Flip Flop Man Dies Nose Deep in His Own Blood

Flip Flop Man Dies Nose Deep in His Own Blood

It’s being called “a crime shrouded in mystery”. 22 year old flip flops owner Ednaldo Alves da Silva was shot dead with a 9 mm caliber pistol on the afternoon of Tuesday February 14, 2012 in the neighborhood of Farol (Lighthouse) in Maceio.

“Preto” (Black) as he was better known, was playing pool with a few friends in “Bar do Coitadinho” (Bar of the Poor – love the name) on Rua Retiro Saudoso, in Ladeira da Cobra. At around 4pm that afternoon, an Opel Vectra vehicle pulled by the bar. A man nobody recognized walked inside waving a handgun about and ordered Ednaldo’s friends to leave.

Attention everyone. This is your chance to walk away. All I want is him” said the killer and pointed at Ednaldo Alves da Silva. Panic ensued, shots were fired and da Silva went down dying instantly with his nose buried deep in his pooling blood. The vehicle was later found abandoned by criminals in the neighborhood of Bebedouro (Trough).

Ednaldo Alves was well known to the police and served prison time on a number of occasions.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          The “Corpse Factory” (Brazil) would be an intresting place to go on vacation in, if your a fucking machettee sales rep.

  1. The Da Silvas are the most successful Breed in Brazil.

    You see, they breed like Rats making about 15 babies at a time. Prehaps 8 or 9 of the Babies will die before reaching maturity, but many other will survive to breed and make more Rats.
    Source: Encyclopedia- Brazilianus Dasilvaferisis

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