Father and Son Shot Dead at Door of Their House

Father and Son Shot Dead at Door of Their House

In the Carmari neighborhood in Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada Fluminense region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a father and a son were shot dead at the door of their house by drug traffickers.

31 year old Marcus Vinícius do Nascimento Campos, and his 62 year old father José Marques Campos died in the street where they lived.

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      1. Haven’t you ever studied ballistics and pain?
        Close shot=100% pain
        (Illegal in most countries)
        Medium shot=50% pain
        Most common,check your local laws for legality.
        Far shot=10% pain.
        This is the one most recommended by dead people

  1. i wonder why they brought them out in the street to kill them and didn’t kill them in their home. it looks like they pulled them out of their home into the street questioned the for a few seconds then bang.

    1. I’ve seen these happen a few times. A person draws out someone outside so they are easier targets. If they came into their homes, there’s no way to know if they have access to weapons. Also they probably won’t be able to collect any forensic evidence. I also think there is a bit of an intimidation factor for any witnesses such as knowing that the drug dealer can strike anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. So it keeps people from talking to the police.

    2. Maybe to intimidate those that lived in the area and those that were associated with the father and son duo. My question is can anyone tell what kind of gun was used to shoot the first guy. Thought it was a 12 gauge shoo tgun but wasn’t sure.

      1. I agree with you. Money is an invention, a tool that facilitates trade so that we don’t live under a barter economy, under which our society in its present form would hardly function. Take knives, for instance, they can be used as utensils to cut food or other things, but when someone kills another person with it you don’t say that the knife is evil. Now, I do think some inventions have a more destructive potential than others (some purposefully done to destroy ,like nuclear warheads, which is not the case of money), but ultimately it comes down to the user.

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