Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas

Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas

Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas

In Abilene, Texas, a father and a son ended an altercation with a neighbor over trash by killing him. You’d think the altercation was over the display of manboobs.

The incident happened on September 1, 2018. Aaron Howard was shot and killed in the alley behind his home on Don Juan Street. His fiancee Kara Box filmed the high tension dispute vertically on her cell phone. Johnnie and Michael Miller, his neighbors who used a pistol and a shotgun to gun him down, have been charged with the murder.

Aaron reportedly did not have a firearm, but was armed with a bat.

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404 thoughts on “Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas”

    1. Ill be the first to take the shooters side only because the recipient of lead here in this situation first stated he was offended by the neighbors having firearms presented in front of his children then proceeded to scream , at the top of his lungs threats that he was going to kill them. Probably also in front of his children. considering his wife, who honestly sounds like a nice lady – was filming this . He asked for it, and he got it. End of story.

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          3. Too true @illegalsmile55 and @thedre.

            Facts.lee van cleef was jewish and john wayne was a fag who was muscled up and given a make-over for the movies and grew into the tough -guy image.

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      1. As pathetic as the father and son were, I agree with you. For all we know, they got the guns after the “victim” got the bat. That guy was going off with the threats, so its not too much of a stretch to imagine that he was the original instigator.

          1. It’s not so bad here in the Wastes. Just glad I live up north, not in the south. A lot of those fucks are as crazy as the people in this vid. Some still can’t get over losing to us in the Civil War… Confederate fuckheads.

            Btw, out of curiosity, are you from Netherlands or Germany?

      2. Well the guy who got shot was asking for it.
        If someone is holding a gun, then don’t dare them into shooting you by saying “shoot me!” at the top of your lungs.
        This is a bunch of silliness from both the dead guy and the fat retard that shot him.

      3. Yup. I totally agree.

        Big orange pumpkin was warned over and over. Could have walked away. Could have let the cops deal with it.

        But nooooo! Gotta be a big man in front of his wife, making a video for YouTube or FaceBook.

        Pumpkin wasn’t smart.
        Pumpkin made a move.
        Pumpkin got wacked.

      4. Im on neither side. Mistakes on both sides. The pot belly, man boob fags with metal for even having guns walking off your property with firearms and shooting a man with no defense, and the couple for aggrivating two probably drunk shirtless “men” with 2 firearms that clearly don’t give a shit about leaving their property with. The husband and wife egged it all on.

      5. Wrong, coming from a CCW carrier they should be arrested for murder. The both of them had a chance to leave the scene or call the police. Just because he yells doesn’t mean he has to be shot. Call the authorities. I hope you don’t have a permit to carry gun because your logic is whacked!

      6. I agree 100%! I would have shot this asshole too. He had plenty of warnings. He was screaming threats, and yelled SHOOT ME! He got what was coming. I feel bad for his wife and kid though. I hope the kid didn’t see his dad get shot to death.

          1. Maine is full of white trashers, I used to do all the painting and lawn work for about 20 apt buildings in Oxford Co., full of nasty white welfare twats getting their free everything. They’d lay out in the sun all summer and watch me work, all of them whales, except for a few toothless skinny mungers with multiple kids all from different fathers. Niggers are everywhere.

          2. I saved my Confederate money. Not really because the South is going to rise again but maybe to sell on eBay? But I indeed have it as left to me by my family who have dwelled in the depths of the South, Mississippi, for many moons.
            Having lived for years in the South and over a decade in the North, there are idiots on both sides. Rednecks are everywhere. And the most blacks in the US are in the South. Per capita, there’s more in Miss. than any other state.

          1. Exactly. I hated everyone in this video, especially the doughboy father and son duo. But what kind of idiot threatens two guys that have a shotgun and a 9mm pistol with a baseball bat and a BB gun? And then keeps screaming at them challenging them to shoot? The pumpkin man should have had the sense to realize when the odds were stacked against him. All sides lacked the maturity and/or cognitive skills to back down. Who the fuck in their right mind wants to go to prison and have their life ruined over some dumb shit like this? And I’m guessing father and son doughboys are gonna get a few years of federal pound me in the ass prison, whilst sharing a cell with some huge nigger named Bubba. Was all really worth it over some garbage right? I hope they think it was worth it 8 years from now in the prison rec yard.

          2. I doubt these two get time. With that “stand your ground” law, the dad seems in the clear. Not sure about the late hit from the son. However, orange shirt may have still been charging. It’s off camera and will probably help the son’s case. Most Texans aren’t exactly anti-gun. Well, even Americans on here are standing up for the father and son. I think dad was clear to shoot. I would’ve shot a screaming, threatening fucker charging me with a bat.

        1. yes. Not precisely sure about the law in Texas, but these 2 may get off Scott free and for good reason. Pops held his gun to the ground and calmly warned dead guy repeatedly. All you anti-gunner need to wake the fuck up. This legitimately looks like self defense to me, regardless of what they were fighting about, and how stupid it is. But, the son, with the shottie, I don’t believe he was defending himself. He may have some trouble…

          1. They wont get off scott free. These two have been arrested for murder (twice). At no time during the video were they justified in using deadly force. Pumpkin Guy (as he has been refered to previously in the comments) was in no way innocent either, but the Deliverance Duo had no justification for discharging their weapons. I haven’t heard much more after they were re-arrested, but it looks like they will be facing 2nd degree aggravated homicide, menacing, and other charges related to the incident.

    2. @SeraphimAzrael

      They might both look like Chubby Chicken Slurping, Trailer-Trash B G Brother,,, but why Push, Push, and then Push some more, until somebody snaps??? The Big Jew-Cunt should have slowly turned around, went inside, *And Simply Called The Police* as soon as he was confronted with 2 Men With Guns, and let them sort it out,,, no??? Cause that’s what Cops are paid to do right???

      And that would have ended-it right then, there, and just like That! And As For That Hulk-Hogan-Imitating Jew Pig, With The Raging Big-Mouth, (The True Trash) as far as i’m concerned,,, Well, he’d still be alive today if he just kept his cool (Like The Father, & Son Duo Both Did!) And They’d both be out of jail.

      Cause If i had This Super-Aggressive,,, 6 ft. 10 inch.,,, 280 lbs.,,, “Enraged Jewish Gorilla” coming at me with a Bat, and Taking into consideration that My Son, & I Combined are only half of his size,,, i would have Kept Calm keeping my cool, & have otherwise done the Exact Same Thing as they did. Well,,, “almost the same thing” except My patience would have ran out much sooner than theirs, and as a result,,,I most certainly Would have shot him in his Face long before they did.

      I Mean,,, if he would have came within a couple of feet from me, or at (striking distance), then he rose it up, and looked like he was getting ready to swing, Anybody with half a brain would have done the same thing, and would have taken the same necessary steps as a self defense measure to protect their own lives against this Armed, and Dangerous, & Super-Aggressive Giant-Jew Fuck!

      1. The sad thing about this is that that guy could’ve probably beaten those two if it was hand-to -hand combat. But now he’s dead. But he started arguing with those 2 thinking that he can easily beat them up. These 2 had guns. Even if you just startle them they’re probably gonna end up shooting you. If he came close to attack them he’d probably gonna get it as well. This is a result of two dumb groups with short tempers thinking they’re all hard. I bet that the father and son are having the biggest regret of their lives right now.

        1. Devirginizer

          See, and because they both knew that with That Big-Jew’s Steroid use, his aggression was Quite evident. So, it would have been an unfair fight to begin with having no choice but to arm themselves.

          The Jew was Super pissed-off because that was his plan all along. And that was to beat-up these two Guys, but this time they came prepared, and probably did so because there was problems n the past i’m sure. And these 2 mellow enough looking guys, Father, and Son you could tell (that they wanted no trouble, only wanting to protect themselves) And if not That Big Goofy-Jew would have no charges whatsoever being laid against him, knowing damn-well that the Cops would have said that they were 2 against 1, so he could have made a bloody mess of them, showed-off in front of his woman, and then got off Too

          And his Jew-Wife made sure to tape only what was necessary to get the two fucked, leaving-out what lead up to this argument to begin with, cause that’s How They Roll Those Pigs.

          1. Yeah you’re right. Those 2 armed themselves because they know that the bald dickhead could manhandle both of them. I think he’s the type that wants to show how tough he is. Looks like he has a huge ego as well. I’m not judging him but I’ve seen this scenario many times. Those 2 have probably taken shit from this dude many times and they just snapped from all his bullshit. Those 2 do look mellow like you said. The victim is a dumbass who pushes people to their limits thinking they won’t fight back.

    1. Welcome to the wild wild south.
      “you’re not gonna shoot my husband”… After she brought him out there to fight armed faggots. The question sounds like “why take so long to shoot my husband”?
      Perhaps she couldn’t kill him herself so she set up the situation. Now his property belongs to her

      1. When I was a kid I would go to my grandparents in Texas and we would go to a pecan orchard that would let people come and glean the remaining nuts on the ground. Lol…pe-can, I didn’t like them as a kid so it wasn’t that thrilling for me. I’m a Texan by injection. 😀

    1. I’m Texan and definitely not a queer so I must be a steer.
      I didn’t see any horns either but did see man boobs so they must be queers.
      We do have a lot of white trash with guns so I guess this shit is inevitable.
      @hoping for nemesis

  1. I’m a Texan and this is embarrassing as hell. But this kind of white trash is quite common as with all places.
    You notice nether of these idiots backed down.
    Texas does have a stand your ground law, but you need to be in imminent danger and not be able to defuse the situation.
    I’m interested to know if they were charged.
    Texas is a whole different world, you can even legally shoot someone trying to steel your car (goes back to horse thieving days).

    1. Gorgon, I have not read @illegalsmiles55 news report but i did read that stand your ground in Texas is only on private property. The lane was not private property and in fact the whitetrash invaded the victim’s private property (his home)to eventually kill him so i suppose that is why you have murder one.

      Unless you are a child,granny or defenceless little girl i can not see anyone holding a gun on a man with a bat as imminent death,much less so two grown manboobs. Bahaha.

      Comeon guys! Where did i get my steers and queers quote from?

      1. @hoping for nemesis

        I stand corrected sir. You are absolutely correct about stand your ground, but you can keep a gun on your hip without permit and shoot to defend yourself. You cannot brandish a weapon, or threaten someone with it.
        Texas is not like other states. Even though they are charged, a jury may not convict esp west Texas since the bat man was threatening to kill. I’ve seen similar things happen.
        That being said I agree it was unjustified, senseless murder.
        I thank you gentlemen for the input.
        Oh, and steers and queers is a common insult in the US, but you prob got it from movie Full Metal Jacket. Good old R Lee

      1. didn’t really ask him to leave, boobs just said dont come with in 3 feet of me. The guy did and got what the boobs said he would get. seemed like everyone just wanted to have a yelling match in the alley, bat guy took it too far.

        1. That would be fun. The fence would be razor wire with land mines all up and down the alley. Lobbing retarded cousins wearing backpack bombs over the fence at each other.

    1. Give you terrible mammories? Are they your personal trainers at the gym? Do they tea bag spot when you bench press? Those sweaty nuts dangling from a side of beef and two hams sticking to your forehead.
      Hog leg day on fridays.

        1. @Mr Spock – I am more concerned with his defected genes being passed on. But yeah, that kind of sucks too. I can’t recall any example of a single mother raising five kids with her own hard earned cash. It’s always a man or the government that provides. But if a man fucks up and won’t or can’t provide, he’s a dead beat dad, but a single pan handling mom is a queen. And they say men are privileged. Sorry for ranting, I am exceedingly drunk.

      1. If that’s the case the flab boys might have a reprieve from Bubba. Throwing a bat at two armed people is not too bright. What did he think would happen it he did that to two cops? The same thing. The only problem for the flab boys is that depending on circumstances they likely escalated the situation, which will make a self defense case hard to make.

  2. Lol
    Dumb bitch instead of pulling her phone like all dumb bitches and start recording shoulda called the cops in the first place. Whats even funny is that she recorded her husband making death threat while the other 2 guys just stood their ground never raising their guns till he batted one.
    Dumb bitch: “You not gonna shoot my husband”

    *Husband get shotgunned in front of her face.*

    At least she got her asshole dead husband on a couple of frames.

    1. @jingleballs

      Thanks for the link! I had already gotten the vibe from the video that the ‘victim’ was actually the instigator and that post pretty much wrapped it up with a nice tidy bow.

      Mental health issues? He should have done what I and everyone I know of that has mental health issues does… take your morning meds first thing when you wake up and don’t leave the house until they’ve had time to kick in. If you know you have to leave early in the morning then put the next dose in a pillbox on your nightstand with a drink and set your alarm accordingly. Pop the suckers and go back to sleep. If something going on outside bothers you, film it through the window, but don’t engage! Unless the house is on fire do not step foot outside, especially when you KNOW you’re not properly medicated. Seriously, this is pretty basic stuff for We Who Are Thoroughly Fucked Up.

      Personally, I’m hoping that (as long as they didn’t actively lure him outside) the Texan Manboob Duo get off light. That guy wasn’t just asking for it, he was BEGGING for it. Repeatedly.

      Sorry for the novel, but I can see life from the ‘victim’s’ side and he seemed far more interested in using his meds as an excuse to be an asshole than actually taking them properly and giving them the chance to do their job.

  3. i’m a woman, but both of those jagoffs have larger titties than i do. it’s rather impressive.
    loving the side screen moobs, btw! bravo!!!

    and on a serious note, i feel terrible for the wife. she was so upset. i can’t imagine seeing someone i love killed in front of me. that’s terrible and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
    RIP, ya jag

  4. Now we can just hope that while celebratin their kill as a bonding moment, Father and Son accidentally shoot each other while engaging in mutual shotgun fellatio, and maybe even a stray shot punches through a wall and hits the widow. Then all the trash can be considered taken out.

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