Faceless Corpse of 16 Year Old Philippine Girl Found Without Pants in Field

No Face - Did Animals Munch on It, or Killers Went Mexico on Her

Faceless Corpse of 16 Year Old Philippine Girl Found Without Pants in Field

On March 11, 2019, in Lapu-Lapu City, located in the province of Cebu in the Philippines, a corpse of a 16 year old girl named Christine Lee Silawan was found in an open field within a residential area surrounded by houses.

Responders identified 20 stab wounds on Christine’s body, including a lethal one in her neck. The skin on her face was missing. She was last seen on her way to work for a church.

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134 thoughts on “Faceless Corpse of 16 Year Old Philippine Girl Found Without Pants in Field”

      1. They were dumbfucks who didn’t realize that. Even if you cut the head, they can still recognize the clothing and even if there is no clothing there is the DNA. These dumb cunts didn’t realize that. One thing that they realize is that their assholes are going from “*” to “O” from the assfucking that they will receive in jail. The jail in Cebu is notorious for sex-craved inmates who would fuck your ass especially if they know that you are a rapist.

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            The Pepsi bottle spit cup was a nice touch though.

  1. Lovely looking girl. Question to me is ,was she raped or was it consensual intercourse that went wrong? Called him little dick,couldn’t get it up or just was a psycho who then killed her after he was finished because ….well because he was a psycho! Twenty stab wounds ? A lot of rage.

    Maybe it was satanic. I can’t imagine someone could skin a face first -time around and do such a good job without practise on animals previously or god forbid other people!


          1. The parasites involved should be faced peeled and flayed alive on TV and then their bodies should be fed to sharks.

            Nothing else should be done.

  2. Philippines is a place of beauty surrounded by heaps of trash.
    Filipinas are sweet and lovely women looking to latch onto a foreigner to escape the despair of their third world life. Look into it if you want a woman free from Feminazi thinking.

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  4. Update from hours ago:

    Medico legal officer Dr. Benjamin Lara said 16-year-old Christine Silawan, who was found dead in Barangay Bankal, Lapu-Lapu City last Monday, was not only skinned on the face, her esophagus, tongue and trachea were also hulled out. He admitted it was the first time he encountered a crime as gruesome as Christine’s death.

    Police claimed they have already identified 3 suspects but refused to give more details.

      1. @pigsonthewing
        I Hope he at least had the decency to have fucked her before peeling her face-off, cause yuk, i would not be able to get a hard-on with that face looking at me like dat! lol. 😉

    1. @legolas, actually no, white Filipino women are not rare. Filipinos are mixed races with Spanish, English Japanese with the native population. The very dark skinned people with straight noses are from the Lapu-Lapu region but there are many half white or Chinese mixes that are white.

  5. I had a big chuckle at the dipshit who mentioned a raccoon might’ve eaten her face. lol a raccoon in Cebu..


    Cutting off her face is actually a sort of legit way for those killers to make sure she wasn’t identifiable seeing as the Philippines is quite backwards down here n quite corrupt, u can’t expect them to have a DNA profile on a teen (not even in a civilised country) not even a profile on her doubtless peasant parents. I mean yeah she was still identified tho but probably thru what someone else mentioned her clothes n the fact a teen of that description (minus the face) was missing.

    Laughable even being identified by her teeth, for 1 I doubt the average Philippino even knows a dentist or knows what one is. 2 there’s no such thing as meticulous or even decent record keeping even if she had seen a dentist. (I’m very serious when I say just to get a simple x-ray u have to go thru too many hoops, there’s zero digital records either, paperwork bullshit will give anyone an annyuerism) 3 the police would probably hardly go through any of the effort required to sift thru paperwork or legwork going back n forth for medical records she was identified way too quick for that.

    Lol simply put she was identified in the most simplistic manner possible, oh gee well there was this girl missing awhile ago maybe it’s her lol.

    Oh they put in some effort with an autopsy that’s a surprise

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