Ex-Con Gets Shot Twice in the Cheek – Vivid Red Blood Comes Out of Mouth

Ex-Con Gets Shot Twice in the Cheek - Vivid Red Blood Comes Out of Mouth

Former prison inmate Natanael da Paz (literal translation = “Natanael of Peace”) was shot twice in the cheek in the Nova Queimadas neighborhood in Timbaúba, Pernambuco – Brazil back in August 2013. A stream of vivid red blood flows from his mouth as he lays in a pool of his own blood. The murderer/s took no expense to send Natanael to the morgue that very same day.

This is yet another case where I do not think he was innocent in any way. Although I am going by my intuition, something tells me he was no altar boy. Out of prison and back to his old ways, I suppose. Or unfinished business that finally got taken care of.

I have no further information on this one, sadly. Another one bites the dust, though.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. You beat me to it I was gonna say his killer probably said to him ‘one last request’ and he said ‘yes do you mind if I rub out one last easy one ‘ but the killer got bored of watching a man tugging and blew his cheek off

  1. So, I’m bored. Not many posts that turn my head lately. I’m too bored to do any correcting on grammatical errors. If you are reading this just keep scrolling, there is nothing to see here worth you while. Seriously look away.

        1. Nope not really Ob’s, the trial won’t be televised and isn’t scheduled till september this year.
          He is getting an enormous amount of fan mail though so that should be keeping the sicko happy. Shame, i was hoping he would be suffering in there.

          1. I can’t stand Magnotta! They won’t televise it. They give the murders more rights than the poor victim.

            Our legal system here in Canada is a real joke when it comes to sick fucks like Magnotta. They will probably let him out in a couple of years. (Probably let him volunteer at the SPCA giving kittens flea baths!) Just like this guy


            And don’t forget about Karla Holmalka she only served seven years and got a free University degree paid by the tax payers and is now living in Guadeloupe in the Carribbean with a husband and three kids, nice huh?

  2. The other day it was mentioned on this site how many murders happen in brasil,registered ones anyway what about fatal road accidents? I was just wondering since so many things on here are from there

          1. I believe the first line states that there are 35 thousand fatalities on the roads of Brazil as of 2007 . I think the second part is alluding to the approximate population and the assumption of a certain number of deaths based on that . I could be wrong but it is similar to French when one looks .

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