Father and Stepmother Beat Three Year Old Child to Death

Father and Stepmother Beat Three Year Old Child to Death

Police arrested a couple suspected of beating a three year old girl to death in Acari, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jamilly Vitória Sousa da Silva was taken to the Getúlio Vargas Hospital in Penha, north of Rio, but she has arrived without life.

The father of the child, 21 year old Luiz Carlos Silva Santos, and 19 year old step mother Ynara de Souza Dionísio, were reportedly caught in the act by police officers of the Irajá Battalion.

According to police, the two were with the girl on Avenida Brasil, near the access to the favela of Acari, when they were approached by military policemen in a car. To the police, they said the girl would have fallen out of bed and hit her head on the floor. The child was unconscious and was taken to the hospital.

On the way to the health unit, the officers noticed bruises on Jamilly’s body, indicating that the child might have been assaulted. The suspicion was furthered enforced by the couple showing no emotion upon learning the the child was dead. Following the questioning by an expert, father and stepmother reportedly confessed to beating the child to death.

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      2. These kinds of stories are the worst for me to comprehend. I could never hurt my children. I do not spank or hit. The same hands I use to care for and bestow love upon my children will never be used for harm. Unfortunately in traditional Black families, corporal punishment is all too much employed. We need to get away from these practices. They do nothing but harm our children. And some people are simply not parent material anyway. They should be neutered. And anyone who harms a child, no matter what relation to the perp should be put in prison for a very long time.

        1. @IP Config This makes me so angry! poor little bairn! I’d give anything to be a mother, yet scum like this breed like cockroaches. Can’t adopt either, despite all the children needing a safe and loving home, because of my medical conditions even though that wouldn’t affect me being a good mum alongside my fiancée! What a backwards world we live in!!!

        2. It’s not like all Black families hit their kids and as half Brazilian myself, I know that most of the families don’t hit their kids (BUT there’s always that asshole that does). For some reason, that kind of stuff happens when a single dad/mom get a lover and i sure would like to know why.
          Last but not least, about “tradicional Black families hitting their kids ” that’s bullshit, the families that hit their kids aren’t kids AT ALL and if they get hit, i bet you my ass they did something that they shouldn’t be doing (joining gangs, for exemple) it’s not like they would break a glass and got hit to death. It’s not common.

    1. How many millions of people should NEVER have children…? I would say…all women in Brazil should have their tubes tied and men have their vasectomy done…pay them with a gram of crack and they will line up….after some years…the jungle will take over the country again.

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  2. Both of them will be someone’s bitch in prison. Inmates don’t take kindly to child rape or child murderers

    Pretty sad story here. Keep your fucking legs closed and dick in your pants if you cant handle the consequences

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    1. My son has my surname, rather than his fathers. It’s actually quite common. My sons dad had an affair in our last 2 years of our 14 yr relationship….I thought fuck you. Never been an issue. My son would rather be a Hunter than a Versilli

  3. That,s just “All Kinds Of Wrong Man” I hope that both these Neanderthal Cockroaches, get what is surely coming to them, once inside. Also,,, i am positive that the Guards will purposely take an extra long coffee break, when the action is due to start, as nobody likes Child Killers, or Diddlers, and no convicts want them in their Wing. All i ask, is that you take your time, make the suffering last for as long as you possibly can. R.I.P. little Princess, as you are better off where you are now, that living in a filthy, & dangerous Favela.

    1. Amen, some people are just dealt a bad hand in life and unfortunately this was the case for that little girl. If there is another side, she’s in a much better place.

      As for the father and stepmother, I’m sure they’ll receive the appropriate prison justice and be burned alive in some dumpster behind the building.

    1. The child’s mother may have decided to send the child to visit her father for the weekend. Huge mistake!
      People who would abuse and murder a child who relies upon and trusts them and feels safe with them (maybe) is too much for me.
      The video still of the dead girl wearing a diaper, to me, illustrates the level of heartless contempt of the murderers.
      Regarding child abuse, I’m a pussy. The little girl may be a future nigzilian etc…but she was still an innocent child.

    1. I honestly don’t get why it’s such a big deal when a baby or toddler dies (or anyone for that matter, but especially infants). They’re not established or the most conscious and we don’t need every single one, far from it.

    1. God is dead, no one is here to take care of or watch out after our human race, except for our selves, that is why people that commit these types of atrocities, especially upon the innocents, must be brought to swift and final justice.
      All these holy rollers that are supposedly pro-life are anti-capitol punishment.
      Until some thing like this happens to one of their family members!!! FUCKING Hypocrites….

      1. A baby is a baby. She hasn’t even been given the chance to do any wrong/harm to anyone. It’s different when a grown person has been beaten to death because you know they’ve wronged at least one person in some way, so it can be slightly justified. This baby did nothing to anyone.

  4. I love blood and gore but this one was hard to watch…..not that I pick my gore it’s just a kid esp a little girl…. Me and the wife have been trying for a girl so I would have adopted this girl in a second…. but my hat is off that they show everything the way it goes in life…. Like Norman Bates says I can’t wait for the prison video of this fuck getting his, jelly arms or amputation a must. RIP little girl you are in a better place now….

  5. Three years old??? What the fuck? Built like that?

    No wonder their daughters are fucking by age ten, knocked up by age thirteen, extruding their fifth kid by age nineteen then having grown a massive bubble shelf ass by 23 and all used up!!

  6. It’s shit like this that makes me so mad when I see protesters at Planned Parenthood screaming at everyone who walks in that they’re going to hell. It’s the people who have children who have no business doing so, people like this, who they should spend their dumbass time protesting…

  7. I can laugh my ass off seeing someone’s head getting smashed by a train, but seeing videos of beaten and murdered children is just so heartbreaking. Maybe it’s because I have a 16 month old girl, or because children are the most innocent beings on earth, either way it breaks my heart into pieces. Sick fuck who could do these things to a child. Fuck these two “parents”. They deserve to fucking die.

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