Fat Belly with Nine Holes from a Buckshot

Fat Belly with Nine Holes from a Buckshot

I know nothing about guns, but somebody told me there are nine double-ought steel pellets in a 12 gauge shotgun shell. If you fire at a target and all nine pellets hit him, it must mean your aiming is good. Or it could mean that you fired at such close range, it would be impossible to miss. Or your target was so large that no matter which way you fire, it’s still gonna hit him. I wonder if the latter was the case with the victim in this photo.

Poor chav too a buckshot to his fat belly and judging by the blood pooled at the base of his lying body, it killed him. That measure is also a likely indicator of death as that’s what they use when they photograph corpses for evidence. Despite a massive wall of fat protecting his internal organs, something vital was struck. Liver perhaps?

The victim should be hailed a hero. I betcha he took the shot after diving to shield his girlfriend

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43 thoughts on “Fat Belly with Nine Holes from a Buckshot”

  1. We had a discussion about this pic over on DR. Skipping all the discussion, most educated SWAGs placed the shooter between 15 and 20 feet from the victim.

    The bruising caused by the wadding, as well as the typical pattern of a cylinder-bore, 18-inch 12-ga shotgun were taken into consideration during the discussion.

    And that’s the short version. 🙂

  2. In world deadliest warrior episode THE KNIGHT vs THE PIRATE, these AFY freaks tried a musket loaded with buckshot against a steel cuirass and it managed to deflect most of the pellets….perhaps its time to start wearing plate armor, but it will critically reduce your mobility for diving to shield your girlfriend…..

    1. In a world where plate armor is rare and kevlar is expensive this guy obviously figured out how to be the best possible shield for his girlfriend, he sacrificed mobility for extreme girth so he could make sure he covered any spray pattern.

  3. You’re really going at it about the hero shield thing, eh mark?
    Even if it were true she prolly would had cheated on him, resulting in him tamahawking her with a pick axe like in that previous post.
    as for the fat guy, I would think it would leave a huge hole.

          1. Yeah, I know wicked mama…
            Sometimes you just gotta let the boys have their way – ya know?

            I always enjoy your input!

  4. Actually, the poor fat guy has been shot a total of 11 times. If you look at the center of his chest you can see a small dark spot and then another just under his left breast. So, not only was he shot with a shot gun but also a hand gun as well. Somebody must a been really pissed at him.

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