Fascinating WWII Footage of German Forces Battling Allied War Mongers

Fascinating WWII Footage of German Forces Battling Allied War Mongers

Fascinating compilation of WWII footage from 1940 shows superior German forces battling against allied war mongers that forced them into war by breaking treaties and massacring tens of thousands of German civilians. Germans have done everything in their power to establish peace, but as Winston Churchill proclaimed:

We Will Force This War Upon Hitler, If He Wants It Or Not.

Hitler’s Germany, like Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya was outside the debt ridden Central Banking System. Hitler showed the world how impossible becomes possible, how a country can completely overcome massive unemployment, get rid of crime and become a powerful economy with happy and satisfied populace, when criminal banking cartels are not allowed to destabilize it, undermine it and rip people off at will. Winston Churchill later expressed (The Second World War – Bern, 1960):

Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore.

Also a video of Adolf Hitler’s speech he made in 1940. Hitler’s only goal was to built great Deutschland. To non German speaking audiences, his speeches are usually presented without translations, therefore an average sheeple always thinks he spoke about the intention to dominate the world yadda yadda. Fact of a matter is, you would never find any such mention made by Adolf Hitler. He sought peace and tried all that was in his power to avoid war. But allied war mongers had commands from those who controlled them to wage war on Germany regardless of how hard Hitler tries to make peace:

Plus a video of what National Socialism brought to Germany. A seemingly unrecoverable country riddled with crime and poverty experienced a miracle on all fronts under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the greatest man of the 20th century and forever an inspiration for the free peoples of the world:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Fascinating WWII Footage of German Forces Battling Allied War Mongers”

  1. i find the best way to persuade people that hitler was a great leader is to bring up how his people faught to the very end, germany’s generals couldve easily surrendered at the first sign of defeat, they couldve turned against hitler at any moment, but they didnt, not only did the nazi army keep fighting, but the nazi people kept joining army to keep fighting!

    1. I understand how strong the poison of zio- propaganda has on the modern public. They don’t understand history or truth, they only understand the movies they are subjected to. This form of propaganda is effective, because unlike real history and truth, the people watching a Hollywood movie could be dull and stupid and even have their lips wrapped around a crack-pipe and the flavor of the propaganda will still reach them.

      When I was a child in high school, my eyes were blindfolded from the truth, when ever I saw the iron cross on the German war machine I didn’t think clearly… all I saw was “Evil, Nazis, evil, evil war mongering Nazi, Hitler was pure evil”… and then I grew up, studies history and the world for myself, and became a man and shed the lies that they pushed on me as a child.

      Now when I see that Iron Cross on that Tiger tank or stuka Diver bomber, I see a free people, a free nation forced to war, and a free people’s engineering and great leadership and military defending their honor and rights to exist.

      1. As an veteran of the US Armed Forces, I have to go on the record as saying that the USA should have joined forces together with Germany to destroy the filthy Jewish communists in the USSR, UK, and France, and free the people of the world from the evils of Jew run Communism. The German soldiers were better than ANY American or British jew ass kissers I’ve ever heard of or met.

    2. Hitler had many great ideas and he really wanted Britain on his side to invade Russia, which should have been done. I have a vast collection of tanks and airplanes, 90% of them German. I am constantly amazed as I view all 100 models in my office at how incredibly ahead of the times Hitlers Germany was. I have the English version of Mein Kampf and her really was a brilliant leader of men.

    3. Yak know, I’m tired of people talking about how the general public only know what they’ve been fed to know about Hitler, and that he was really some kind of “Great leader”. Yes, we have been lied to, and yes, many people don’t know “true history” and facts, and YES, our leaders are corrupt. HOWEVER, in no way shape or form is Hitler some kind of peace bringer or should be glorified. He is responsible for all the innocent people that were slayed because of his decision making. And any of you that like to kiss his ass and lick his balls, need to remember that. Idiots.

      1. Jew apologist hath spoken. Nevermind that Judea declared war on Germany before any aggression started, nevermind that Polish Jews killed tens of thousands of Germans in the Danzig corridor to provoke Germany into responding to pleas for help from massacred civilians.. The Jew apologist would still accept the propaganda that it was Hitler who’s responsible for innocent lives lost. There are idiots, and then there is this guy…

      2. Dirty towel, watch “the greatest story never told” on youtube, it is a very well made documentary series on youtube, I’m not saying it is 100% accurate, but it serves as an excellent eye opener for further independent research.

  2. Hitler was a great public speaker. He came across as being angry, and frustrated. Like a Man of the People should. Instead of being calm, and rehearsed, at the (then) current state of things like most modern “leaders”. Total honesty on his part. Just tell it like it is. Unfortunately…The Truth Hurts…and that was his ultimate undoing… Well, one of them…

  3. Corporatism is fascism.

    In the U.S. the top court recently upheld a ruling that a corporation, a non physical entity, has the same rights if not better rights than the rights an actual physically present being has.

    Those corporate citizens have now taken control most everything else and we have the guy who can barley speak

  4. Eins muss man denen lassen, das war wenigstens ne richtige Armee, nicht son Kindergarten wie die Bundeswehr heute. Mann, ich hab da fast nur Schwuchteln getroffen. Die Polen w?rden Deutschland heute locker ?berrennen. Wie heisst das nochmal so sch?n, die Bundeswehr h?lt die Stellung bis die richtige Truppe kommt. 🙂

  5. Sure, Hitler brought Germany stability and a future, but he was also indirectly supported by the Rothchilds, Rockefeller and their corps, which also financed Stalin.
    Classic divide et impera. The war was inevitable because the Allies had a plan to completely debellate Germany, so it didnt matter if Hitler was a warmonger or not, cause he was on a tight spot. I cannot point out the traitors back then, but there were many in the leadership ranks.
    What I can confirm is the plan of a united Europe, with Germany as leader, which would be accomplished either trough consent or conquest. Many nationalsocialists kept their influencial positions within the politics, and helped to build up the now existing EU, which some call the 4th Reich. From a right-left perspective is the EU about to become a sovietlike megastate. But in fact national socialism and communism are just two sides of the same coin of totalitarianism.

    1. “he was also indirectly supported by the Rothchilds, Rockefeller and their corps”.
      Really? The fact that the Nazis seized and dismantled Rothschild assets and interests in Germany, France and Austria could be considered as ,’indirect support, I suppose’.

  6. Nice the first video has music from my favorite artist. Mister Zack Hemsey. You guys should check him out, not very well know but makes awesome trailer music accompanied with some really meaningful “rap”. Its something unique you might like it. 🙂

    Just a plug, there are lots of people on BG and I know you guys appreciate good music and the dude is really talented and deserves much more recognition then what he has now, so just wanted to mention him if people liked the music in the first video 🙂

  7. Rest in Peace. I truly find all this so fascinating how our educational system lies in order to indoctrinate us into hating the only good men on this earth and into adoring the most evil of them all. Best Gore for eternity!

  8. I have often wondered, why if the Nazi’s where so fascist and racial? Why would they ally themselves with Japan, and Italy? Who clearly are not whites. This does not make sense to me. As much as I would like to think the Nazi’s where the bad guys. I don’t know anymore. Why was America booming through the 50’s after the war? Why then after the establishment of Israel in the 60’s did America’s economy start to go to hell?

    1. That’s quite true indeed. If Nazi especially Adolf Hitler was a racist, they wouldn’t want to be ally with Japan and Italy. They could’ve just “gassed” (as claimed by the zio and sheeple) them just like the Jews.

      1. they allied with italy and japan because shitler knew he had no chance without them also italy surrendered and japan was the only country willing and capable of attacking usa bet if theyd won i wonder how they would fit in blonde hair blue eyes regime you fucking morons said me brittish and proud

    1. Heil Hitler!
      It is my firm belief that our Fuhrer was a Spiritual Satanist who would not rest until his people were free! A man as great as King Leonidas who stood with 300 in the face of a disgusting enemy, he showed us the path, it is up to us to see his vision through!
      We work tirelessly to destroy this Jew infestation!
      Heil Hitler!
      Heil Enki!
      Heil Satan!

  9. I don’t think Hitler’s economic model could have lasted over time. It had advantages, sure. But the lack of innovation and adaptability would have kept it stagnated in the 20th century.

    1. Well, they did fight quite well even when fighting against the entire British Empire, the entire industrial might of the wealthiest nation in the world the USA, and the Gigantic Communist monster the USSR, and many other nations like France and more.
      Japan was a good German Ally but were on the opposite side of the world. And the Italians are worthless and couldn’t even take over Ethiopia.

    2. The evidence to this is that German forces have to fight two powerful forces British empire and the USA. It is a handicapped war. If this doesn’t shows the superiority of the German forces, what is??

      1. And the Russians. Remember, Hitler was forced into a two front war and with the backing of the US it was still a close thing. If Germany had had a little more time to develop the ME-262 jet fighter and other similar aircraft it t would have been a completely different story. The failure of Germany to NOT develop long range 4 engine aircraft en masse was another oversight that should have been addressed early on. Had Rommel been on hand during D-Day instead of in in Germany, the allies might well have been run back into the sea allowing Hitler to concentrate on wiping out Stalin and his scum.

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