Ex-Con Dies After Being Shot in Face with Rifle

Ex-Con Dies After Being Shot in Face with Rifle

A corpse of a man was found yesterday in the municipality of Vertentes do Lerio in Pernambuco, Brazil. According to the information from military police, the deceased was identified as 28 year old Amauri Ferreira da Silva. He worked as a bricklayer’s assistant, and was an ex-convict.

Amauri was killed by being shot in the face with a 12 mm caliber bullet from a rifle. He was on his bike, but ran after being shot, and dropped dead about 100 meters away. He was suspected of having killed a policeman a few days ago.

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16 thoughts on “Ex-Con Dies After Being Shot in Face with Rifle”

  1. Amauri Ferreira da Silva + a bricklayer’s assistant, +an ex-convict. that’s the recipe for disaster and if he was one of the suspect in killing a police man ……..this sure as hell was an awaited outcome

    Probably the cop hired some goon or he himself was at the trigger
    Good riddance ………… another pest gone

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