Fifteen Year Old Girl Executed with Six Shots in Teixeira de Freitas, Brazil

Fifteen Year Old Girl Executed with Six Shots in Teixeira de Freitas, Brazil

A 15-year-old girl was shot to death with six rounds from armed drug traffickers in the city of Teixeira de Freitas, state of Bahia, Brazil on April 19th, 2016. The murder occurred in a lot known as a hot spot for drug dealing and other illicit activity. Residents of the area heard the shots, but by the time they reached the scene, the killers had fled the scene. Witnesses report hearing what could have been… could have been… a motorcycle! Fuck yes!

The victim was identified as Graziele Rocha Sousa. Investigators at the scene report her having been shot in one in the head, once in the face, in the right shoulder, right arm, elbow and another one in the abdomen. Authorities have not said whether or not the girl was a drug user or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. i consider myself a bad bastard but i would never harm a women or a girl,i give them all the pussy pass they want,i would never get a girl involved in a mans world,its not right to see a women or a girl lying dead like that,a real man would never pull a gun on a women..

    1. I agree, I lived in that shithole for many years ( Brazil) life is cheap, it is frustrating because most of the cowardly wimps carrying guns around look about 9 stones in weight or about 60 Kilos. You can knock them out easily. But you just never know, domestic violence against women is very high there. But I’ve seen dead tranny prostitutes lying in the street, and once a dead tourist. It makes no difference to these evil little fuckers. One of the reasons I left!

        1. Same here. I didn’t even want to confess it to myself, Cory. But, it happened.

          Definitely not my proudest moment. Sort of like eating mashed popatoes with just my fingers.

        1. @fightingirish16 A tranny tried to rob me in Brazil once ! it got in my car while i was sat at traffic lights it took the keys from my ignition , and told me to give it 50 reais( about 20 dollars?) then when i said f.o it got out of the car with my keys and was shouting at people and other cars telling them i had not paid it for sex. It was an extremely difficult situation because people were laughing and thought that is what happened so i had to take control. I pulled its hand bag away and beat it around the head and it dropped my keys. I am 1.80 cm and this thing was about 190cm with enormous fake tits and smelled of b.o. They put razor blades under the tongue to cut people things like that if shit goes bad. Not long after that i saw a dead one in the same avenue. I felt no sympathy.

          1. Haha man that was fucked up,lol,Jesus christ that was one difficult situation,I’d of gave it the money to fuck off lol you didn’t help the situation when you started swinging handbags at a tyranny that was bigger than you,Jesus that was funny, I’d of loved to see it.

      1. Of course I do,I believe my women should have equal amounts of my cock on a daily basis,keep a women’s pips clean and she will clean the house with a smile on her face,sometimes just to be super equal I’ll give her equal amounts in her a you no what I mean…

    2. As an old man, I think the most tragic part of this is that she had only 15 years on this fucked-up alien experiment. The pain and tradgedy she lived with in those first 15 years makes this a mercy killing.

    1. Especially the one riding bitch. I couldn’t forgive someone if I had to get on the back with another dude? xD.. I’m jk though that’s terrible. But if you want to live that life you better be prepared for the consequences. R.I.P.

  2. Can’t really say much about a dead 15 year old girl other than it just isn’t right. She’s barely old enough to get her first kiss and yet there she is shot multiple times, dead before even reaching puberty. Finding out who did this and why won’t bring her back…but I’m sure her parents would love to see whoever is responsible get hung by their testicles.

  3. so many parents just let their kids run wild & never teach them anything. so many don’t know their ABCs starting school because the kid is just another welfare increase to that parent. parasites just keep breeding. poor kid, should not have been there.

  4. its half 3 in the morning where i am,i just got a chinese takaway,house special chow main with rice and chips,its fuckin lovely,anyway,my mouth is full so night to all ye fuckers,im off the drink for awhile,my wife is getting sick of my shit,i dont blame her,see ye in a few weeks…

  5. For a 15 year old, she sure has a lot of tattoos.
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that she probably was not a nice girl. Look at what part of town she’s in.
    She probably got caught selling drugs for a rival gang and since those people don’t give a shit, they filled her with lead.
    I will have to say that the two guys in a motorcycle, one with a faggity color helmet, had something to do with this.
    When will these Brazilian girls learn that turning tricks is better than selling dope.

  6. Just kills me to see a girl killed especially at that age. I hope the people responsible for this pay with their lives. Its not fair that a young 15 year old girl dies and disguarded like a piece of garbage. People in Brazil need to know the value of life.
    I am disgusted at this.

  7. Bloody Shame. Ya lay with dogs ya get fleas…in her case 5 bullets…15 is way too young go out,even more so like this. Kids will be kids,even naughty ones I mean look at Traci Lords she was 15-16 when she started doing porn. She was super hot and looked 22. Seems in Brazil a gun in someone’s hands is like a fly swatter and peoples lives there are on same level of a Zika mosquito.

  8. 15 is way to young. But look at where she is hanging. Kids that age that are around death and drugs mature way faster then kids over In first world countries. Still she was a kid and a girl at that.

  9. When my cousin was 15 she went and got her eye-brow pierced, my uncle went down to the place she got it done and blasted them for doing piercing an under-age girl. You need parental permission to be tattooed in Australia, (under the age of 18) I’m not sure what the age for piercing is, it could be 16 (without parental permission) but would depend where the piercing is!

  10. For the life of me all I wonder why she felt driven to that road with a carry bag(Exhibit) .The very mystery why she was there of all the other places where anyone her age will know of the hidden dangers and steer clear knowing well that’s not the road to traverse on or even to be looked at .
    She probably in her pictures looks a PYT with innocence written all over her face . But hell I know mighty well that it just can’t be that she hadn’t had a stake with dreams of making some fast bucks . She might have had paddled drugs in the past and must have been two/triple timing more than one of the rival gangs . She had her life spared up until this far but one of the gang felt she needs to go or it could be that she was the cause of a major rift between two of the gangs with each wanting to taste a piece of her or she lived with loose lips.
    This click was all pre-set and there is no question of her being at a wrong place at a wrong time . A girl of 15 plus years knows too well as to what to hang on with and what to let go off with . And she even knows which road not to take ……
    at last this chick bought it and she got it .

  11. Holy shit! She’s just fifteen? 😮 Hell, I’m almost hitting 21 and I look nothing like this. Latin chicks really have it going on.

    And well, she doesn’t look like a drug user but I doubt that this is a random/mistaken hit. Probably got involved in some other shit. Poor girl, though. She probably hasn’t even finished high school.

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