Execution of Alleged Traitor by Terceiro Comando Puro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Execution of Alleged Traitor by Terceiro Comando Puro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Execution of Alleged Traitor by Terceiro Comando Puro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This ridiculously short but to the point video shows the execution of an alleged traitor by a Brazilian gang Terceiro Comando Puro (Pure Third Command). In the video, a man sitting inside a car is riddled with bullets from what I guess is a full auto rifle (I know nothing about guns and never pretended otherwise – please correct me if you know what kind of weapon this is).

Terceiro Comando Puro, also known by the acronym TCP, is a criminal organization from Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 2002 following a split from Terceiro Comando, led by drug dealers Facão and Robinho Pinga (born Róbson André da Flipflop, I mean da Silva) who died allegedly of brain cancer in late 2007 while in prison. He was known for acts of cruelty to his victims.

The incident in the video happened in Complexo do São Carlos (The São Carlos Complex) – a set of slums in the central region of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhoods of Estácio and Catumbi.

Props to Best Gore member @tiuxxx for the video. Not entirely sure what exactly they mean by “traitor“. Perhaps switched allegiances to another gang? No idea:

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      1. No mate, it was the other way around @hanabi – remember I kicked you out of this town? Coz you’re the one that left for years. Yes, it’s all coming back to you now isn’t it?
        So you must be like 55 now? Did you just get out of jail and living in mum’s basement again with an electronic ankle monitor and eating MacDonald’s delivered by bicycle no doubt…..Good to know you weren’t beheaded by some Mexican cartel for being a spy…..

          1. I’m not mad @hanabi ! That’s my welcome back speech. Also, you could learn a few things from me too. I also have a bachelors degree, if that’s your way of measuring intelligence. Do you still live in Mexico?……..

        1. The original FN Herstal FAL was Belgian.

          This is likely to be manufactured under license by IMBEL (Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil meaning Brazilian War Material Industry) and, given that it’s a standard barrel length with a fixed stock and fully automatic, a FN M964.

    1. “It’s an AR-15 variant of some kind shooting small caliber with almost zero kickback.”
      Your standard AR-15 fires the 5.56mm round, which is really just a glorified .22 magnum. Very loud, but very little recoil impulse, especially with the buffer spring. This gun is definitely not an AR-15.

    1. I don’t think this is 7.62. where is kickback? plus it sounds like a small caliber. yea dude im looking at youtube vids and this gun seems very small for a FN FAL, this thing is big like a BAR

      fuk ahha idk man after watching both vids again idk

      1. I agree, original M-14’s using 7.62 on full auto were found to be unwieldy and converted to semi auto. I’ve fired 7.62 and it’s one hell of a round, almost as powerful as 30-06 or 8MM. You’d be seeing parts of the car fly off if this rifle was in that particular caliber.

  1. That’s what I call a fist full of lead! Don’t even bother to reload- just go full auto until the last bullet and walk away like a champ! Everyone else within sight would be ducking running and screaming! That’s how you take out the guy who stole from your mother! Damn! I’m seriously impressed!

    1. Never mind upon further review this is most likely the all to common IMBEL MD-3 assault rifle, it was heavily influenced by the FAL but is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO , this weapon system was developed in the 80’s so it is fairly cheap on the streets in Brazil

  2. Well shit I was not expecting the
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    But the FN FAL is definitely still a far better option now days then the common ak-47 that is used in my opinion.

  3. I doubt this is an FN and would bet it to be some cheap Chinese imitation.
    In any event this cameraman deserves a few rounds to the head for his shabby cinematography.
    Take some fucking pride in your murderous video footage. Cut to the Africans with machetes,pun intended, and have them hack this guy’s bullet riddled body apart for fresh dinner meat. Fade out….And CUT!! A genuine masterpice.

  4. Car already has a big fuck hole in the side, before he starts shooting, looks like someone else “egressed” the passenger side, I’d say driver is already hit, and he was braziled off. ( A Sth American version of Finnish-ed off).

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