Fatal Shooting in Front of Bar in Mexico City Over Woman

Fatal Shooting in Front of Bar in Mexico City Over Woman

Fatal Shooting in Front of Bar in Mexico City Over Woman

On April 29, 2018, there was a fatal shootout among a trio of guys in front of a bar in Mexico City , which according to the backinfo I got, to a lesser or greater degree involved a woman.

While the exact backstory is unclear to me, I understand that someone was thrown out of the bar for possibly hitting or otherwise disrespecting a woman – you just don’t do that in a mangina cucked bar. And that eventually lead to the shooting caught on the CCTV video. The duo of white shirt men sure looks like a pair of soyboys that secretly take cuck face selfies.

Props to Best Gore member @crysec for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Fatal Shooting in Front of Bar in Mexico City Over Woman”

      1. It was quite funny, his mate backed him up by shooting the fellow without realising his mate was shot due to a delayed reaction, they’re both dead and the woman is free to find another fuckwit

  1. Men going to a bar or some party, spending lots of money to get drunk as a skunk (because it’s cool) and then killing themselves over a pussy, ruining their stupid lives for sure this time. Always amazes me.

    Now regarding the cuck face selfies, holy fuck, they all seem to be wanting to accommodate a huge cock inside their mouths. The wider they can open their mouths to take the picture, more respect they gain amongst their beta male faggot friends. Decent people take pictures with their mouths shut.

  2. I’m pretty sure the shooter’s bullet hit both men, the target and the shooter’s friend. The first shot may have just grazed the target and gone right into shooter’s friend’s chest. What a dumb-ass lol.

  3. The vaginal orifice’s faculty for toying with drunken ‘down and out’ plebeians is second to none but some could be so dense to submit to a fleshy cavern to stick their pole 10 months later of comes a vexatious mole. Gynaeolatry is paramount with suckers who are in unmitigated disarray with illusions of gallantry all manipulated by the hussies bamboozling charms.

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