Five Young Men Found Murdered by Rival Drug Traffickers in Cali, Colombia

Five Young Men Found Murdered by Rival Drug Traffickers in Cali, Colombia

Five Young Men Found Murdered by Rival Drug Traffickers in Cali, Colombia

In the city of Cali in Colombia, five young men were found murdered presumably by rival drug traffickers who eliminated their competition in ongoing turf war.

Best Gore member @gaymerpc explains:

This massacre occurred on August 11, 2020 in my city Cali in Colombia. Apparently 5 minors were shot by gunmen in a dispute over the territory in the sale of drugs. The police offered 100 million Colombian pesos to search for those responsible.

The cops posted the bounty in order to eliminate THEIR competition. We all know who the principal drug traffickers are.

Many thanks for the video, @gaymerpc:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I have been to Colombia several times just for the women but I can tell you that being black in Colombia can get you killed in certain parts as well since most Colombians don’t like black people there. They tell me this all the time most Colombian women I know here tell me there always problematic and there very ugly

    1. I like learning about different countries. Who says that Colombian Blacks are ugly? Mullato girls say that? Only white pure -European Colombian girls say that? Black Colombian girls say that too?

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        However I think the black Colombiana is pretty but this is what I witness and what they tell me when I travel there sir.

    2. Most of the black people in Colombia are in the Pacific ocean part, Chocó, Cauca and Valle del Cauca. Valle del Cauca is one of the most important department in Colombia but Chocó is one of the poorest departments. These Pacific ocean part is a RED ZONE of FARC/Venezuela drug dealers, this is why this zone of Colombia is dangerous, but dont worry, is dangerous in the poorest part.

    3. In Colombia they kill blacks because they are from the most vulnerable population, many people live in poverty and tend to be involved in illegal businesses, that is why they end up dead, possibly other blacks murdered them

  2. **Translation/Transcript**
    0:00 [Woman]: Ay, papi! [*sobbing*]
    0:01 [Cameraman]: Look. They killed my nephew, Straight up shot him, you see this? [*pans down to his feet for a sec*] Look at his flip-flops [*pans to body 2*] Here’s the other one, the other nephew, the other- classmate/colleague [*close-up of his arm*] look, straight up bullet. Look, you see this? [*close up of bloodied-face*] Straight up gave all of these young kids bullets [*pans to body 3*] Look over here, see? About four cops showed up over here, who supposedly say [*as he pans over to body 4*] that they’ve filed a report for these guys as “missing,” those cops said. You seeing this? Then how is it that they’ve [The kids] now turned up dead, the 4, no, 5 of them? [*pans over to body 5*] Look over here, look [*close up of body 5’s head*] they slit his throat, look! Can you believe this?? They’re minors!! All shot-up and throat slit. Minors! Look, look, under 18, look, throats slit, look, you see? [*pans between all the bodies*] All for a son of a whore *unintelligible* that supposedly police had filed a missing report for these guys, look… See this?
    -video end-

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  5. OK, here’s the checklist for the funeral.

    That first guy might need a head staple, but he might be good to go.

    The second guy just needs a little cleanup. His folks should be OK at the funeral.

    The third, guy, oh hell, it’s going to take a lot of finessing to make him look pretty. Maybe the folks will settle for a wooly cap.

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    This guy at the end is getting a turtleneck shirt. I got them in stock. No fucking way the parents will go with a scarf.

    1. Gold comments everywhere lol. There’s a good mix of reality and fun here on BG. I see sparks fly especially when there are dark skinned people involved.

      Thank you for the funeral checklist @casualobserver ! 🙂 and to all in advance for keeping the comment section funny and weird af as well.

      I like that BG admins did not implement a ‘like’ button, it would just ruin this nice, simple, beautiful, forum!

      So yeah, my recommendation to all BG visitors is to read the comments and shut up.

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