Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas

Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas

Father and Son Team Up to Kill Neighbor Over Trash in Texas

In Abilene, Texas, a father and a son ended an altercation with a neighbor over trash by killing him. You’d think the altercation was over the display of manboobs.

The incident happened on September 1, 2018. Aaron Howard was shot and killed in the alley behind his home on Don Juan Street. His fiancee Kara Box filmed the high tension dispute vertically on her cell phone. Johnnie and Michael Miller, his neighbors who used a pistol and a shotgun to gun him down, have been charged with the murder.

Aaron reportedly did not have a firearm, but was armed with a bat.

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  1. I’m so grateful I live in Australia..!!
    Got a beef with a neighbour?
    Thong him across the noggin with ya $5 kmart thongs, chuck a insult or two, then head down to the bottle’o, buy a slab, get absolutely sloshed & make up..ahaha 😀

    At least you are guaranteed to wake up the next day, albeit, a killer hangover & maybe a broken thong..
    We tend to settle things a lot differently down under..

    1. You people settle arguments by putting dirty down under thongs on your neighbor’s heads? Have y’all no decency? Rubbing shrimp on Barbie, now this? No wonder dingos eat your babies. They play with shrimp covered Barbies. Dingos love the smell of shrimp. You people are insane.

          1. @hopingfornemesis @haylo87 @honkeykong

            Koala Chlamydia, plus a koala version of HIV that’s working its way through Australia. This article is a good starting point for those who are curious:


            PS: “Thong him across the noggin with ya $5 kmart thongs…”

            Um, I hope we’re talking about flip-flops as opposed to butt-flossing undergarments here.

            PPS: This comments section is nearing its FOURTH page! Keep ’em coming!

  2. This is the definition of stupid. Any or all 3 of them could have walked away at any time. I feel bad for the crying wife at the end, but honestly she should have been encouraging her husband to just walk away.
    Whether you’re right or wrong in an argument, is it worth your life? In this case probably not. Especially because this isn’t even a break-in, robbery, etc. Nope, this is an argument over a fucking dumpster.
    Also that guy was basically asking to get shot. Hope that stupid shit argument was worth your life bud!

  3. I don’t know whats stupider, dude threatening and screaming to kill two armed men over trash…
    …or his dumbass wife that doesn’t even try to calm him down and deescalate the situation.

    “You’re not gonna shoot my husband.”

  4. “You’re not gonna shoot my husband.”

    This may have already been pointed out in a reply to an earlier comment, but she was absolutely right! They were engaged, not married, so he wasn’t technically her husband.

  5. Well, that escalated quickly.
    I live here, in Texas, and our Castle Doctrine Law doesnt give us the right to be in a public area,ie the back alley, and help start/continue an altercation, then retreat to our own castle grounds, retrieve a weapon, then return to public land and use lethal force. Once you retreat from a situation, you have retreated and IF the other party pursues you and is threatening your safety/right to life, and you reach a deadly weapon on your castle grounds…well…the pursuer may have made a poor life choice.
    This is a sad situation, as both parties were totally out of control..alll of them.
    1) The shooters were in the wrong to show up with a lethal weapon, or even retreat to go get a lethal weapon, and then continue to provoke a potentially hazardous outcome. It doesnt look good for them.
    2) The fellow that got killed was guilty of the same thing…he just made the mistake of bringing a bat to a gun fight. No Homeruns for him. It was a bad play and it cost him his life.
    3) The dead fellow’s fiance, while knowing of his mental condition and misplaced testicular fortitude, didnt help the situation by provoking the shooters, and failing to calm the situation or her man. Its almost as if she already knew the outcome and wanted that special ‘Kodak Moment’….Well, she got it and I hope she’s happy too.

    This case is just another fine example of why it is important that teaching good moral judgement starts in the home and needs to start at an early age.

    1. Bottom feeders, mentally ill, niggers, white trash, don’t understand what morals is. It evades the parameters of their thought matrix.

      If they can comprehend (morals) the retardation will hinder them from implementation.

      Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper or concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.

  6. Okay as a Texan I must say regardless of how fucked up it is that big boy lost his life and now children must grow up without a father and a wife must mourn her loss for about 6 months before she is back riding dick again! The stand your ground law is very clear and the fact the lady dropped the video when the first shot was fired means it will be extremely hard to prove the big guy did not lunge at the old man! Which means this video that she thinks will help put away the men who murdered her husband might actually have the opposite effect and get these men off.

    1. I’ve pondered that myself. A good lawyer could get these guys out of this by simply emphasizing the threatening words that the “Victim” uttered. The younger one got a little excited but Dad was almost downright professional about it “Sir, you get within three feet of me and I’m gonna kill ya.” and he repeats it over & over. I’ve also heard that big boy was quite the unstable one. To the point that he made threats against the mailman for walking “Too close to my kids window!” This is not going to be as easy as Ms Escalate the situation thinks it’s gonna be. Ultimately, this all just goes to show that folks need to be real, real careful of whom they are stepping into.

  7. That dead guy watch a lot of movies, well sorry it’s reality that some people have criminal minds are capable of pulling the trigger once provoke. He kept on telling them to shoot him, what if they do shoot him? which they did, he ends up dead! Avoid direct confrontation,give in then call the police, your wife has evidence on video.

  8. I didn’t see any trash aside from the white trash. But they white though. So not really trash. Still white.
    Or trash? Who is to say? They all need a better outfit. Or at least an outfit. And some manners on both sides. They need Christ, Muhammed, Abraham and Moses. What would Christ do? That’s the real question we should be answering.

  9. Friggin rednecks….try filming murder in LANDSCAPE mode. Man…..don’t they know you should not film video in portrait (looks like shit). Anyhoo……that guys voice kinda got to me, so yea…..he should have seen THAT coming. Still though…..a shame.

  10. The old guy shot in the air to scare that idiot bitch, after taking the bat.
    Then the bitch trew the bat to the old guy, and a bat thrown in the air can cause serious physical injuries, so the son reacted by shooting him to death.
    I hope that the two guys will be acquitted, this is 100% legit defense.

  11. If you are absolutely stupid enough to continually threaten two Men with guns (Texas sized Gynecomestia notwithstanding) with a baseball bat after being given at least 15 warnings, you deserve to get shot, re-shot, and dug up out of the grave and shot again! Speaking as a Southerner from a genuine Southern state (Tn) who has lived the other half of his life in a pseudo-southern southwestern state (Az) I know what kind of person Mr idiot victim was and what kind of people the gunmen are. Victim dude was one of those weak, utterly stupid, 4×4 loving, sidewalk shit-kickers that can back down even weaker men by shouting “Come on!” those old boys with the guns were not stupid texicunts. Those were straight up, “Castle doctrine is gospel!” fucking Porch Honkeys. Hillbillies that probably moved to Abilene from Arkansas or some other TRULY Southern place than Texass that Mr Victim (Who may have been what Anton Lavey termed a “Psychic Vampire” that wanted to be slaughtered) didn’t take seriously….And that’s his story.

    Kinda sorry for the wife and kids, even if she did goad him on.

    Lastly, I am kinda new here still. So hello all! Please forgive my wordy-ness. Just like that I guess.

    1. No joke. Notice how his old lady has her hand up his ass making him repeat her every word like a fucking puppet!? “You pulled guns out in front of our kids” “You pulled guns in front of my kids!” “This is an alley.” This is a fucking alley!” Mine would’ve dragged me into the house, called 911, got me an ice cold brew and put her arms around me to calm me down. This fucking bitch wanted to act like she had balls & escalated the situation in the process.

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