Flip Flop Knifeman Stabs Random Guy at ATM Booth in China

Flip Flop Knifeman Stabs Random Guy at ATM Booth in China

A bizarre knife attack was caught on CCTV at an ATM booth in China. The video shows two young men waiting their turn as apparently only one of two ATMs is working, and the one that works is being used by a third guy.

Then without any provocation, one of the two waiting guys unwraps a knife from a newspaper fold and starts stabbing the other waiting guy like mad. The victim bleeds heavily on the floor, as the attacker delivers one stab after another.

The victim manages to set himself free and runs away, as the guy at the ATM machine still stands there paralyzed with fear. The flip flop knifeman lets him go and proceeds to stab the machine, possibly stealing some of the cash or something else from it?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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92 thoughts on “Flip Flop Knifeman Stabs Random Guy at ATM Booth in China”

  1. Wow, certainly looks like a cash grab robbery but damn, why not just threaten with the knife instead of savagely stabbing the guy.

    It’s interesting to see these kind of things from China as it is my understangind that they have a very low crime rate.

      1. It runs though all our minds, stuck in line behind some jackass that has no clue, that little voice, smaller then the others, saying just do it, stab this useless fuck right in the throat watch the floor paint red, slip n slide. Or just wait.

  2. I hope that small ass amount of cash was worth it to that dumb fuck considering how often they hand out the death penalty in China for murder. Unless the victim got immediate help, I’m fairly certain he bled to death.
    And I Lol’ed at the other guy at the ATM, hahaha. He was having none of that shit.

    1. I believe he was waiting for the guy at the atm to complete his transaction so that he could rob and then kill him. Anyway after he took the cash from the atm, he chased and killed the atm guy too, both died. The robber/murderer has since already been arrested.

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  4. For Americans here who think that Chinese are peaceful, non-violent, book smart, passive and such LOL

    You haven’t seen REAL faces of Chinese until you visit mainland China.

    It will open your eyes to see the true reality of chinks and their nasty demeanor. Not that Americans are any better though.

  5. After watching his demeanor before and after, I don’t think that this is robbery motivated.. if that was truly the case he would not have let the second guy go.
    It seems more likely to me that it was a (not so professional) hit.
    After which he stabbed at the ATM machine to make it appear that it was done by someone trying to take the money, or maybe he was trying to damage the machine’s camera not realizing he was being recorded by an alternate source? At the end I didn’t see him grab any cash from the machine which is rather odd in my opinion..
    Buuut typical me, I am probably reading too much into this. LoL

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