FLIR Video of American Terrorists Blowing Up Humvee Near Mosul Dam in Iraq

FLIR Video of American Terrorists Blowing Up Humvee Near Mosul Dam in Iraq

When Barack Kenyan Obama, the commander in chief of the world’s deadliest terrorist organization (accused of war crimes by human rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch), whose sole purpose is to rape, pillage and destroy sovereign countries that fail to bow to the Israeli overrule, pulled his hoards of blood-thirsty mercenaries from Iraq, it was clearly just a PR stunt for the indoctrinated sheeple to keep them in the “thank you for your service” bleating loop.

The time between pulling out of Iraq and moving back to Iraq was spent by giving the Islamic extremists military training in Jordan, and supplying them with the latest military gear and funding so they could spring out of nowhere as a highly trained, organized and funded group of militants which would require immediate military attention.

As people such as top ex al-Qaeda operative Nabeel Naim, or Dutch security official Yasmina Haifi, who works for the National Cyber Security Centre under the Dutch Justice Ministry tell us: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

As part of #OpSaveGaza, the anonymous hacked and leaked a database of 30,000 Mossad agents. The two download links found on the Twitter page contain a PDF file with info on 1,400 Mossad agents, and a Microsoft Excel file with info on 30,000 Mossad agents. The leaks contain a bunch of names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in Hebrew. The interesting one is Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon), born of two Jewish parents and trained by Mossad in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies. Elliot Shimon operates as Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.

So now, in a grand plan to hoodwink everyone, the American terrorists are bombing humvees in Iraq in pretense that they are attacking the apparently Zionist creation known as ISIS. The video below is a FLIR footage of an American aircraft blowing one up near Mosul Dam:

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  1. I served the Empire U.S. Army ’83-’87 and would gladly do it again if not for my age and disability now. I’m sorry I didn’t make it a career. I’m getting real sick and tired of the anti U.S. and anti military stance of best gore. America has the highest standard of living in the world thx to our soldiers. if not for them we would be invaded and conquered for our resources. America. love it or leave it motherfuckers. I bleed red white and blue and my colors DON’T RUN!

    1. Doesn’t really bother me, man. I can see why people don’t like our government or our country in general. There are things about the U.S. that I like and don’t like. Same goes for other countries around the world. *Shrug* I just want to live as peacefully as possible before I die. IDGAF. You know that. πŸ™‚

      1. all that bullshit was after I got out before the first gulf war. I didn’t get injected with shit. if anything I would’ve taken the super soldier serum given to Captain America and I’d be kicking ass today. many people need their ass kicked today. it’s all the Akbars understand and respect.

        1. I love the U.S. It is a beautiful countryside, and people. I do dislike the government though, as i dislike mine in Canada. I have traveled to many states, and met many interesting and proud Americans. And what i noticed the most, is how alike we are Can & American. Good family values, for the most part, with good kind folks. Fuck all Zionist controlled Governments, but love the good people of our lands πŸ™‚

          1. ***Good family values, for the most part, with good kind folks. Fuck all Zionist controlled Governments, but love the good people of our lands πŸ™‚

            …great comment. I couldn’t agree with you more!!

            It is the duty of our fascist government and our media, to keep our population at odds with one another. Since cowards usually cater towards war on the weak, it is their every intention, to make us that way as well.

            Through lack of affordable health care, clean drinking water, a decent living wage job or affordable housing, we don’t matter to them. Their only interest, through propaganda, is to make the informed citizen such as myself a terrorist. No better than any other citizen in the Middle East or elsewhere, who understands how our filthy government here in the states operate.

            Yes indeed, we folks here in America and Canada, have a lot more that binds us, than separates us, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

        1. @steely glad I stayed to. this one guy keeps trying to get me to kill myself. It felt good to tell him to fuck off. I am very kind hearted but I have learned how to deal with people who are in the wrong. lol I am proud of me…

        1. Nothing wrong with having pride in your country @tard. Corrupt governments do not a nation make. People , normal salt of the earth people, are what binds a nation.
          Good for you for having love for your country.

        2. ***I really hate alot of the BS our government pulls off, but I?m %100 blue blooded, American, and I love my country still.

          …I’m 100% American as well.

          And with this fact, is the exact reason why I hate our corporate controlled government.

          When our government contemplates doing something good for it’s people, it usually comes at a price to it’s people.

          All you need to do…

          is follow the $$$ trail, that’s all…

      1. @ atucker.
        please read something important before you give this guy a high five. This isn’t the special Olympics. don’t give him a medal for finishing last. USA is retarded. and its not niggers or mexicants. or sand monkeys that ruined your country. Detroit is finished. isn’t that a big city in the home ol’ us of a. or as the really stupid ones call it. “America”

          1. @nature. you poor Americans are so gentle by nature. always getting picked on. The Japanese were gonna come to America and invade. so you nuked them and Hitler wanted to remove your freedom after he was done conquering Europe. so you had to kill over 100 thousand of your own troops to make money off the weapon contracts alone. And I won’t even get into other money ventures Jews and other people benefited from. because you still think we are your enemy. When we don’t give 2 fly shits about you.

          2. Because war and government was made when slaves arrived in America, when immigrants started to cross the border and after 9/11. The government is very young. If you are a nature man from the south and still have a confederate flag on your 4×4 truck. then no wonder you think these are the sole problems of the world.

        1. I dont know about detroit honey. I don’t live anywhere near there. and as far as your beliefs about the U.S.A, you are intitled to your beliefs. The only thing I can tell you is that I love living here in my small towm in the U.S.A.

          1. That’s exactly my point. Most Americans don’t know what’s going on in their own country But you’re fast to judge minorities that had nothing to do with Detroit going bankrupt. 20 billion dollars in the hole. but all that sticks out to you is a Mexican or a nigger stealing a chocolate bar. that’s not my enemy. I fear the enemy i can’t see. The billionaires that control governments. I never called you a racist. I don’t care if you only wanna be with people of your color. but please educate your self before accusing a illegal immigrant for ruining your life when they are making less then minimum wage and still are able to be happy. You don’t know what it’s like in other countries and why they crossed the border. american companies own the electrical companies and water sources. so they cant even afford everyday necessities. These people control other people’s freedom. not everyone in the usa lives the way you do. I mean. Most US citizens call them selves Americans and think the USA is the whole continent. I am American. people in brasil are Americans. Canadians are Americans because we live in the continent of America. I live in Canada and you guys thinks we live in igloos and have polar bears as pets and that we walk in snow shoes all year round. that just ignorant.

          1. maybe if you got off your meds you would know what it’s like to feel. I’m not gonna waste your medicated time. I’m just talking to your medication.

    2. I don’t know how much of what you say is true but what has the military done in terms of defending this nation? Our military has never played the role of a defense force but always on the offensive. After the end of conscriptions, what integrity has the military upheld for us? Raiding and pillaging other countries for what and whom? You think it has been to preserve our land and resources? Even if the military improved our living standards, it hasn’t been for the sake of defense. Its because they played the role of extortionists.

      1. You’re on the right track sorta but we have this thing in the US called national security. Securing the resources that keep our country and the world afloat is part of our national security interests.

        We must maintain a presence in the Middle East and be ready to flex our muscle at a given notice. People complained that the only reason were there is the oil. Well duh. That oil has been promised to us and the world. For instance if Saddam had taken over Kuwait and then Saudi Arabia and eventually the whole peninsula he could have brought the world to its knees and had us living back in the 1800s. Sadistic mad men can never have that type of power.

        We will not allow that to happen. It would collapse our country and any other country he so deemed. That’s called DEFENDING our national security as well as the worlds.

        And we sure as hell aren’t going to let ISIS gain control of the oil fields in the Kurdish territories. Unless Obama lets them. He’s the kind of President to balk at such a threat as the one ISIS just laid out. Our biggest mistake was to take all our troops out of Iraq. We needed to leave three huge bases that were heavily guarded that could counter strike any such move like ISIS is carrying out. We’ve done so in just about every other country we’ve defeated and it’s been a stabilizing force.

        It’s not working so well in Afghanistan because really those people are living in the Stone Age. I think that’s one of the main reasons we invaded Iraq as well. The goal was to setup a democracy and hope it would flourish and spark change in the region. It was a huge task and will not be easy by any means. The true results may not be known for 30 years. But remember no democracy has ever attacked another democracy. It’s a lofty goal but wouldn’t it be great if one day the Middle East joined the rest of us in the modern world.

    3. Former SeaBee here… BuhhhRahhhh
      Tell me one army EVER that went into a resource rich area… took it over …. and then GAVE IT BACK TO THE PROTAGONISTS..
      Never has happened… Except by the US..

      I do believe we could use improvement. But we are the BEST of the lot..

      1. @rota you’re joking right? Please tell me you have gone to library and not use Jewgle to search for the truth. The USA has never given anything back. political families and royal bloodlines own certain strategic land to make money and control the politicians from these countries after the dumb soldier. or in your case stupid marine leaves. so please stop acting like super heroes. you act like team America world police protagonists.

    4. “America has the highest standard of living…”

      Getting beaten and shot by the police state while the Zionist media pulls the wool over your eyes and the jews get your tax money in the form of bailouts and foreign aid. Yeah, sure, that’s very high fucking standard of living right there.

      Waving a flag and fighting the rich man’s war doesn’t make you no hero, it only makes you a retarded fucking tool.

      1. I’ve yet to see a person not committing a crime or disobeying a police command get shot by a cop. Even this thug in Ferguson had just minutes earlier committed strong armed robbery. No sympathy from me. He bum rushed the cop in his SUV and got shot over it.

        It’s amazing how if you interact with cops politely you don’t get shot. So any sane normal person has nothing to fear. Sure there’s the rare exception but a police state that does not make. If you’re not out breaking the law you have Zero to worry about. We’re a country of 310 million people and some of y’all point to 5 or 6 instances and ewes now a police state. Gimme a break.

        And yes we have a very high standard of living. And I’m glad are military is the world police. Would you rather have someone else do it? Or just let chaos reign. Nothing says kickass like when our SEALS killed those Somali pirates that hijacked one of our boats. We are a force for good. We protect the resources around the world that make the world go around. And we do it for free.

        And Israel gets chump change from us. The US gives aid to many many countries, some of them our enemies. We’re cool like that.

    5. Too bad you didn’t die serving you’re beautiful country. it’s not the soldiers that made your countries standards the way they are. it’s the wars started so that you can take other countries resources and save yours. You think Ronald Reagan gave a shit about you? You believe other countries want your freedom so you gotta invade them. protecting your borders is one thing. going to Latin America or middle east to fight so that people more powerful then politicians can have weapon contracts is something else. it makes you sound like a retard. When you don’t know why wars are started. it’s all for financial reasons. you’re a long time member of bestgore. but you don’t read the facts. The chemicals used in the wars you’ve been to made you too stupid to realize anything you own is made is other countries. The computer you’re using, cell phone. etc etc. you wanna go back and serve so they get more rich while you risk your life attacking someone who is only defending what belongs to them. and is in their land.

      1. Yea I agree, America cant handle not having control over an area that isn’t theirs. Many of these comments display how deliberately ignorant people are in that they don’t want to believe that their government are compulsive liars. It further displays how far up their own arses many Americans are i.e. highest standard of living, ;best country in the world. Fuck off Australia is shit hot. My solution to all this?….Nuke em all make em glow!

        1. Y’all are failing to see the importance of resources. We don’t take over the resources. We still pay for them. We do make sure that we have access to those resources because without them our economy crashes and this country falls apart. That’s called protecting national security. That doesn’t stop at our borders, and it shouldn’t.

          It’s like some of y’all won’t to live in the dark ages. I for one can’t wait until we don’t need ME oil. Then the fighting will stop because no one will want the oil.

      2. @elmaspison what uis up with you and death. telling people they should have died for their beautiful country? and saying retarted so many times in your comments. like america is retarted… How can a country be retarted?

    6. I provided links to resources from which the claims came. It is up to each individual to draw their own conclusions. Sane individuals remain open to all possibilities. The lost ones dismiss those that don’t fit the mainstream agenda as “looney”.

      Has it ever occurred to you that ISIS has been killing everyone but Jews? They’ve killed other Muslims, they’ve killed Christians, they’ve killed the Kurds – but they’ve never crossed hairs with the Jews.

      ISIS are Sunnis, as are the Palestinians and Hamas in Gaza. If ISIS were truly those crazy, brainwashed Sunni Muslims they make themselves out to be, they’d come to the aid of their brethren in some fashion. But no – ISIS would never fire a single shot at Israel. Not even when they fought near Israeli border – they killed everyone, but Israelis.

      Does this really not seem a bit fishy to you? Crazy Islamists killing other Islamists, but never touching a Jew? And you call those who notice the obvious “looney”? I guess I should consider it a compliment, seeing how it comes from a wool-eye.

        1. Hehe,

          What our “thank you for your service” friends need to do is look at how the internet looked at the Israelis who cheered to the killings and nodded in support of the genocide by their terrorist soldiers? Because this is exactly what the American sheeple look like in the eyes of the internet when they say ?thank you for your service?.

    7. Why be loyal to a country? Better to be loyal to your race. Jews control governments, they don’t totally control the people. The United States government is controlled by Jews. I support the people, but who in the hell would support the Jew government? You have to make a distinction between the government and the people. All white countries are occupied by a Jew government. Our countries have been taken over by Jewish filth.

      1. So all who hate the Jews here are praising and idol worshiped Adolf Hitler? Because he is the #1 monster against the Jewish people. Why you hate the Jews so much??? Because they are the chosen people of God? Jesus is the son of a Jewish carpenter.

          1. It doesn’t matter how hard we try and provide proof and hard copies of the atrocities the Jewish have committed to humanity since their beginning. Most of these sheep see us, racists and radicals. that hate freedom. but I won’t give up. Every race needs to gather their strongest. and leave the weak behind. to die for a Jewish cause.

    8. Switzerland has the highest standard of living mid-year 2014. US is second but your nationalistic bleating really hurts my ears. Is it thanks to your soldiers? Really? Would the US really be invaded for “your resources”?! These are old words that mean nothing now, friend. Blindly spouting this gibberish only drowns out the next Pro-military apologetist. And so the cycle continues.

      I love the US for it’s open-minded people. Yes, I do. And Yes, OPEN MINDED. Unfortunately you have to go there to experience this, and get past the white noise that citizen’s such as yourself broadcast.

          1. I didn’t think I had to write sarcasm after my comment. you have been brainwashed to believe what you speak and write on here. It sounds so comfortable that so you probably believe soldiers fight for your freedom in wars outside your borders on other continents.

        1. @elmaspison, now I know why you wanted me to kill myself and stream it so you could watch. You simply hate the U.S.A…….because you thought I was the weakest link you thought I might do it. I will not give you the pleasue of commiting suicide and making you happy to know that an american died.

          1. damn you’re worse then a troll. I at least stay relevant and try to open up people’s eyes. and in not the only one with this knowledge of things done in the past and in the present by your government. so please stop giving people a pat in the back for committing mistakes and allowing your government to brain wash you. You are a sheep if you believe in these army fools and your government. I rather argue with someone that has facts and loves his white race. then someone that just comments for sake of fitting in. join twitter if that’s what you seek.

          2. I can care less if you died. now if an American or a jewish soldier died and I got to see it first hand. then I’m all in for that gore. you’re as important as the Jews that die from aids.

          3. Atucker, I do not know why picking on you would make any man feel like a tough guy. I can see that you are a sensitive lady. I see that as a reason to be protective of you. A weaker man, would see it as a chance to get away with hurting someone from the safety of a keyboard. I do not care what people like that say to me, think of me, or think of the USA. Just try to keep in mind that is only typed words. If that doesn’t work, imagine that at some point, the USA might have dropped bombs on their country and they still hold a grudge.

        1. @elmaspison, I might not stay on subject all of thetime however, I dont kick people when they are down. unlike you I don’t tell people to talk all of their pills, chase ot with a bottle of wine, cut my wrists in a tub of water and stream it so t

          1. @elmaspison, you wanted me to stream my.death so that you can watch me die. today you told me to slit my wrists up and down. you also told me to park my cat in a small garage and let the exhaust kill me.

          2. Could someone shut this bitch up already and stream her death vid…. ffs.ill even let her use my knife…. Cant even enjoy the comments…..

          1. @elmaspison, gentlenaturemanhas seen some of these comments that you left recently for the Past two or three days . other people has sseen them to. you left them under the article titled…..brutal aftermath of attack on air mobile bregade in lviv ukrain

          1. No I don’t think that you look like a bush hillbilly. but act like a southerner and your close mined thinking. North of the country people are more liberated. LA. san fran. seattle. the so called hippies or tree huggers realise that the south is the toilet of the usa. thats them telling me from their own mouth.

    9. Your standards of living are at the expense of the murdered, mutilated, raped, pillaged of the resources of sovereign nations and of women and children, your nothing but a worthless immoral cunt that should have been aborted down the shit hole.

    10. Served 88 91, red white and blue baby same deal I should of stayed in and I’ll say on behalf of the US if it weren’t for us you 2nd world country’s would still be smelling there horse ass drawn by buggy and your only book you could read would be the bible if you could read that.

      1. If it weren’t for your stupid country and that filthy bastard named Winston Churchill, who in 1939 declared war upon Germany as an answer to the demands of the zionist power of the time, today we would live in peace and order, with jews relegated on some island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (rings any bell? 9/11 anyone?).

        Your country witnessed a generation of false propaganda before being dragged in the conflict, following the self infliction of the otherwise avoidable Pearl Harbor incident, only to have Eisenhower fabricate evidences of the “holocaust” in order to legitimate the jews’ race to power and enslavement of other governments (in exchange they made him president). You are bred to feel star spangled awesome from birth, when actually you ignore it’s all your fault (indirectly for the most, as I know a soldier mostly follows orders) if today the whole world is suffering.

      2. The education a soldier receives has the same credentials as the training a circus monkey gets. so I won’t take your word for it. believe me. I don’t want your freedom. The only reason they send you monkeys to fight their wars is because we don’t want America companies controlling the interests of the people that have been in these countries before the white man came and money controls the military. so you have no choice. they just feed you some Bullshit that we are terrorist. and you believe it. Now we would never stand in the way of you going back to the white continent your ancestors came from. And you kicking out the ones that don’t belong to their countries of origin.

      1. @bloodbath. you are a mejicano? Why are you brown nosing someone that would shot you if they told them all Mexicants are considered illegal. and use your own discretion to shot as you will. You love playing you xbox and porno streaming. and believe that’s freedom. pobreSito. que lastima.

        1. More like I call me being able to say I love and worship God openly and having the choice of whether or not to play Xbox or stream porn freedom. But even freedom to worship is being prohibited and attacked by groups especially the athiests.

          1. I am atheist. am not attacking you. you can pray to a cockroach for all I care. just don’t approach people that are content with their life with out your god. quoting everything you do based on god and the Bible. Because we don’t care. And if enough people don’t want to see merry xmas in the mall or for you to say it. because we don’t believe so it shall be. There is freedom and rights for both. it doesn’t mean that freedom is being taken away from you. I’m not gonna believe or pray to a religion that was implemented with violence and torture. read about the inquisition times.

    11. ***America has the highest standard of living in the world thx to our soldiers.

      …25% of Americans running to food banks now.
      …Unaffordable healthcare, dictated by “O’bombercare” which funnels billions of dollars annually into the healthcare insurance marketplace. This only insures, that your chances of seeing single payer healthcare, is slim to none now. Thanks to the insurance company’s lawyers and corporate lobbyists.
      …50 + trillion in debt. Thanks to the Federal Reserve who, at the drop off a hat, prints money out of nowhere. (no balance sheet dude)
      …5% of the world’s population, using over 28% of the world’s resources.
      …Air waves taken over by the highest corporate bidder. (Telecommunication’s Act of 1996) This enables our media to “spoon feed” the “american sheeple,” lies, half truths and propaganda which in turns, creates this illusion of a “false flag mentality.” That somehow, America was created out of the bowels of God to destroy anyone, who should question our moral judgement/authority.
      …NAFTA, shipping our highest paying blue collar jobs overseas.
      …Elimination of the “Glass-Steigal Act,” enabling our filthy private banks, to issue bad loans and toxic mortgages to people even without a job. This law was put into place, to separate the investment side of banking, from the commercial (lending) side of banking. The Dodd/Frank Bill, was exclusively drawn up, by the big corporations, who literally own our ass today. Thank you Mr. Clinton, along with NAFTA, in dismantling America as we know it.
      …Destruction of the “War Power’s Act.” President O’bomber exclusively, can start a war without the approval of congress now.
      …The Patriot Act. Simply created to install fear into the American people. That somehow, we need this filthy, corporate owned government of ours, to protect us from the same government, who murders their own people to begin with.
      …A “non existing” living wage.
      …A growing lack of access to fresh drinking water. (thank you fracking)
      …A ramped increase of organized religion, dictating govern”mental” policy. When Hobby Lobby can successfully convince our Supreme Court, that they are not obligated to provide adequate contraception to women in their healthcare coverage well…

      We have officially entered the age of facism.

      btw: I wonder if MEN, can still have access to a vascetomy, if a man so chooses to do so?

      …the answer is YES!!

      In the case of woman, Hobby Lobby’s prevention of covering birth control, also prevents coverage of their reproductive health/organs as well.

      …The militarization of our police force.
      …The highest college debt in history and thanks to the Nazi Bush Crime Family, college debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court anymore. But I’m sure this shitty (militarized) economy of ours, has absolutely nothing to do with this.
      …Unaccessible politicians. I cannot count the number of times, I have called my elected officials, with no returned calls/messages. E-mailing such elected officials, usually ends up sending me to their “promo website,” telling me everything that they are going to do for (to) me…

      …w/o addressing my fucking concerns to begin with!!
      …Corporations are now people. If this isn’t a wake up call to fascism well…

      It’s time to tell the world, that America has the highest standard of living in the world!!

      …where else did I hear that from btw!!

    12. ***America. love it or leave it motherfuckers.

      …I love my country dearly dude.

      If my wife expressed her love to me, by accusing me of sleeping around with other women w/o any proof whatsoever, then…

      Would this be love, or would this be domination?

      Our founding fathers, warned us of a corporate, military and a religious takeover of our government. Eisenhower/Kennedy did as well.

      When you make a claim that people who do not necessarily agree with you, leave this country well…

      You are only supporting what I have stated earlier about domination.

      Dissent towards our government at one time, was the best resource, for some kind of a democracy/republic in our nation. Unfortunately, with the takeover of our airwaves, we have the “Neo-Fascist Movement,” which associates patriotism, to the amount of ignorance, militarization and organized religion, that we can afflict to other countries. (example: Israel)

      My advice to you brother, is to cut your T.V. cable bill, and start to think critically for a change.

      btw: Thank you for serving in our military. I have never stopped supporting them. However, our occupation in other countries for oil is dead wrong. In addition, I would never use profanity towards our military as well.

      …as you have done to me

      But as far as using profanity towards my elected officials, who put you in harm’s way well…

      That’s a different story.

      Please be advised, that the same kind of attitude you have towards me, is the same kind of attitude that our government has towards the 99%, here in the states.

      Remember, you’ll never win a debate, based out of anger. Only the facts, drawn up so well, by the history/militarization of our nation in the past.

      Now, if you want to put on a swastika and take a permanent vacation in Germany well, that choice is yours.

      …but desirable, imho!!

      But I thank you nevertheless, for leaving MY COUNTRY!!

      …Netanyahu would simply love, sharing a cold beer with you!!

    13. ***I?m getting real sick and tired of the anti U.S. and anti military stance of best gore.

      First of all, I don’t think BG is totally anti-military.

      Case and point: They support using military force, to “neo-fascist street thugs,” such as the United States and Israel.

      It’s only “anti military” to you per sai, if you don’t agree that the United States, should bomb anything and everything, that should happen to have the capability to eat, breath and reproduce.

      …please dude, cut the cable bill, and critically think for a change!!

      Our presstitutes here in the states, want you as a consumer and NOT, an informed citizen.

      An informed citizen such as myself, is considered a terrorist in this country. However, “name calling,” or “shooting the messenger,” is not the same as supporting your position with the facts.

      …and that’s simply a fact my friend!!

    14. if anybody doesnt like my comments on here to a man that previously tried to get me to commit suicide so he could watch me die, my feelings won’t be hurt if you skip over my comments. I am not having people mistreat me on this site anymore. I will defend myself.

    15. I’m not from the US, but from Europe and our politicians crawl in the ass of your government.
      The fact is, that your government is scum. Many people support this Terrorist regime from the US, but many US-people hate them.
      Everyone who walks in the war for the US-regime nowadays like in Iraq or something, when he dies in this war, it’s his own fault. Nobody forced him to go there. So if you would do it, you are also a pupptet.
      My opinion (and the opinion of many other people) is, that the US-regime sucks. The whole putsches and wars in the world, that they did. They are just terrorists.

  2. Hey guys, once again I’m gonna go off subject (forgive me) but I hope this fergurson shit makes people realize that there’s a difference between human beings and niggers…ok I’m done, and happy b-day to the guy with the mouse dick !…mouse mannn!

    1. You’ve been hoodwinked to worship man made lines drawn on a map. You disregard what makes you who you are, and instead take nationalism as your own because that’s what the indoctrination machine warships.

      A terrorist is a terrorist because he commits acts of terrorism, not because he’s from within a man defined area on a map. The “thank you for your service” sheepitude is terrifying. One can take the sheeple out of the herd, but can’t take the herd out of the sheeple, I guess…

    2. Of course when we’re talking about Palestine here, everybody all of a sudden becomes a victim. I haven’t been hoodwinked into believing anything, I have this uncanny ability to think for myself, and this notion that a terrorist is only defined by man made lines on a map, is no different than one’s interpretation of what the term terrorist means itself, since we’re talking about definitions, the spectrum is really only in the eye of the beholder now isn’t it? Hey at least we weren’t made to worship fake gods and live in sand castles right…

      Calling someone a sheep is a very broad term, why because I’m not inspired to ramble on and on about conspiracies and jews? There’s no real facts here, just speculation at its finest, and craziest.

  3. Yeah we’ve got a fucked up nigger president, definitely had better. The government is in disarray because of the muslim maggot. We the people do not share his views, we’re trying to throw him out in case you haven’t heard. America owned by jews? Fuckin’ crock of shit. We’ll support them cause we’re a Christian nation but that’s about it and no I’m not jewish. To call us terrorists, well, someone’s taking you for a long fucking ride.
    May God bless you for your service for our country.

    1. We Canadians & Americans kill for the Yahoodi,s relentless pursuit, of a so-called pure race, and complete control of the worlds economies. I for one will call a spade a spade. All the Zionist occupied governments use the good will of the misinformed sheeple to attain their goals. This is not hard to see guys,,,c,mon man!

      1. @Dre here in America we say for the good of the majority of people we will do this or that, I’m sure it’s the same in Canada. Israel is a minority that fucks over the majority. One country one people fucking us all over. Without Israel there wouldn’t be a need for a peace process. Global peace will only occur when the Zio monsters are dead.

    2. Christian nation? The constitution is SECULAR. I’m not from there but even I know this shit. Read something perhaps, outside of your doctrine. I can’t believe there are some people on here, on BG, and it still fails to expand their horizons.

      1. We have expanded our horizons, and it brought us straight to the Jewish hatemongers. Follow the $$$$ trail, and you will notice that Death, and slaughter of innocents by the Zionists, and their Minions, is not far behind it!

  4. ISIS is more the result of a stupid movement of the US and its allies in middle east. Now the US is buying weapons to destroy the weapons it bought years ago for the ridiculous iraki freedom stupidity.

    This post is very wrong. But those guys of ISIS are really nuts. I dont know what it would be worse, a world dominated by ISIS or the one highly dominated by the jewish supracapitalism already.

  5. I am loyal to my flag, not barack Obama. You can call us whatever you want. As if we or our boys have no other choice. Barack Obama is already busy dismantling our forces so I don’t think you should worry, hes made our country the laughing stock of the world. I dont think I could care any less about eradicating islamists. So call us terrorists, I don’t really see how I am a a god damn navy corpsman.

    1. While there is no single, globally agreed upon definition of terrorism, all that exist agree on the fact that it involves the use of violence and/or intimidation against the people in an area in the pursuit of political aims. All the US army has done in the last few decades is use violence and intimidation against the people in various areas in the pursuit of their overmasters’ political goals. Thus, whether directly involved in acts of violence and intimidation, or indirectly assisting as a wheel of the machinery that makes the acts of violence and intimidation possible, yes, you are, by all available definitions, a terrorist.

      1. I think street gangs should be labeled as terrorists. Gangs like the Bloods and the Crips and MS-13. Even more so than any military. Not saying military shouldn’t be labeled as such, but street gangs because we citizens deal with them on a daily basis more than any military outfit. They spread just as much fear in an area as any other member of a violent group… Would it then become hip to be a terrorist instead of a gang banger? Really makes me wonder. 😐

        1. The gangs are not a problem. The government is the problem. It isn’t hard to follow the trail. they need them to have a reason to ask for a budget so more police is hired. special ops is trained. more jails are built. jails are registered in the stock market. The longer you keep them is jail. even if they’re in deathrow. The more money they make. When a politician makes a run for congress or presidency he/she will use it as an excuse to hype you up and vote for him. “I will fight crime. I will fight poverty. I will fight unemployment” crime is going up. more police is hired. people lose their jobs. same jobs are sent over seas by Americant companies for cheaper Labour. they steal money from the budget that everyday good citizens pay in taxes. The police is biggest gang in the world. they get away with everything they do. The law protects them. fear them more then pawns you just mentioned.

          1. As a matter of fact I have lived in that country. I have lived in Hawaii. Puerto Rico. and ive visited san francisco, la, ny, nj, st paul, dallas, el paso, and other countries like Ecuador. brasil.
            El Salvador. and now I live in Canada. my knowledge comes from living in the middle of a civil war. I didn’t need the Internet to see my first dead body. people’s legs and arms being blown off from innocent people stepping on American made and supplied mines and bombs. so yes I have every right to hate your government and anyone who said these innocent women and children deserved to die.

    2. ***So call us terrorists,

      Boy, and they do dude…

      Our founding fathers warned us of the dangers of fascism. I find it humorous but sad at the same time, how the “Christian Neo-Crypts,” call this a Christian nation.

      …If Jesus was having a cold one with me now, he would pee on all these lunatics!!

        1. ***I?m sure he?d slap that beer out of your hands and proceed to whip you with a cat o?nine tails.

          …btw dude: making a comment regarding Jesus slapping me with a cat o nine, is far different than defending your position about this sick government that we have here in the states.

          I assume that your self centered comment, is only supported by your facts, that our government indeed, is NOT controlled by corporate/military interests?

          …please defend your position, and stop attacking the messenger!!

          I’m waiting!!

          1. Sorry to keep you waiting, I like when people anticipate my arrival… anyway I love the assume you know all about just by that “little” comment I gave you

      1. @elmaspison. sounds like you didn’t live long here long enough to know shit. however you think you know somuch about every country that you lived in. You did however, do me a favor by leaving the U.S.A.

  6. Here’s what the bible says about the Jews.

    John 8:44 – Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    1. ***John 8:44 ? Ye are of [your] father the devil,

      …Isn’t there also, a biblical passage, where Jesus says something to the effect of…

      Woooo, to those who kill/harm my own children?

      (something along those lines)

      If there is, then may I add a verse…

      ME: Chapter 1 Verse 1:

      Wooo, to the brainwashed sheeple, who believe that Israel is protecting themselves in the name of freedom. May their God, see the evil in their ways, and release all trannies from the bowels of the earth. For without balls, they are unable to rise above and overturn their zionist governments, who are causing great pain to their own people.

      May these trannies, bruise their fannies…

      In Jesus’s name we pray!!

        1. Very true. There seems to be some passionate and engaging opinions and comments here. Stuff you don’t get in other places. I’ll try to keep an open mind and devote some of my time here to the political angles. After all, in many cases, it is the political environment that leads to much of the violence in the world that we see on this site.

  7. In my, albeit limited, experience, there is nothing like a little overseas military action to detract from the home economic situation.

    The brain-dead masses lap it up, the industrialists have new contracts to replace all those expendable military munitions and, probably in-country assets that require ‘protection’, and the military; well, they’re expendable and will all die ‘heroes’ protecting the US, UK (add other countries here), and the administration becomes more popular and, more likely, to be re-elected.

        1. go on Facebook if you wanna get personal pictures. This is so stupid. and you’re telling me to put down the coolaid . put down the bipolar pills. they make you stupid. This is a gore and sometimes political site. use it as such.

  8. @hurdygurdyman

    ***Sorry to keep you waiting, I like when people anticipate my arrival? anyway I love the assume you know all about just by that ?little? comment I gave you

    …didn’t keep me waiting at all dude

    I was just sitting here reading all the comments.

    ***I like when people anticipate my arrival

    …would you like it, if I WASN’T anticipating your arrival?

    So far half pint, you have said a whole lot of nothing…

    If you take great pleasure at your “Military Jesus” whipping me, then I can only assume, that you support this neo-fascist government within the United States.

    …but this comes as no surprise

    Cowards can never support their position with the facts. They can only guarantee their presence through violence.

    ***I love the assume you know all about just by that ?little? comment I gave you

    I’ll guarantee you my friend, I know infinitely more about our government, than you do!! The sad part, is that you can educate yourself too. However, getting your source of information, that exclusively wants to sell you a new smart phone, is NOT, a wise choice to make, when it comes to empowering oneself.

    Again, and I’ll consider this case closed…

    Only if you can support your “cat o’ nine government,” will I take the time to respond.


    ***anyway I love the assume you know all about just by that ?little? comment I gave you

    …for number one

    I made my comment BEFORE your lackluster “cat o’ nine comment” In other words, your comment was not needed, in order for me to defend my position, regarding our government.

    Christ, what a dumbass!!

      1. I hope you get a jewish rabbi as your cellmate. you have the learning abilities of a Jew. you’re an old man that still believes that the whole world wants what you have. When all you have is a TV, a new couch, a cell phone and a big suburban v8 Suv. now that’s freedom!!!

  9. You guys keep up this anti American bullsh*t and you are going to find bestgore forced off the internet. It’s really simple as that. You need to learn to just present the videos without your personal commentary, we don’t really care what your opinions are and they are going to lead to the death of this site.

    P.S. This is from a Canadian so no I am not some American patriot. I’m just telling you that your stupid anti american babbling is going to get this site fucked in the ass, dumbasses

    1. ***You guys keep up this anti American bullsh*t and you are going to find bestgore forced off the internet.

      …please read my comment below hombero, as I have read yours

      Your comment has supported many of the things that I have stated below.

      You too, suffer the symptoms of a drug addict!!

    2. ***You guys keep up this anti American bullsh*t and you are going to find bestgore forced off the internet.

      …I may be sticking my neck out a bit when I say this hombero

      But I think it’s the other way around….

      A lot of the heat that Best Gore is receiving, is due to the fact, that they are exposing the truth, instead of hiding it!!

      If one’s head is being thrown around like a basketball by certain militants, then it looks pretty authentic to me.

      …plus if any doubt, I’m pretty good in cross-referencing as well.

      Best Gore, in my opinion, doesn’t allign themselves up to anyone’s government. Nor, are they afraid of it’s member’s comments as well.

      …are you?

      They are simply exposing through internet media, what is actually happening on our planet.

      The heat they are receiving, are from “the powers that be,” wishing NOT, to have this type of internet media on display, for everyone to see.

      …this may cause one to critically think

      I have seen their responses to Best Gore. Their responses indeed, are soaked in fear. Fear that their government’s criminal activities, may be revealed.

      You too, have this same kind of fear hombero. Your fear of someone speaking out against our wicked government, is the same kind of fear that our wicked government wants to place on YOU!! They want you to go shopping. (like Neo- Bush said after 911) They want you to spend money on things that will increase their bottom line…


      So what are YOU, so afraid of hombero…

      The truth perhaps!!

      …and just like the drug addict themselves, they just want the truth to go away.

      So they can tell the world, how much better it could be, if they were…


      …stop being a coward hombero, and start education yourself to the point where you can “critically think.”

      p.s. I’ll respond to your comment only, if your comment doesn’t cover what I have already covered, in my lengthy comment below.

      Patriotism is the ability to offer dissent to one’s government, without any fear.

      Our politicians are public servants. Their job is to respond to your needs, questions or concerns.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t seen too much activity, on either end of the spectrum, for quite some time now!!

      Again, educate yourself with the world around you hombero. Don’t worry about what the government thinks, or what they’re going to do to you because…

      They are already doing it TO YOU!!

  10. @elmaspison

    I’ve been reading your responses on this thread, and I must say, that your responses have been “spot on.”

    It has been my observation, that the people in the United States are utterly brainwashed, to the world around them.

    I’m old enough to remember, when we had somewhat of a fair and balanced media in this country. Social issues were discussed and diagnosed, by a much more informative people, in comparison to today’s standards.

    Unfortunately, with the passage of the Telecommunication’s Act of 1996, the much larger media companies in this country, were able to suck up much of the “dissenting voices” of the people. The “dissenting voice” was key, in keeping our government officials in check. While I’ll never disclose who I support politically, I must say, that Ross Perot back in the early 90’s was “spot on.” Please remember, this was before the passage of the Telecommunication’s Act of 1996. He stated, that we the people own the government. If we didn’t like it, kick their ass out.

    …Ross Perot had a 83% approval rating at one time, while running for President. Yes indeed, there was a time that are government to some extent, feared it’s people.

    We all know that there are many problems in the world today. I try not to speak on behalf of other country’s governments because frankly, I am not as knowledgeable, as I am with mine. However and I must say, that the best way to control one’s people, is to control the airwaves. The Telecommunication’s Act of 1996, was introduced into legislation with the help of Colin Powell’s son, Michael Powell who, at the time was head of the FCC. If anyone ever watched these videos of him and his filthy sidekick Kathy Abernathy lie to congress about the benefits of controlling such airwaves, one would understand, why we have such a “socially braindead society” as we currently have today.

    …this me, me, me attitude is simply repulsive. What a bunch of spoiled, snot nosed punks, we can be at times!!

    …I strongly suggest George Orwell’s book “1984.” It’s in comparison to Armageddon in the Bible, but designed for people who actually critically think!!

    There are two jobs, that our corporate media has today. One, is to spread fear, lies, half truths, omissions and propaganda to it’s people. The second, is to make you a consumer. It was never in their interest, to make you an empowered citizen. You see, when you live in a “neo-fascist society,” dominated by organized religion, a controlled media and war, the last thing that your government wants to deal with, is a citizen who simply, “can connect the dots.”

    …do you really think our government gives a rat’s ass about you?

    I have posted some of the “facts” previously, as to why our government doesn’t care about it’s citizens. However, being able to critically think, and not having to stop and post many reasons why they don’t, I can cut through the chase much quicker.

    Michael Steele. (former head of the Republican Party)

    He was asked by MSNBC a few years ago, what the minimum wage was, here in the United States.

    …he did not know

    Yet, he is a leading contributor (or was) to MSNBC.

    Also, It’s important to know, that I cut my cable back in September of 2006, when my local cable company axed, what little “free speech” was left on the airwaves. Since then, and obtaining “rock solid sources of information,” from the internet, I can easily see, that discussing anything political or social with most citizens of the United States, is like babysitting a three year old.

    I have observed the reactions of some members here, from the comments that you have made elmaspison. Again, I could not agree with you more. You’re comments, while in anger many times, has not distracted you from carefully thinking about what you are going to say, before you say it. However, and I do believe, that your anger is centered around compassion and integrity and NOT, out of fear.

    …it is simply “a warning shot across the bow,” so to speak. Your comments, based on your own personal integrity, are there to “lift the boat for everyone,” and simply not just for yourself. (hence, unlike the “me, me me attitude” in this country, as stated before)

    While the cooperation and social responsibilities of the United States towards other countries have been lackluster to say the least, I would like to associate these actions to something I DO, know about…

    …and thank you “critical thinking.”

    I’ll use this one example…

    Drug Addiction!!

    …did I catch everyone by surprise?

    (please read on, if you have the time)

    The United States has the same symptoms as a drug addict. I personally, know much about drug addiction, as I am an ex-addict myself of over 30 years now.

    Everything is fine with an addict in the beginning. They can hold down a job, and have close friends that they can “deeply interact” with. However, as the addiction progresses, their lives start to fall apart. They start to miss work, and their interests are not with their close friends anymore. As other people around them, who care for them dearly start to take notice, they confront their loved one about their drug abuse. Anger, which is always based out of fear and NEVER integrity with drug addiction, begins to become the addict’s greatest allie. Denial that they ever had a problem to begin with, along with isolation from the offending party(s) soon follows.

    …the offending party being the people who care for the addict dearly

    As the disease progresses, family members around the addict, start to feel uncomfortable as well. Many think, that they have done all they can do, so they start to isolate themselves from the addict. They indeed, are in a state of fear, just like the addict to their addiction.

    …this is a fact

    What makes this exceptionally hard, is the fact that people like me, who have no fear over this disease, try to convince other family members, that we need support.

    …yes, we need help too!!

    Not because we are weak, but because we are strong!!

    …to fight the enemy, we must understand it!!

    We cannot rely on our gut instincts of fear an isolation, to educate ourselves on the problem that’s before us. We all need the help of people who have walked this road before us, and to enlighten us. From this vantage point, we can deal, in this particular case, with drug addiction. We can look at the addict with compassion and HOPE, and not denial or fear. It’s also important to know, that a member in the family that is NOT an enabler to an addict, is NOT, doing this for his or her personal gain. They are doing it for the gain of ALL MEMBERS IN THE FAMILY!! Drug addiction is A FAMILY PROBLEM, and all family members need to educate themselves on drug addiction. Yes I know it sucks. But doing nothing, is simply the same as giving them the drugs themselves. And this is a fact.

    Remember how all of us here get pissed off, when an infant gets squished underneath a train, because the careless parent, is off in another location? The same scenerio applies here.

    …believe it or not

    An addict eventually, will know they are an addict. Their weapon unfortunately, will still be fear, anger, denial, ridicule and isolation. These are the paths of least resistance. The path of “most” resistance, is confronting the addict out of love, compassion and support. Let the addict know, that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that their personal shame, is their decision to continue this path towards their self destruction.

    …fact: drug addiction is a progressive disease. it eventually, will kill the addict.

    A good example I have used in the past, is someone who may be lying on their death bed with cancer. I don’t think you’ll ever hear the patient being ashamed, that they have cancer now, will you? They may feel shameful, as to what they didn’t do or accomplish in life, but not shameful towards their illness per sai.

    …but their fate may be fatal, nevertheless!!

    As with dissent in this country…

    When a family member speaks out to the rest of the family in opposition to enabling their family member’s addiction, all hell breaks loose. Remember when I mentioned how other family members will take the path of least resistance?

    …this is only one example

    Fact: You have to let the consequences of the drug addict’s decisions, to be “their personal bastard,” and not “you.” An addict will ALWAYS BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM!! Their interests are not you. Their interests is finding a place, a situation or a condition that is safe for them to continue to abuse drugs. Drugs indeed, are their personal savior. (I’m not religious btw)

    So, what is a family’s responsibility to the addict?

    To let the addict hit bottom. To NOT enable them in any way. Especially financially, where they can buy drugs. If their ass gets thrown in jail then…Hallejuah!! Let their guilt sit down right beside them, as they sober up in the cell. For it is this guilt that MAY, enable them to hit bottom and seek help, just like it did with me, over 30 years ago.

    …so why is a support group so important?

    In short, a family support group is not needed for the addict. It is needed for the non drug abusing members of the family. You see, and this is a fact…

    The negative attributes of the “drug using addict,” is carried over to the “non drug using” members of the family. Remember anger, guilt, denial, isolation, DEMONIZATION!!

    …which has been a classic example of what happens with enabling family members, when confronted with non enabling family members who, in their wisdom and personal experience are NOT, buying in to this line of bullshit from the drug addict, nor the other enabling family members!!

    …and this too, is a fact!!

    So, and if you have read my post to this point, you may be asking yourself…

    This is not a family support group website here. Yes, this is true. However, I have seen the same negative attributes of the United States, and can easily “carbon copy” them, into the life of the drug addict themselves.

    With the curse of our corporate media, they are able to cover up the lies of the sickness that our republic/democracy faces today. Many a times, the addict themselves, and especially before their disease takes a firm grip in their lives, will buy a family member a gift, or be especially “buddy buddy” to them.

    …doesn’t our corporate media want to sell you the latest gadget, at an unbeatable price?

    …and usually at the hands of some 12 year old factory worker in Bangladesh, working 20 hours a day!!

    You see, all bullies are cowards. Cowards can acquire what is necessary from the weak. Cowards are self centered, with the acquisition of more power from the weak, being their own interests.

    …is anyone here, seeing the similarities between the United States, and a drug addict yet?

    Then let me continue…

    Not only does a drug addict seek a safe refuge to do their drugs, as with our corrupt media, lying on behalf of our corrupt politicians, but a drug addict needs more…


    Just like with drug addiction, global power is PROGRESSIVE!! It needs more money to maintain it’s “status quo.” And where does that come from? Central Banks, lead by the curse of the Federal Reserve who, at the drop of a hat, can print money without a balance sheet. (yes, out of thin air folks!!)

    …remember the poor 12 year old in Bangladesh?

    …it’s YOU now, ladies and gents!!

    Do I have to give you more examples, other than the ones that I have already touched based on, in previous posts?

    If faced with this dilema, a drug addict will steal from a friend, rob a bank and yes, even kill someone to get their fix.

    …are the dots starting to connect now?

    Dissent in a fascist society, is simply treated in utmost contempt. In other words, the last thing that Mr. O’bomber wants, is someone who knows what the fuck is going on.

    …the dissenter?

    We have a name now folks…TERRORISTS!!

    And if anyone in the the addict’s family who sees through the addict’s “line of bullshit,” is confronted by a family member who still wants to enable the addict well…


    …their own personal pariah!!

    Please remember, as with elmaspison’s previous comments…

    You CAN choose, not to become anyone’s victim. However, you CANNOT choose, who decides to make you their own “personal pariah.”

    …and this too, is a fact!!

    This is simply based on their own moral weakness (bias) and NEVER, based on the facts about drug addiction.

    …are the dots becoming clearer now? I hope!!

    …the drug addict “hitting bottom,” and 911…

    In order for a drug addict to hit bottom, their lives to this point, has to become so miserable that, with the exception of death, they will make their decision to seek help.

    fact: not one case has ever been revealed, that a drug addict will quit, under ideal conditions…

    The consequences of their actions, has led them to financial, social, physically and moral distress.

    911 was a wake up call to the United States, as well as the rest of the world. As with the drug addict, shortly before they “hit bottom,” the United States is playing the role of the victim.

    I personally, have helped many people get off drugs. Every addict has told me before hitting bottom, that the whole world was fucked up, and that they had the answers as to why, that was the case.

    Why yes, stay the fuck away from me, while I abuse more drugs!!

    …are the dots starting to connect into a straight line yet? (they should)

    When our corrupt media tells it’s citizens, that a man in a cave, orchestrated 911 well…

    That’s better than any addict’s story that I’ve ever heard, and that’s for sure…

    In the land of “critical thinking,” I believe that there is a reason why people and things happen, the way they do.

    …one has to ask themselves

    Why would our media and elected officials, claim such an assinine story about Bin Laden?

    …simply, because they can get away with it silly!!

    So, when an empowered citizen, such as elmaspison offers dissent against our government, he is demonized. Secondly, as his knowledge base unfolds…

    …and listen to this please, and relate this again to the drug addict, 911 and our filthy media

    People who originally attacked him, based on a solid set of facts are now, playing the victims themselves. Elmaspison himself, has decided NOT, to position himself with our corrupt and filthy government. In another words, it has been my observation, that the accuser of the truth when confronted with the truth will QUICKLY, position themselves as the victims.

    If I were to give you a percentage, on how many times this happens, I would say that it is upwards of 99% of the time. I have seen this same situation, time and time and time again, with great regularity/clarity.

    Our media is to blame for this, as it has never been their intent, to tell you the truth about anything, based on the facts. Their purpose again, is to sell you shit at the expense of poverty, and to separate it’s own people, by not allowing free speech into this country.

    …however, if you want to know how much of a load uncle Bill left on Monica’s dress, then call your local politician, they’re more than likely, to be able to access that information for you!!

    In closing, I’ll say this…

    We are knocking on “bottom’s door” (not heaven’s) as I speak. Yes, we can see how many wars we are in, how much debt we have accumulated, how many people going hungry, etc. etc. etc.

    …but these are merely the symptoms

    The cause is addiction. We are addicted to money, God, greed, power, oil, ourselves and things that we own, that eventually own us…

    …just like addiction itself.

    It will OWN YOU!!

    My opinion? It’s too late.

    The best case scenerio?

    The dollar will collapse.

    The worse?


    …the only thing that can support itself is the truth
    …the only thing that can save a drug addict, is the truth

    Please remember, as in the case with elmaspison here…

    The truth never causes personal bias, as with religion/money. Lies, as with our corporate media and their presstitutes and politicians. Denial, as with 911’s omission report, and access to the facts. Demonization, as with a dissenting citizen in this country. Isolation, as with the United States, in regards to lackluster energy rules and regulations, “dronic” civil rights, supporting Israel’s war machine, and a lack of research and development.

    …however, the truth will expose these lies!!
    …and people, just like the drug addict, will become angry!!

    Your comment elmaspison, on how other people live happily, without all this corrupt stuff clinging to them, really hit home with me. I disconnected from this “corporate circus” years ago, and I continue to advance my research and development, to continue to do this much better as time progresses. (if we still have time left)

    My only hope, is that when the brain dead in this country are tired of feeling like a victim to the truth, that they indeed, will have an “awakening,” as with the case of a recovering addict. From there, they will place their trust in the truth and NOT, be dictated by the social fear, from our corporate media and our politicians today.

    I simply watch carefully, how and where I spend my money. “Things,” don’t make me an empowered individual.

    …however, the truth does!!

    There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, in being a drug addict. The shame, is to continue to be one.

    There’s nothing to be ashamed of, if you don’t know the answer to a question. However, “shooting the messenger,” then playing the victim by the messenger, only makes you look like a FOOL!! Don’t act like you know it all, until you start hanging around people who are much smarter than you. This isn’t a sprint folks…

    …this is a marathon!!

    Again elmaspison…

    It was refreshing to hear from someone who obviously, knows what the fuck they’re talking about!!


  11. If ISIS is a zionist organization as you conservatives claimed then why they targeted on LGBTQ? Then why they recites un holly verses of quran? Then why they give sharia punishments to people? Then why they know everything about Islam? & then why they being supported by some mullahs? You people make fool everyone I know america is not a good country but you can’t blame everything for USA and what’s about other Islamic terrorist organizations like Boko haram, Al-shabab, Al Qaeda, Mahdi Army, Al-Nusra-Front, ISF, FSA, Shi’tte Deadly Squads and Ansaar al sunna etc and now don’t say these organizations also working for USA and zionists in fact these organizations are working and funded by the ayotallahs & mullahs and you can’t deny it you conservatives only focus on America while you shamelessly ignoring the atrocities of these deadly organizations just because of your personal vendetta against America if you like islam so much then join it and live your life as a muslim but don’t force others to join this religion you conservatives hate every religion except Islam that’s your double standards Muslims & Jews all are the terrorists i saw no difference non Muslims are suffering from persecutions and Killings in Muslim countries by the Islamists and jahadists but you never talk about that just because of you like Muslim’s candy ass so much that’s your double standards

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