuses we make them believe are happening in Burma. International condemnation of Burma will follow – that will teach them not to brownnose our asses.

The campaign will start with our well paid propaganda team spreading lies on social media sites. Given the massive propaganda team we have at our disposal, the campaign will be huge and will get everyone talking. But because no human abuses are actually taking place in Burma, we’ll have to use fake images, but the sheep are so dumb, they will never question our version of the story so no risk there.

At the same time, all Jew media will support the campaign by reporting on out of control ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Burmese Buddhists. It would be too risky for them to use fake images – those will have to stay with social media propaganda spreaders, but with both sides pushing the same agenda, it’s gonna work.

Ta da – all sheeple flock to our cause.

Here’s the video which contains the burning of alleged witches in Kenya. Props to Best Gore member Hawk for this hook up:

Video of Buddhist monk Wirathu whom Jewish media known for conditioning the sheeple into labelling everyone who doesn’t stick their nose up the Zio ass a racist and an anti Semite dubbed “Burmese Bin Laden” because he expressed nationalistic views. It’s this video that sparked the wave of propaganda on behalf of the Jew sheeple for whom nationalism is racism and therefore deserves to be lied about and connected with genocide and ethnic cleansing. Fucking sheep:

And a gallery of a few fake pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with alleged ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists in Myanmar but is spread around by the Jew sheeple as such:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists in Burma”

    1. Are you that clueless? Your obviously the person we at bestgore are talking about. Go back and read the description. Even if you didn’t , its obvious that this has nothing to do with Buddhist and everything to do with muslims covering up there slaughters.

      1. Attention Idiot, that is what I meant. That’s why I said it was propaganda. Only one clueless here is you, fool.
        Looks like Buddhists are the new scapegoat. Muslims are just trying to look like the victims.

      2. Ummm, she’s talking about the ones who put that propaganda piece of shit video together, not the Admin’s opening opine piece.

        Having said that, anyone who believes Buddhists are going around ethnic cleansing Muslims is an idiot.

        Muslims are incompatible with any other Religion or Non-Religion on this globe.

        From Christians all over the world, to Hindu’s in India, Buddhists in Burma, Thailand and so on, Atheists in China..

        They fight, kill maim wherever they are.

        They are a nothing but miscreant cult.

        Unfortunately, every other Religion is either hugely pacifist, or has been turned that way. All but Islam, and it uses that to its advantage to spread like a cancer.

      3. You’re the second person to act like she had been deceived…I can’t help but think people are using her comment as an opportunity to demonstrate how “un-deceived,” and super hip they are. What did you think she meant when she said “this is propaganda”? Did you think she meant “this is not propaganda”? Fair enough, but to clear it up, I believe she meant “this is propaganda” when she said “this is propaganda,” not to be a jerk…but you’re really fucking dumb for not having known that without being told.

    2. yeah this is some kind of hokey-ass shit. It’s the battle of who gives a fuck vs. so fucking what. If any of it were true-ish it still wouldn’t matter. I’m baffled that for some this propaganda will be a rallying point. As a friend of mine once said: “Fuck em.”

    3. We muslims are the ones getting slaughtered all over the world. Too many people are against us, too many hate us because the jewish propaganda media is brainwashing the masses. We’re being sold out by our own leaders I wish we could all just die and escape this mess

  1. I fucking hate religion. It’s put here for weak, naive, no backbone, lost, dependable , can’t do anything by themselves individuals an imaginary person person to run there lives for them. It’ s the moat evil thing put on this earth by humans. But if I was to stoop so low as to let someone else dictate my life, it would be buddhist. I rarely disagreed with Mark but if there is such thing as a peacefully religion, it would be this one. Off course there are evil yards in every religion’s, after all you have to be a little fucked up to follow one.

  2. that video has so many mistakes beyond the simple fact that the pictures are fake, firstly, the muslim countries have noticed but are being denied access, and several of them are currently in a state of war or unease and are unable to spare anything to help. another thing is the rohingya have not been there for 1200 years, but since around the time the british empire got there, do you really think they would have such small cities if they had been there for 1200 years, yes the buddihsts are trying to get rid of them, but that is because a bunch of muslim men raped and killed a Buddhist woman.

    1. the monk is not even saying to go out and kill muslims, hes only saying to support 969 businesses, dont give your money to muslim businesses because they will eventually take over the country by having a million kids and they will eradicate the burmese buddhists. this guy is awesome

  3. Do we consider the feelings of the animals we eat?, do we tell the animals that we plan to exploit and consume them?, no, we take the condemned away to abattoirs and the rest of the animals carry on with their hopeless lives unaware that one day we will come for them.

    Now transfer this to a larger canvas and paint “poetic justice” in nice big rainbow colours right across it.

    The assholes at the top of the social/financial hierarchy view all us plebs as farmed animals, we are there to be exploited and consumed by the rich and we are already in one big abattoir, the abattoir called the free world, the democratic/communist process, and all other worthless systems of governance that comprise of the same thing, control of the many by the few.

    Now to my point, there are still quite a few places on this planet that are not entirely under the control of the top assholes, these places are ripe for exploitation and our leaders want to get their poisonous fangs stuck in, the problem is that our leaders still have to pretend that democracy actually exists and that the notion of good guys vs the bad guys exists as well, so in order to invade a country they must first invent a reason for their actions.

    They use many tools to establish good cause, such as propaganda, false flag operations, create social anarchy and then step in to liberate the poor mistreated freedom fighters and we let them get away with it because of various reasons that I can’t be bothered to list, the main one being that it doesn’t effect us so why should we care.

    The reason we should all care is that they will be coming for all of us soon enough, in the mean time lets saviour these elementary school level propaganda shows and these smoke and mirror routines, if anything, we can hopefully learn all their tricks for when they come for us.

    To conclude, are Buddhists wonderful people?, no, are they infinitely better than Islamic ass bandits?, yes, are they committing ethnic cleansing against the bearded Allah Akbar men’s choir?, are they fuck.

    1. Wow, thanks Morpheus. I’m with you on this one.
      But what do we do when we get rid of all the top assholes ?

      What do we do when anarchy and chaos reign ? When corrupt and violent police officers, thieves, murderers, rapists and other pieces of shit can do whatever they want without any official supression ?

      I don’t know, but we’ll get to know one day or another obviously…

    2. this is a King speech @empty. i remember about 20 years ago, when i 9yo, in my country lived only my Countryman’s(90%), Russian’s, Polen’s, Gipsies, Jew’s( they have high positions now), and some of the Germans whitch a little blood i have from them, and thats all. Russian’s and Polen’s you can trust in all kind’s of situations at least. Jew is so materialistic and twisted. Gipsie’s are fucking druggies and scums,all of them.
      And now Chinese people have taken control of som commerce,and trading’s. well, they can also be agreeable in some situations(but i dont like it), but not the fucking muslims,they are pushy and intruding eyes, never expect what they planning behind my back, they are vicious in all ways. At least we have some kind of skinheads, who makes them feel uncomfortable here.

    3. @Lovin it harsh

      I could create a number of social/economic systems and design them so that the best way to live could be followed, I could create systems to punish and prevent crime and systems to prevent greed and financial meltdown and they would all still fail because there is one element that I cannot control, human nature.

      Sadly we human beings always give in to temptation, we always succumb to power and greed, basically, the vast majority of us do not have the necessary psychological discipline to control our own ego, when offered power and influence we take it and we use it.

      Communism was a reasonable idea, corrupted by man. Capitalism is not a bad idea, again corrupted by man.

      To conclude, we do not need a better system, we need better people, and since humanity has not changed very much, technological advancement excluded, and the fact that we still kill each other for silly reasons means that I do not hold much hope for the future.


      Yes, the Muslims certainly are a untrustworthy lot in general, they stick with their own like glue and work against everyone else, they see themselves as better, more superior to everyone else and they wish to be in control of our societies and turn them into Muslim areas, they are much like the Jews in this respect, probably why they hate each other.

      @ kazzak

      Thank you, but you will have to join the queue, behind all the other Best Gore ladies, and possibly a few Best Gore men.

      1. A wise man once told me that in order to know the truth, one must first doubt it.
        That same man also taught me how to sing La Cucaracha whilst unicycling- now that I think of it, I can’t remember if he or she was actually a man, a woman or both.
        Great rhetoric Empty, as always.

  4. Who put that crap 1st video together ? What a load of shite.

    And I don’t agree with the statement that ‘buddhists are some of the biggest , most hypocritical pieces of shit in the world’. They’re not. When you want to see hypocrites i should think islamitics, christians, jews and i can name a few other groups, would come first. Also i have never heard of mass-killing , or kolonizing of other countries, by buddhists, nor of buddhists trying to force / manipulate others into their beliefs.

    Yes, countries like Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam are full of scammers and thieves, but that doesn’t mean every citizen of those coutries is a buddhist. The scammers etc. certaily are not, they’re just Asian versions of general lowlife scum deprived of any values as found all over the planet.

  5. So is this video going to be used on Islamic militant websites to stir the dumb fucks into a Budhist killing frenzy? Probably already has.
    I’m going up to Burma in a couple of months, it’s said to be one of the last untouched countries in South East Asia, no mobile phone coverage, no Internet and hopefully no Islamic Militia. I’ll be spewin if there’s no beer.

  6. They are doing what should have been along time ago. I hope they exterminate every single jihad loving muslim. Rid the world of muslims / islamists and I GUARANTEE you the terrorist activity will go down significantly. It is sad that they are not considered a hate group because that is exaclty what they are. Hate group / terrorists.

    1. Yup. Every church has it’s hypocrite(s). Trying to outnumber the hypocrites in your church actually protects them. Every person of faith is lying to themselves and others. Just about everyone who wants a place of influence within a religion has an agenda. The agenda may be that everyone gets blue lollipops but ya get what I’m sayin.

  7. That was a good speech by Buddhist monk Wirathu, standing up for his country and warning of the dangers muslin intrusion.
    Ironic though, that he can make that speech in a country which is effectively run by a millitary dictatorship without hinderance, yet if I was to make the same speech in my own country, (UK), a democratic country with the right to free speech, I would be arrested.

  8. I have been visiting this site daily but never thought of signing up. But today, I just had to write something about it so here I am.

    First of all, I’m from Burma who has been living in Australia for a long time. I’m not ethnic Burmese but Shan (a tribe in the country like Karens). Essentially, I was raised in a Buddhist family but my parents are western-educated so they taught me to think than blindly accept what I’m told. Being such person, I hold no prejudice towards anyone, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, etc. etc…..

    Now, I need to explain a little bit about life in Burma. When you are breaking your back everyday for food, you barely care shit about race and religion. Of course there are some better off people which is like 1% of the total population but everyone else is the same blood in the same med under the regime. The point is, the people ain’t really got no beef with each other. Throughout my life, I have never seen this “hatred” like now.

    Ok. Off to the Rohinja people. They are Muslims who have been living in a particular part of Burma forever. Either they are indigenous to there or they migrated from somewhere else, I don’t give a shit. All I know is they never had a major issue just until recently.

    So recently, there has been riots and killings and all that shit over that state. They say it started when the Rohinjas raped and killed a Burmese girl. Who the fuck knows for sure that they did it. Or didn’t.

    I couldn’t figure out why it’s happening only when there’s been reforms in the government so I made some phone calls to Burma. Well, I found out that in the country neighborhoods, a brigade of “Buddhist civilians” goes around with a truck and fuck up everything that is Muslim: people, homes, Mosques. And the local residents don’t know who they are and where they are from. All they know is they are doing these things in a very systematic fashion, like trained teams. That’s why Buddhists in such areas, hide the Muslims in their homes away from those people.

    I say the fucking government is at it again. My logic is Burma is now ruled by a civilian government (retired army generals though) and since Aung San Su Kyi is out of the prison and gaining enormous support from the people and the world alike, the army is now setting this “ethnic cleansing” fire up so that they can claim the country needs the army.

    I mean I got a lot of Muslim friends and I’ve lived in the countryside and there’s never been trouble this bad. Heck, I even have Muslim relatives. Of course there is a little bit of Muslim this and Buddhist that the entire time but it was never enough to kill your neighbour. And suddenly, it became ethnic cleansing? Come on.

    The only people who profit out of this is the politicians and Muslim extremists and the people suffer. I just want to make it clear that the people of Burma are NOT LIKE THIS. They are working like animals everyday just to feed their families. They don’t have time for this shit. They never cared. I never cared. My mum and I used to walk for kilometers to our home from the bus stop because that was all the bus fare we could afford. My father was a university teacher and all he earned was about $2 a month. Hard bread was a rare luxury. There was one time my dad brought home a bottled water and oh! we took the glasses out and toasted over it. That’s how poor the general population is. They probably won’t even understand what ethnic cleansing means.

  9. The Buddist can only take so much from the Blood Thirsty Muslims. Unfortunately Muslims who have nothing to do with what their Blood Thirsty neighbors are doing, are also being slaughtered.

  10. It’s quite unfortunate to study the practices of Buddhism for three years straight, and then to come across people who use the label of ‘Buddhist’ use this behavior. I’ve never used the term for myself, although I (like most young people in their early 20s today) are familiar with the practices. I, however, have emersed myself in them with time. How hypocritical of these people. I believe they may have some sort of ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy behind this, I guess I’m making excuses at this point but I really just don’t know. It’s a sad world today; there are few places to take refuge and I hope this video and these gross people don’t sway others from continuing their interest in their own buddhism..

    these people are no buddhists, just remember those people………….

  11. yes that is right, all religions must struggle themselves to domination, by murdering each others in the name of God and of course the only valid religion is muslim, because all other religions consist of infidels…because they are mad and neither believe in mozzies nor moohamad. Get it into you. I am from India… get in’dia!

  12. Thanks for the cartoonish conversations…..

    Every religion was considered pagan at one time or another.

    Every saint is a sinner
    Every sinner is a saint.

    Either you die young in your beliefs
    or live long enough to know better.

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