Fast Reaction to Two Men on Motorcycle Results in Dead Assailant

Fast Reaction to Two Men on Motorcycle Results in Dead Assailant

Angels smiled in heaven when they saw this video.

In Brazil, if you don’t have a gun, and don’t have it in your hand, cocked and ready to fire when two men on a motorcycle are approaching, you’re either already dead, or it’s just a matter of time. Most of the time, the assailants have the moment of surprise in their favor.

The pair in the CCTV video attempted to pull the same shit off, only the man behind the wheel clearly knows how it goes in Brazil, and was prepared for the shit to go down when he was the motorcycle with two people on it coming near.

The driver didn’t give the assailant a chance to act, and took him out before he could get his gun out. The other took off on the motorcycle. Great example of instant justice. Too bad this is so rare. More often than not, it’s the unsuspecting victim that pays the price, and the assailants get away.

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      1. Yes but we don’t really know why the person on the bike was attempting to approach the ppl in the car..maybe he was about to ask for ditections? “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to….” BANG! Shit..then you really right, life is a bitch…oh welll..nice video

          1. Then the cop since was off duty should have thought about his own freaking business, and if you are a cop and you know already that the other person is a thug and dangerous, you dont approach him that way, unless you are a stupid cop…amen..who knows who filmed this? It’s not a security camera, someone who was at the window of a building and pointing his phone camera at the same spot for such long time with no apparent reason?

  1. Where are all the anti-gun bitches now?
    I’d love to see you fuck-heads tell me this isn’t justified.

    Nowadays you can’t depend on anybody to protect you or/and your family but yourself.

  2. That’s sad! There will only be one man on a motorcycle from now on. How will he survive killing all those people by himself?

    I hope that he has a search for “The Next Assassin Idol” competition. I would like to participate.

    I wonder if in the show, you have to go out and kill people with the surviving guy. You know, just to see how he feels going out killing people with you.

    I hope that Simon Cowel is not one of the judges.

  3. They named that street after the guy with the gun and the state of Pernambuco lived happily ever after for the next half hour, or at least until another trainee jumped on the rear of the motorcycle.

  4. It would suck if the guy on the motorcycle was slowing down to drop the passenger off at his apartment there! Lol

    Passenger: Just drop me off at the back of this car. Thanks Ramone!
    Driver: Fuck that! I’m out!

  5. Maybe the guys on the bike just wanted to know the time.., and Bang., “Time to Die.., motherfucker..!”. And now the poor motorbike driver is gonna neeed another partner to help him find out the time, next time he doesn’t know the time., next time.

        1. @BornToRun
          Assailants were truly at a loss for choosing the wrong time .
          That car had a good number of people in there .
          I wonder whom had they marked to kill .
          Their sheepishly sluggish approach gave enough time for someone in the rear seat to deliver instant justice .
          The bastards were caught unaware and he dropped like a big rotten spud .
          Again KARMA laughed out loud for all of us here !
          Enough is enough
          now its a payback time fellas !

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  6. There is now a very exciting and very well paying job vacancy in Brazil. Also, the job brings fame, even if it is of the notorious variety. If I lived in Brazil I would jump at the chance to be the ‘New 50%’ of ‘Two Men On A Motorbike’……..

  7. You have to love being a conceal carry owner – nobody can fuck with you, if you perform fast enough, like this guy did. Too bad that other asshat didn’t get a cap in his ass – I would of chased and iced that wanker like in GTA until that fucker was dead.

  8. What crazy mother fuckers are actually going to travel to that shithole to watch the Olympics? They had better bring their insect repellent, mosquito nets, and of course, body armor, guns, and ammo. Then maybe they will make it to the plane flight out.

  9. the two best videos have came out recently that i love to watch –

    the recent one with the guy eating his own fingers, just for being totally fucked up that I cant quite get my head around…

    and this one for totally doing the right thing, getting out the car and kicking him to make sure he was dead… very nice…

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