Ex Girlfriend Beat in the Head with Hammer and Dumped in Landfill

Ex Girlfriend Beat in the Head with Hammer and Dumped in Landfill

Workers from a landfill in Iguatu, state of Ceará, Brazil noticed that a lot of scavengers started to gather around one spot of the dump, went to see what was attracting their attention and found a dead body of a teenage girl with feet bound together and upper body stuffed inside a bag. Girl’s head was completely smashed and body was in an advanced state of putrefaction.

Medical examiner determined that the girl has not been subjected to sexual abuse anytime immediately before or after her death. Police investigators found they had the girl on file reported missing since April 26, 2013. On that day, 17 year old Keila Cibely Queiroz left her home with unidentified male on a motorcycle and has not been heard from since.

Further investigation lead to the arrest of the girl’s ex boyfriend – 20 year old Yaslan Moreira da Silva, a refrigerator technician who initially denied having had anything to do with her death but eventually confessed and provided details of murder.

The police learned that Yaslan Moreira da Silva got into an argument with Keila Cibely Queiroz and pushed her. The girl fell to the ground and became unresponsive. He got nervous, went to the backyard, grabbed a hammer and struck her in the head “I think twice, I’m not sure”, as he put it.

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  1. You can tell in this guys face that he doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything. Just another primitive Brazilian. That girl had a mind of her own and he couldn’t handle that fact. It’s always sad when they are 17

    1. Actually, flies are the pathologist’s best friends. They are very useful to pinpoint the exact time of death (as long as the corpse is left in the natural environment). The next best thing is if the deceased ate pasta before death. The level of digestion of pasta is a very precise tool for this.

  2. Maggot fest. I just imagine how many you’d find there! I was once traumatized by a pack (school, gang, bunch-lol) of maggots. I think i have PTSD from the event. Maggots make me hyper-ventilate. Hope she saw more in him then what I’m seeing! =/

    1. @my juice,
      I went away for a week once and accidently left some cat food out. when I got back it was crawling with maggots. I picked it up and they all fell out. It’s unbelievable how quick those little buggers can move when they want. They all starting trying to disappear into cracks and I had to stomp on them before they got a way. EWW.

        1. Yes, when i first bought my home, i had a funky garbage can with a lid that was slightly open at the top. Where i live, its in the 100’s daily by end of May. Well apparently a fly had laid itself some eggs and when i woke up in the morning, standing in a shirt and undies, i felt what i thought was a loose string on my leg. I slapped at it and continued writing my shopping list. Its 5am mind you. Then i felt that shit again, so thinking it might be a spider (I’m deathly afraid of them), i glanced down and saw that not only were tons of them inching across a floor that the blended in with, but i had 3 on their way up my legs! I flipped out, screamed and stood there like wtf do i do next?! Only my kids were home and they were asleep, so i was forced to take care of the matter! Seems like no matter how many i popped (because when you squash those fuckers they make a pop sound), they were still everywhere!!! =( I almost died! I went out at 10am and bought a wonderful stainless steel simple human garbage can for $180. And that shit latches shut! Never happened again! Thank effin’ the lord!

          1. @sunray- it was just from overnight! Guess i forgot to add that there’s nothing but flies over here and they get in when you have kids going in and out. I hate smells so garbage is taken out lots. Problemwas the gap in the lid of the previouscan. I love my simple human can and it matcheswith my other appliances perfectly, so it was a win-win..

  3. good morning humans. another sad post indeed. A whore on the outside but a little girl on the inside, is this the pain you inflict on us, oh existence!? is this the hell we must go through before we lay at rest under the void of nothingness? Oh what a cruel dream reality is! to wake up in darkness once we dream of night…

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    by the way… it’s against the law to fuck animals for all those of you who thought it was fuckable.

    give your head a fucking shake for fuck sakes!

  5. He got into an argument with his ex, pushed her down and she was unresponsive. He hit her in the head with a hammer a couple of times but sadly, the da Silva CPR attempt failed. RIP Keila

  6. I dream that one day the southern states can get rid of those shitty, nasty, cardboard-coloured people with flip-flops who wander around the whole fuckin’ day of the northern and northeastern states as Bahia, Alagoas, Maranh?o, Ceara (the champions on Bestgore) and we can become another country. Paran?, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are absolutely different from the rest of the country. Unfortunatelly we have to pay outrageous taxes to support those bums.

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