Farmer Kills Fisherman by Clubbing Him with Barrel of Gun

Farmer Kills Fisherman by Clubbing Him with Barrel of Gun

39 year old Raimundo Brandão de Barros, fisherman from the rural municipality of Borba, located about 151 kilometers from Manaus in Amazonas, Brazil, got into physical altercation with a farmer identified only as Carlos, but known locally as Conterrâneo (Countryman), and ended up getting clubbed to death.

According to the locals, Raimundo had long held a personal grudge and harbored a deadly hatred for Carlos. Both were under the influence of alcohol when they ran into each other, but whereas Raimundo was drunk more, Carlos mashed up his head and bludgeoned him to death with the barrel of a gun.

Some residents of the community where the crime happened showed up when the farmer was still hitting the fisherman’s head, and tried to arrest him, but he managed to escape to the woods and disappear. He is currently wanted by police.

Note: All reports I’ve read on this incident say that the fisherman was bludgeoned with “cano de espingarda“, which seems to translate as “barrel of a shotgun“. Holding the barrel and clubbing the target with the butt would seem more effective, but apparently that’s not what happened in this case.

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  1. in the good old days you could kill a faggot and throw him the river and no one would give a fuck. these days you can’t even kill an asshole you hate, without getting locked up. what a difference 100 years makes.

    1. Americans ? You guys love saying ,” guns don’t kill people, people kill people “. Is that what you are saying here ? Surely you accept that you are the only country in the world whose citizens take a gun and shoot as many strangers as they can ? Why do you think that doesn’t happen in England or here in Australia ? Do you think its because Americans are just nasty people? Or do you think its because people in other countries arent permitted to own high powered auto or semi auto weapons ? Here in Aust. no one owns a gun – except farmers who need a shotgun. I’m 35 and have never even seen a real gun, except on a policeman……..

      1. Dutchy, sorry dude but you need to get your facts right, many countries around the world let you have high powered auto’s, our neighbours in New Zealand are allowed to have them, in Switzerland you are issued an assault rifle that comes home with you once you have done compulsory national service, so basically every house has an assault rifle in it and the country also has one of the lowest firearm crime stats in the world. Farmers only having guns? I live in the city and have 7.
        Also for everyone, the guy would have used the butt of the stock (the part that sits in your shoulder) to kill him, it’s called a ‘butt strike’. You hold the gun buy the barrel and strike down, if you try to use them like baseball bats they just tend to snap in half, especially a breach loading shotgun.

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