Family Attacked by Syrian Terrorists in Homs

Family Attacked by Syrian Terrorists in Homs

Family of three was driving around town in Homs when Sunni terrorists opened fire at their automobile for no particular reason. That’s however what the terrorists do – kill random civilians. While father of the family, still in the car appears to have been mortally wounded, his wife and daughter survived, but wounded themselves and terrified after the unpleasant experience which claimed life of the father.

The video was filmed by other uninvolved civilians who got to the grizzly scene before the terrorists could claim the dead. You can tell that they are not Sunni (hence not looking to kill anyone) because despite being Muslims, they do not try to break the world record in how many times you can say “Allahu Snackbar” per second.

It’s a sad reality for many Syrian civilians. They don’t know when and from where next terrorist attack could come. The terrorists shoot at civilians at random and now with Al Qaeda operatives aiding them in setting up IEDs all over Syria, a tragedy can happen to absolutely anybody. Video is below:

Meanwhile, after months of using civilians as human shields, the Salafi are now dressing as Muslim women to carry out the terrorist attacks. They know that army will strive to spare civilians, hence the use of human shields and it is the same with women – they know the army will not shoot at women (unlike the Sunni) so they try to disguise themselves as such. Check out the video of them being caught (no gore, just a bonus video for those who want to see):

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. They should have worn a burka – a full body covering, with a mesh patch near the eyes to see out, ANYBODY can hide under one of those suckers! A black burka makes the wearer look like something out of a horror movie coming at ya, all floaty & ghost-like! My kid squeezed my hand with slight fear the first time one walked towards us. We were in a crowded shopping centre and I was like “step away from the bomber!”

      1. LOL. I agree, burkas are scary… And I remember seeing a Muslim protest in England awhile back – and several of the people wearing burkas had obvious man hands. So I guess it’s more common than we’d think!

        1. Nah, generally, I’m not that rude, unless people are rude first, I’ll stick up for myself! I read it in the paper actually, a Muslim women wrote in to the ‘letters’ section, she said someone DID say that to her though!

  1. I just find it so so terrible and a shame when a good family is completely killed/ murdered =(

    jess, “Allah Snakbar” are like vowels over there…. cant make a sentence without it.

  2. Well it doesn’t surprise me what these sunny fuckwits get up to now. Dressing up as women so they can infiltrate civilian areas to shoot down women and kids for their next upload. Good catch from the armed forces I guess a few more civillians (not many) in Homs will sleep better tonight.

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