Facebook Live Captures Street Beef, Man Shot in Head, USA

Call The Amber Lamps

Call The Amber Lamps

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Call The Amber Lamps!

A chaotic seen, somewhere in BRA (black ruled America)

A dispute between black and brown folks, results in several shots being fired and one dead homie. What was the dispute about? Who knows and who cares. Perhaps tempers flared, when they realized that Popeyes was out of their coveted chicken sandwich or someone drank the last grape soda.

The camera mans work, was shakier than the Blair Witch Project, but one thing is clear, the shooter hit his target and the shootie doesn’t need an ambulance, just a slow ride to the morgue.

“Call the amber lamps!!!” Well, you do have a phone in your hand. *rolls eyes*

Props to Best Gore member @megansharkeisha222 for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

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  1. think one can say if you see 3 new videos on here (and no doubτ they look messy, the knife in the head one or the ones without head, however)
    and don’t give a shit anymore like to much watched this shit specially here, but a few worthy ones, consider it a few “golden” classics seems to be lost, sad some seems to be lost I heard about one “stomp.avi”, were a guy jumps a few times on a girls head, I only saw a small gif, but never this video

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  4. Perhaps 3 seconds, no, 2, of the video contains what it is about. Why not just edit out the rest? Makes no sense, just shaky fuzzy nothingness, and of course all looking through a tiny narrow slot. You can be sure also that the “cinemaphotographer” had the latest multi-megapixel thousand-dollar iPhone. But, hey, instructions books are to be read only by white people, and maybe not even by them.

  5. “CALL DA AMBALAMPS! CALL THE AMBALAMPS!” Says the spear chucker that obviously had a working phone, but thought it was better to film his thriving intelligence for mediocre publicity than it was to call the ambulance himself.

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      Actually it is very logical from the perspective of self-preservation.

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