Family Members Cry as Two Brothers and Cousin Are Shot Dead in House

Family Members Cry as Two Brothers and Cousin Are Shot Dead in House

On Thursday October 19, 2017, a group of gunmen stormed a house on Maria Andrade Street, in the Betânia neighborhood, South Zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, killing three young men, all members of the same family.

Lucierick Coelho de Lima, Lucieverton Coelho de Lima, and Rafael Coelho de Lima, nicknamed Rafinha died in the house, as their family members wept. The first two were brothers, the third was their cousin. All three were convicted of robbery in March of this year, and were known to engage in drug trafficking.

Here’s the gallery of pictures of the aftermath:

And a video of family members crying over the loss of three of their relatives:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Theres no pitty to be spared for those that engage in drug trafficking and theft, and end up dead for it. 😀 They payed for their degeneracy, and no matter how many times that delusional woman keeps shouting “COME BACK TO ME!!! COME BACK TO MEEE!!!”, necromancy is illegal too… 😆

  2. Why does Brazil is facing a centenary silent war ? I believe it is just for the fact of the stupid vanity of the people reinforced culturally over the 517 years of its history (the main and only reason) . Seriously, some people in Brazil often dwell on foolish things. Even if you step on someone’s foot on the bus going to work, and apologize, it is a sufficient reason for a agressive argument or even a death. It seems everybody wants to be the world’s owner… Justice in Brazil is a daydream, and everybody knows that. Why do I will present my problem to Justice if I can solve the problem with my hands. It is cheaper, simpler and fast.

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