Florida Man Shoots Himself in Head After Allegedly Killing Girlfriend

Florida Man Shoots Himself in Head After Allegedly Killing Girlfriend

Florida Man Shoots Himself in Head After Allegedly Killing Girlfriend

According to the backinfo I got, this was filmed in Florida. The video, filmed by a racist black man, shows a white guy commit suicide by shooting himself in the head after allegedly killing his girlfriend.

Ya’ll seeing that right? Ya’ll seeing that? He is shot to the dome. Cracker is dead…

Whatever he shot himself with, it pulverized his head good. The filming man says the guy had shot his cheating girlfriend eight times, and pointed his gun at him while exiting the building. In the video he walks around his truck, as if contemplating the next step after the mess he got himself in. Eventually, after seeing no other option, he takes his own life.

There are two types of straight men in relationships – those who know they are being cheated on, and those who haven’t found out yet.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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  5. This bloke who shot himself sounds like that soldier dude in Mar Attacks. The bone-headed brother of Lucas Haas’ wimpy character. Basically some gung-ho army guy played by Bill Paxman.

    1. @MrSpock.
      You made me giggle at the thought of the movie and Paxman, from memory without having to look for a clip.

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      If indeed the fact is it IS because two military guys bangin one female, the other guy may have been filming from the other side of the car park making sure the plan worked, we don’t as yet have anymore details or update. Also the aftermath footage could contain the uninjured party skullfucking the stump of head.
      Time will tell.
      Curious thing to note is that frequency of more recently these almost copy cat events within military personnel.
      Could it be military machismo
      Something in the water perhaps..?
      Maybe the mother issue, can’t help thinking had the gun been a joint and he proceeded to blow his brains out in that way, not only would he have lived a little longer he might have made a proper vertical video and much better audio.
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    1. Had an ex-NCO of mine that did the same thing to his wife. Shot her in the back three times killing her and then tried to claim self defense. Lmfao. He’s rotting in a Florida prison right now. Probably enjoying nutraloaf everyday and trying not to get raped.

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