Fetuses and Babies Thrown Out With the Trash

Fetuses and Babies Thrown Out With the Trash

I was reading a report a couple of days ago about fetuses and babies that are either killed at birth or are already born dead, and women who provoke an early labor and throw the fetuses away with the trash in order to hide an unwanted pregnancy.

It obviously also mentioned the practice many Chinese carry out regularly of killing newborns, just because they happen to be female. It also happens that something similar is practiced in some African and Arab nations, where women are still regarded as an inferior being, and when a woman gives birth to too many females, and too little boys, the females are killed, and the woman has to continue to have sexual intercourse with the man that killed the baby/ies, until a boy is born.

That report also included female genital mutilation, where the clitoris is cut off in order to inhibit women from feeling any sexual pleasure, thus reducing the chances that they’ll be unfaithful to their husbands (female genital mutilation is widely practiced in many African countries, on girls as young as 4 years old).

In India alone, from 2001 to 2011, more than 3 million baby girls were killed at birth by their parent/s and/or family. These numbers rarely fall under the “homicide” category, since many countries do not view this is murder, and do not incorporate this data in the homicide statistics. It’s also believed that a huge part of infanticide is not even reported, and that the numbers, globally, could be much superior to what’s estimated.

Calculations are further clouded by the unreliability and ambiguity of much of the data, since the governments of the world’s two most populous countries, China and India, obfuscate this reality in order to prevent negative international attention.

We do know that this happens quite often on a global scale, in every country to some extent, only showing how vile and uncaring a lot of the fleshy human virus is. It would be expectable that having a larger brain and cognitive abilities other living beings don’t possess would allow the human species to evolve and detach themselves from these inhumane and primitive practices, but no.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Wow what humans do to each other is disgusting.
    I read up on female circumcision awhile ago in one of the older posts and it’s quite messed up to take away someone else’s pleasure for your own selfish gain.

    Also, we’ll miss you Vincit Omnia Veritas you’ve been amazing and showed reality for what is truly is. That’s why I joined this site in the first place and you’ve made it (even if it is a small percent of the world) possible for us to see the world, people, society, etc for what it truly is and I thank you for that dearly.

    1. @ PortugeseDude, can you please explain to me why you would want to leave ? You have been a great asset to the B-G team, and this comes as a total shock to me. I honestly thought we would travel to CUBA together cameras in hand. The FAUNA & FLORA is nothing short of spectacular. If you do decide to leave (I HOPE NOT ) please shoot me a message as i will give you my phone number (no gayness ).

          1. Don’t take my word as gospel, I’m just guessing.

            I read the exchanges concerning the non-appearing posts on this site, where PD gave his opinion, then a mod (I think it was Ate or akeska sp) said he was talking shit.

            I’m guessing it pissed him off.

            I’d be pissed off too, if I was contributing funds and time to running this site and some guy puts me down in front of everyone on here.

          2. Putting in my 2? since I’m awake & Justified just ended. Yeah, that happened but I don’t see him leaving over that one small exchange. Acneska has been here WAY longer and contributed WAY more, so I think she’s warranted to say when someone’s wrong or not. Plus, all she said was one little sentence about “talking shit” when most of us, PD included, have said far worse things to others for no good reason sometimes other than simply not sharing their views. POZ, you didn’t see it because someone (maybe him, maybe not) deleted that part of the post shortly after it was published.

          3. You people need to stop speculating. PD’s ex girlfriend has been stalking him on here. We’ve kept him protected from her attacks despite her changing emails all the time to hide her identity and then it clicked to him that just as we worked hard to protect him, there are other people on here who face harassment and we protect them too. He saboutaged that protection though it took him a while to realize how he was asking for one thing and doing another. Eventually he started to feel apologetic. Together with harassment his family faces owing to his ex, he decided to deal with it on his own. Don’t speculate.

          4. oh, so that’s what happened.

            I’ve been stalked by a woman I used to employ, and believe me, it’s NOT FUN,

            You would think that if it’s a woman doing the stalking, guys should just man up and take it.

            But when you get harassing calls, texts, hang ups in the middle of the night, it’s really disconcerting

            So PD, I feel your pain brother

          5. @acneska
            you sure you didnt insult him a tiny bit when you confused the hole he poops from with the hole he speaks from….
            i know in iran your tongue would of been spankied for that

        1. I’m relatively new to this community and not sure who anyone is yet but if it’s the funny mod who’s leaving… now I’m sad. He’s one of the reasons I enjoy BG. His commentaries are freaking hilarious. “Pointers”, “flip flops”, “neigh destructible eyeball”, “underdeveloped labia” etc. Is it him that’s leaving??

  2. How extremely sad to see such embryonic life’s snuffed, for political and social reasons. Education, social support and acceptance may have prevented these deaths. Some of which could well have been murderous….

  3. Why you leave Portuguese Dude?, why you no stay?.

    These babies being killed is not surprising, trash throwing away what they consider to be trash, it certainly is a sick world and life is cheap to those who put a price on everything but put a value on nothing.

  4. @ Portugese dude, thank you so much for your time and effort to bring us some great posts. May I ask why you decided to step back? Please stay within the community. I salute your English and translation skills, as well as a balanced view on issues. Good work that man!

  5. How sad and tragic that someone could dispose of their offspring in the trash like garbage.

    Portuguese Dude, I really wish you wouldn’t leave. If your mind is made up, thank you for some spirited discussions, great posts and I sincerely wish you all the best!

  6. A while ago I read up on a post about female circumcision as well… It’s fucked to take away someone’s pleasure for your own personal gain…

    Also, Thank you so much for your contribution to the Best Gore community. We’re all thankful for bringing us truth instead of letting them hide reality like they try to do and make us think it’s a peaceful world. You let us open up our door to reality and see what really happens and for that you have all of our gratitude and respect.

    P.S sorry if I’ve double posted.

        1. Dude- the weather here in Cali is scary! We’ve had 2 – that’s two days of rain in 14 months! Now every day it’s talks about drought this and drought that! I’m already seeing flowers blooming and getting spring time allergies! It’s crazy! Why such extreme weather changes?! We had no winter!

  7. One of the saddest things that goes on in this world. Your denying the chance of life to another soul. Abortions are an abomination no matter what the circumstance, including if you were raped. That includes birth control and the morning after pill. My girlfriend used to take them but I didn’t know any better then. The youth today should not being having premarital sex instead of being more and more promiscuous at younger and younger ages, but I know its hard because of what is being purposely pushed on them by society.

      1. so you are a man. ok, i was wondering.

        i am actually prochoice(big surprise, huh?). but look, see. as a man…..as a man, i have no idea what it is like to become pregnant, carry a child and give birth. that is something that i can never experience as man, and therefore, i have no right to tell a woman that it is right or wrong. since it is something that will always be alien to me, i can’t tell her what to do with her body….it’s something i would like a partner to discuss with me but seeing as how im responsible, i’ve never been put in that ridiculous situation.

        but i agree, everything is about sex. men and women are so weak-minded nowadays that its almost pathetic how easily manipulated they are. we more evolved beings take great pleasure in using things like sexuality and drugs to our advantage…i love to fuck, but not so much that it clouds my judgment. fucking amatuers.

          1. Sex is amazing, that’s why its called making love. To love is to create, and thats how you create a baby. However it is important to have control and not lust after everything and everyone. Sex can create, but it can also destroy.

          2. Great Aladeen! forgive me for being so bold, but sex doesn’t rule my life. i enjoy creating. i am a writer and artist. i believe man is meant to create. be it other life or poetry or paintings or architecture or whatever…man never seems to be happier than when he has created something….

            that, and spewing forth the DEMON SEED!!!

        1. I don’t really what to mention God, but I’m not looking at it from a man or women stand point, I’m looking at it from Gods stand point. Its not me saying its wrong it’s God saying it’s wrong. We have the free will to do what we want but we don’t really know what we should or shouldn’t do we just do whatever we want, but we don’t really know what’s best for us we just think we do. You can discuss it with your partner or family and in the end she will decide and do what she wants, or she may want to get an abortion but decide to do whats right. A women can decide to get an abortion but that doesn’t make it right.

          1. Thanks @realitycheck, I can always count on you my brother. I read your comment about humans being superior to animals in the cat torture post, I don’t know if you saw or not but I had to get?your back on that one like you get mine. Also @Obli, very cool that you are a writer and an artist. It’s great that you have that creative talent, and I would like to see some of your work if possible.

    1. lmao! Birth control isn’t abortion you simpleton, and many women take them for other reasons. Telling women they deserve to have a rapists spawn is one of the few things that disgust me. Insisting women should sit around and be breeders disgusts me even more.

    2. You’re also insisting that women should DIE over some thing that does not have a life yet. Thankfully your opinion is an unpopular one. i would have to start assaulting people for thinking my personal life is their business and right to regulate it. That’s not the case, so instead i get to keep taking my BC (also used for my low hormone levels) and lay in bed all day fucking my live in boyfriend XD

  8. it makes the political set worldwide appear immodest and disingenuine – that they could look these type of people in the eye and lend them the equality of status given other nations, ones that do not openly condone such heartless brutality toward the most innocent.
    Portuguese Dude, i hardly knew ye. thank you for stepping up with your much needed translations and contributing relevant posts to this site. this was as fine a post as one might like to produce prior to their exit, though i hope you won’t be far and will step in again when feeling you’ve something else to share with us. best of luck to you

          1. I am really sorry, but that is bullshit!! Father and his chances! Look around the world just for the past 1000 years! What kind of the sick father would allowed this to be kept happening to his own creation? I am sick of your religious retarded nonsense.

  9. I read some shit some time ago that the ching chongs are on a rampage kidnapping women and hella fucking with prostitutes because they can’t find some slanted coochie coo to marry. Too many females being ejected before they can grow to maturity.

    Mr. Portuguese dude, you’re a good dude. Hope you decide to stick around. I’ve enjoyed your posts and insight here during my short stay.

  10. PD is leaving cuz those who are actively maintaining this site will be targeted by the AUTHORITIES. the illuminati, nwo, whoever. take your pick. WE are all on their list. there is nowhere to hide. it is the matrix and it is all around you. it has you and there is no escape.

    1. There is a cosmic war going on between the forces of good and evil and like you said were in the matrix, the 3rd density endgame, this isn’t really “reality”. What’s real and eternal is what we experience after this life. This life is like a dream that we cannot wake up from until we pass away. As the saying goes “life is but a dream…”

      1. there is no “after this life” bro. the bible itself says the dead are conscious of nothing. you have been lied to by simpletons who cannot accept the finality of death and use it to control other simpletons. how is there awareness for a biological specimen when that specimen is dead and can no longer support that awareness. it’s magic, right?

        1. @HLAM. The answer to your question how there is awareness for a specimen when it’s dead and can no longer support that awareness , would logically be, that the awareness once supported by that specimen, is now elsewhere. Some say it’s just gone.
          But what proof is there, that this awareness has disappeared altogether?

  11. I can only speak for my own race. All you white women, listen up! We are on the way to becoming minorities in our own countries. Part of the reason is because you have been brainwashed to chase after a career, take birth control, reject marriage and white men, and get abortions. Now, are you going to listen to me, your white brother? Or are you going to listen to the Jewish men who control the media? This is what I’m telling you white ladies. Find a nice white guy and get married. Have at the very least 3 children with him, the more the better. The media has taught you to reject motherhood and embrace your own selfish desires. Tell those Jewish men to stuff it! We are your white men! Come back home…

    1. Hell yeah! My husband and I are trying but can’t seem to make it happen. We are both healthy and still young (32 in 2 days!) I believe fully one or both of us has been poisoned or sterilized by our Government. Probably him since he was in a southern US state prison for 10 years. He’s not the only person we know that’s served time and can’t have babies. I’d have 10 if I could! OAN I would take any one of those babies and just love it!!! Red yellow black or white because that’s what good and decent people do.

        1. You must be under the misconception children take thousands of dollars to raise? Yea so is most of America. My dad was born in 1932 he taught me to live off the land for what I can’t buy. He wore homemade clothes not $60 Hollister shirts. They didn’t even have a home phone or tv til the 50’s let alone a smart phone. Children are spoiled these days, I know what matters to spend my money on. My husband does have a well paying job for a convict so don’t assume we can’t afford to take care of ours just because he’s served time. 1 in 5 Americans has either been to jail or prison. I may not be able to buy every useless item they desire or send them to expensive summer camps but my kids will be fed, clothed, moralized and loved. Even if I have to hunt, fish and garden to provide those. As long as I live in the south all I need is a browning bow, sharp knife and a fishing pole and I can survive. My dad made sure I could make whatever comes my way because he knew he’d die

          1. I won’t go into exact figures but my husband makes what my father did when he retired from GMC with 40 years of service so I’d say that’s pretty good for someone who’s only worked 3 years. He makes more than me and I went to school for my job. Talk about and call me out all day but talk about my husband and you’ll land on my bad side. He was the youngest inmate to ever walk through the doors of reidsville at 17. Reidsville is the prison where the longest yard was filmed. If he can survive in a 90% black high max he can survive anywhere!!! They had him at a pussy prison like they do most youngins and there was a black captain who would come in his cell with a video cameraand talk shit to him. One day he told my husband he’d never seen or met a white boy that could bust a grape so my husband broke is jaw. Then they almost beat him to death handcuffed and spit in his face. When he got to reidsville they held his face in a mud puddle right outside the transport cars door. If you want to make snide comments about someone let it be about me because I’ll defend him to the death.

  12. Hi All,

    You will notice a thread which had developed here care of a personal exchange attempted with the author has been removed.

    I’m not inclined to ever delete comments, but I have in this instance. And while I have admin access to do so, I will delete any comments I see from that individual, regardless of whatever name she posts under, as they appear. I will also delete any responses made to her comments by other users.

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      1. @TPOZ – it wasn’t anything worth keeping up here and i thank @McTreblar for deleting that rubbish because it was really pissing me off. i do so enjoy shredding people who troll uninvitedly, yet i believe this is probably not the place for either

      1. That is very nice of you to say, Mikey, but honestly I prefer to leave the moderating to others (preferably self moderation in the first instance) and just focus on putting up articles when I can.

        The exception I will gladly make is to prevent a deranged lunatic from hijacking the comments section of an article about the waste of innocent human life, discarded like empty cans in general rubbish, and turning it into a vendetta of hate mongering for unrequited love.

        We have all see comment sections taken far off topic. But this takes it to new lows. Since clearing the initial deluge of spam yesterday, I’ve had to delete several more of her comments. Any rational and sane person would look at their behaviour and recognise the possible traits that led to their current situation.

        But at the end of the day no one gives a damn about her personal feelings. She isn’t a member, no one here is friends with her or gives a damn about her very personal and private issue, and whatever personal grievances she has are no one here’s concern.

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        People posted comments to discuss that and tangent issues related to that. Other people shouldn’t then be allowed to hijack the post for personal reasons. It is disrespectful to the topic, the target of the attack, and everyone else here.

  13. Wow, this is horrible. If you are expecting a baby, then get the baby and keep him/her alive. Abortion or killing a baby is straight up pathetic and the cowards way out. Even if the baby you are expecting is from rape, just get the baby an put it up for adoption. Somen women are just fucked up!

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