Female Gang Member Cowers on Floor, Machete Cuts into Her by Rival

Female Gang Member Cowers on Floor, Machete Cuts into Her by Rival

Female Gang Member Cowers on Floor, Machete Cuts into Her by Rival

In Brazil, an alleged rival of another gang is on the floor bleeding by machete attack. The semi sharp blade cuts into her body, cowering in-between a mattress and a hard place.

The victim soils her self not only with blood, but with piss.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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82 thoughts on “Female Gang Member Cowers on Floor, Machete Cuts into Her by Rival”

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  2. The chick doing the chopping we meet justice for the murder of that girl sooner then later, she will either end up caught and in prison or she to will suffer a similar fate, that being so when she is dying she will remember what she did and know pay back is a bitch.

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