FAIL – Philippine SWAT Rescue of Hong Kong Tourists Taken Hostages in Manila

FAIL - Philippine SWAT Rescue of Hong Kong Tourists Taken Hostages in Manila

I simply have to post this video. I’ve referred to it on a number of occasions but there seem to be many who have not seen it yet, which means they have no idea what I’m talking about when I refer to it. The reason why I did not post it when it happened, was that the video just didn’t contain any gore, so I gave it a pass. I shouldn’t have. The video is so messed up it big time deserves an honorable spot on Best Gore despite the lack of blood. I also need to post it because all you need to know about the Philippines can be learned from this video and Best Gore has long been the most reliable travel guide on the internet.

The video is from August 23, 2010. A bus full of tourists from Hong Kong was halted by 55 year old ex-police captain Rolando D. Mendoza. Furious about his dismissal, Rolando Mendoza armed himself with an M16 assault rifle and took a bus with 25 people (20 of them were tourists, including children) hostage. Having had a job in one of the most corrupt institutions in one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Rolando Mendoza felt untouchable and able to grease his pockets up with all sorts of illegal activities. Then, after he got so corrupt it was too much even for a shithole like the Philippines, the cop got his ass fired.

A popular form of enrichment for corrupt Philippine cops is to extort money from foreigners. They have scores of different tricks to set a foreigner up, frame them, plant a drug, send a whore to talk with them and claim rape afterwards, etc – all so those filthy creeps can get money off unsuspecting tourists no matter what it takes. There are horror stories from the Philippines you would not believe. I can only imagine how much cash this Rolando Mendoza got from unaware foreigners just because his post as a police inspector allowed it for him to do. It sort of makes sense that after this source of insane income was cut off from him, he took his anger up on unaware foreigners.

So here we are – a bus full of tourists from Hong Kong held hostage by an ex-cop armed with an M-16 in Rizal Park, downtown Manila and since negotiation with the hostage taker failed, the authorities sent in the Philippine SWAT. Because of seriousness of the situation, TV networks got on site and filmed the standoff. The SWAT team arrived and like in a Hollywood movie, they move in to free the hostages and bring the armed man to justice. The scenario is fine, except that this is the Philippines we’re talking about.

What happens next is what you have to see for yourself. It is something that can’t be told, it must be seen. The level of FAIL the Philippine SWAT demonstrated is epic all in itself. You could honestly send a group of monkeys to free the hostages and they’d do a better job than these supposedly highly trained professionals.

At the end of the day, 8 hostages died in the standoff, some killed by the kidnapper, others by the incompetent SWAT. The Philippine National Police attempted to hide the fact that many casualties were their own doing but thorough investigation proved that the bullets which killed them came from the weapons brandished by the SWAT. Rescue my ass.

Not only did the SWAT fail to contain the situation, they managed to mess up every single step they attempted to take. There are many priceless moments: at 1:50 for example, when they try to throw glow sticks inside the bus, they fail twice in a row. At 2:08 another pro tries to smash glass with sledge hammer but it slips out of his hands and into the bus. An attempt to break the door open by tying a rope to it and pulling it with a police vehicle resulted in the rope snapping. LMFAO. I mean, seriously. This is supposed to be SWAT!

What you will have seen in this video is what you’re risking putting yourself through if you foolishly entertain a trip to the Philippines. I was a fool myself and visited the shithole and let me tell you – I wish I didn’t. So many decent countries all over the world, why go where the police could care less about helping you should you need help, cause they’ll be busy looking for ways to extort money from you at any cost?

BTW, aside from extortion, prior to the standoff, the kidnapper Rolando Mendoza was also charged with gang rape. Enough talk, though. Check out the priceless video of the Philippine hostage situation below. If this is your first time seeing it, I envy you. You’re in for a real treat:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Tsk Tsk tsk. This single instance of a “Screw up” and “incompetances”, is merely a micro cosmic example of the Flip race as a whole.

    Like the MEstizo and Dasilvas South of our Borders, the Flips have lost their Ancient blood. They did not come by Naturally… But by the unholy nature of RAce mixing.

    We shouldn’t have to live in the same living space as these creatures… HELL! We shouldnt even have to live on the same Planet with these Mud semians!

    Mud: A mixture of Water and Dirt.

      1. i think that would be fantastic, or at least a forum or something.

        about the video……fail. you know…before i found best gore, the philippines was one of the countries i wanted to visit. now, i’m not sure.

        1. Chat was available until a month ago or so. I took it down cause after 3 month a grand total of about 10 messages were posted by about 5 people. 3 of those 10 messages were posted by me.

          Forum used to be active, but I disabled it cause I had no time to maintain it. It was also one of the first gradual shut down steps I took.

  2. You know, it’s like the old glass box at the amusement park, Where you’re using those little things trying to pick up the prize, and you can’t find it. And it’s all these arms are going down in there, And you keep dropping it.
    Some of you are probable too young to remember those glass boxes, but they used to have them at all the amusement parks when I was a kid.

  3. Gee…
    the Spanish tried and they failed.
    the Japs tried and they failed
    the Americans tried and they failed
    I bet you if the Filipinos tried themselves just a little bit to come out of the crappy world they live in, they might succeed. And my grandma’s dad was Filipino. That should say something.

  4. My wife is Philippina, i’ve been to the country many times and know it quite a bit. I remember we saw this “Swat” “operation” live on tv. It is such a good examplification of a range of things that piss me off about this country and its people.
    And they LOVE to blame the government all the time. While it surely sucks on many levels, the people itself also mostly suck so much.

      1. I hate to say it, but I was thinking the same exact thing. AyCaramba, don’t deny it, you married a whore. Before she became your wife, the woman you married had been selling her body for money, correct?

          1. you are very correct that you are wrong πŸ™‚ some filipinas are like that and some are not… so dont generalize..what u get of that kind of filipinas are not virgin anymore coz they can be bought by wealthy filipinos too…i mean sometimes what you get is our rejects πŸ™‚ the virgin ones are hard to get,they cant be bought with money. some are easy to get and some are hard to get. hehe

        1. lol, jealous kids, sorry to disappoint you but while there are quite a few whores, ladyboys and all kinds of funky peeps in the Philippines and all “those” countries for that matter, i met my very normal and good sweetheart during an internship in the business district. There are enough normal, hard working people in that country also, you know…
          anyway, she’s a good person, but i’m happy we live in Europe and not there, cause even going there for a vacation is enough of a headache every time.
          While we have a lot of bullshit to live through in our western countries already, the annoyances and bullshits one gets to “enjoy” in those… fucking hell -_-

    1. Unless your dick is somehow long enough to constantly be pressing on your Caps Lock button, then you should really take it easy on the caps…not only does it give everyone the image that you are a child that shouldn’t be here, but quite frankly, it’s irritating, unneeded, and I hope the gnomes come for you.

        1. Yeah I know…they call it capital punishment…No, hang on that’s China…THESE fuckers hang their miscreants…yeah, and they can’t even do that right either…they end up ripping the poor cunt’s head off.

    1. At past 4 in the afternoon, Mendoza is coming out frequently, and that’s a great chance to slay him. That’s why they didn’t kill him because these fucking people are Christians, they are afraid to kill. While I was watching, I thought, “WTF, these cops couldn’t just drop their bibles for a while and shoot that man! “

  5. our president had a good laugh at the scene after visiting the site.for what reason?? i have no idea.. you ain’t seen nothing least we have some of the finest bitches eh’??

  6. A perfect example of that a situation in which quality is superior to quantity. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if these “SWAT” manages to injure their teammates instead of their target. Unless their guns are loaded with blanks and numbers are just a scare tactic. That and the redicilous tiny shields.

  7. I was headed off from work that time and heard about it and I was like OKAY. Then when I saw on TV I was really crying and just disgusted at the lack of proper action and passiveness by our GREAT LEADER. And we were all crying when we found out people died when they should have been alive!

    And then the next day Venus Raj won 4th runner-up and everyone forgot about it. Jeeeeeeeeez

  8. You know guys I’m a Filipino.
    I can’t speak easily for any of the sides.
    I’m asking myself :
    Which will I side with? Racists or fellow Filipinos?

    Sometimes even it hurts me so much, I would choose racists. Why? Because OTHER (please, don’t generalize) Filipinos keep on doing things repeatedly which they already know that will be really bad for everyone. I don’t hate Filipinos, but I can’t also blame racists. We keep on striving and working hard but all those, at the end of the day becomes trash because of, yep, you guessed it right — the FILIPINOS themselves. I am proud of my heritage, especially the heroes who fought, but, this place now just stinks with cronies and shitty government. I hope you guys can read this. You can reply rude, it’s ok. But please, accept my grammar. It’s shitty. πŸ™‚

  9. Dont you see the big pouch at the abdomen – any policeman that does not have one will be shot by his
    colleague. Likewise their SWATS are trainied to eat lechon n baloot every day – they must be surprised to get involved in such real work perhaps they thought they were asked to act in a movie like what Mr Estrada used to do.

  10. Lived there for 2 years in Manila and Pangasinan, took 3 men to install an electric shower in my condo, all Hi5ing each other for their good work, my experiences there were endless, esp with a child choking in Jollibee and they all sat watching.
    This siege comes as no surprise with their intelligence. View SAS siege of Iranian embassy London and compare the incompetence.

    1. You are to compare SAS the siege of the Iranian embassy to this? come on its so far out! πŸ™‚ SAS 1 of the best if not the best! you are to compare Andy Mcnab to those nameless filipino swat! πŸ™‚ so funny.

  11. Id rather be a Filipino and live here in the Philippines regardless of what others say negative about my country, at least here we have our freedom we are a freedom loving nation,yup i do believe that some our politician are corrupt but again not all So don’t GENERALIZE. at least were a not a barbaric race, we don’t want terrorist we hate those who disrupt peace in this world of ours! at least we are not like in Iraq or Afghanistan were lawlessness prevails over peace and love of mankind.

  12. But i don’t love this swat no preparation just point blank stupid no experience in dealing with these situation, its a shame. But their failure is not my failure. Cos i am just a Filipino but i am not a Filipino swat. hahaha

  13. I agree that this incident really sucks, when I got to see this on tv I felt ashamed of how my countrymen dealt with this. The law enforcers here break their own rules, so it’s not a new thing.

    It’s true that the Philippines has whores, thieves, or some shitty people that don’t contribute much to the society; but there are still Filipinos who work their ass off just to get a good pay. So don’t come up with conclusions.

    Well, in spite of shitty things we Filipinos are dealing in our country right now, I just have to shut up and do what I’m supposed to do instead of whining all day dreaming of what an ideal Philippines should be.

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