Fatal Machete Attack in Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Fatal Machete Attack in Tipitapa, Nicaragua

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find “Tipitapa” the coolest sounding geography related name ever. Just listen to the difference:

  • I’m from Edmonton
  • I’m from Tipitapa

Fuck yeah! They have the coolest names for places in Latin America.

The machete attack in this video took place in… well… Tapitapa, Nicaragua. A man identified by his nickname of “Moronguero” received at least 4 slashes, including a deep gash in the skull that exposed his brain. He was taken to Antonio Elenin Fonseca Hospital for an emergency surgery but despite efforts to save his life, the victim succumbed.

The suspected attacker is a man known as “El Pancho”. He’s suspected of trying to rob the defenceless Moronguero but the latter refused to give his stuff up and got chopped up.

Props to Best Gore member MajinBuu609 for the translation from Spanish. I would love to be from Tipitapa, but I’m not too fond of machete wielding robbers:

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        1. Have you ever had potted meat.. meat in a can? It feels just like brain after you start twidling your fingers in it.. I always associate the two, maybe I’m just hungry.. needed to see them brains to ease me…

          1. The missing fingers and limbs kinda just weirds me out.. Not a big fan.. I’m always counting my toes just incase..

          2. He gets inside me and grasps what I mean… he said he’d pass that on.. That’s the reply I wished for… (;

  1. Nothing like trying to get a news report from the doctor while they’re wheeling the dying bastard down the hall. The gashes were deep but i also expected to see more exposed brains.

  2. I have an alluminium baseball bat strategically placed in my bedroom for intruders.I have been so impressd by the humble machette though, that i am thinking off getting myself one, they are very effective for changing others attitudes and intentions.

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