Fatal Stabbing in Baltimore, Maryland

Fatal Stabbing in Baltimore, Maryland

A fatal stabbing occurred on Thursday October 9, 2014 in the 1700 block of W. North Ave. in West Baltimore, Maryland. The victim has not been immediately identified, nor what the motive for stabbing was.

A video of the aftermath shows police cordoning the area off with the yellow Do Not Cross tape as onlookers, including children, gawk at the motionless body laid out on the sidewalk.

Props to Best Gore member civilchurch for the video:

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        1. What a comedy act! Seeing the officer run out of tape while some other cop is doing the most half hearted CPR ive ever seen, while standing standing mind you, on a vegetable strainer that won’t have insurance to even pay for the ambulance, let alone the 3week hospital stay and the 3 month detox/rehab stay he went to afterward coz he was unable to maintain all his addictions whilst in ICU ( even if he survived he would have eventually returned to take revenge on his hole puncher and ultimately ended up in some Supermax Prison costing you American taxpayers another $70.000 each and every year to keep him in jail for 40 years…….

          1. That and the legal fees, the cost of all his kids etc. When are they going to start forcing women to have contraceptive implants if they want to get any government assistance?

  1. I lived about 2 miles from where this happened back in 2008. I’m from a small town in the south and the first time we drove into Baltimore, we made the wrong turn. We rolled the windows up, locked the doors, avoided eye contact and made our way back to the interstate as fast as possible! There are things we miss about Baltimore but I would never raise my kids there…we saw it all..

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