Farmer Stabbed in the Face with Huge Knife – Brazil

Farmer Stabbed in the Face with Huge Knife - Brazil

Another day, another farmer murdered in Brazil. Strangely enough, this time neither the victim, nor the presumed attackers were da Silvas. WTF Brazil… I am disappoint again.

The attack took place on Monday, January 2, 2012 in the town of Lagoa do Combre, rural Tacima, Brazil – near the border with the Nova Cruz municipality in the Paraiba division. 56 year old farmer by the name of Francisco Viana de Oliveira aka Chico was found brutally stabbed to death with murder weapon protruding out of the side of his face.

The victim spent early hours of January 2 drinking with his brother, 46 year old Jose Oliveira who resides in the same locality, and 38 year old Gilberto Adalto das Neves aka Beto, resident of Carnauba.

Beto said he left the bar together with Chico and Jose but midway decided to move forward leaving Chico and his brother to carry on at their own pace. Before they got home, Chico died being repeatedly stabbed and his brother disappeared without a trace. The victim’s wife said that the knife which was stuck in her husband’s face when he was found belonged to them.

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