Soccer Fan Stabbed by Fans of Rival Team in Cali, Colombia

Soccer Fan Stabbed by Fans of Rival Team in Cali, Colombia

Soccer Fan Stabbed by Fans of Rival Team in Cali, Colombia

On February 8, 2020, before the “Classic Match” between the Colombian soccer teams of Cali and América at the Palmaseca stadium, a fan of América was jumped by four fans of rival Cali.

The video of the attack, which was recorded from a passing car, shows how the young man who wore a red shirt is knocked to the ground, kicked and stabbed by the attackers.

The wounded fan then crosses one of the vehicular lanes and asks for help from a car, but after he collapses, the car appears to drive around him and leave.

Props to Best Gore member @colombian666 for the video:

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    1. It’s called football, not soccer. The word soccer is a slang word derived from the term Association Football. Please leave the slang and other weird forms of speaking to the niggers. Thank you kindly.

    2. It’s amazing to me that so many people worldwide take any type of sports this seriously. Fighting and killing each other over some millionaire athletes who don’t even know who they are. Fucking grown men walking around wearing sports jerseys they paid $100 for instead of wearing some decent clothes! Sports jerseys and basketball shorts are not proper daily attire!

      1. Come on. That answer should be obvious to you. People don’t usually support any group, whether that be sport political or otherwise, without their being the innate desire to belong and the tribal need to resist attack and conquer.

        Football, just like political leanings then, stirs within people the tribal us vs them mentality.

        Its very easy to understand why grown adults take such things so seriously and to such lengths then because it digs deep into the core of our nature.

  1. Crazy banana peeling hooligans. The guy that got stabbed almost looks eastern block, though it’s hard to tell with that 10 pixel camera, probably just another Brazilian nigger. I like how everyone is so willing to lend a helping hand. I’m surprised that bitch didn’t run him over. savages

    1. I really miss hockey from the 80’s. Players didn’t wear helmets so you could tell them apart and every team had their enforcers to protect their goal scorers. Back then we didn’t need the UFC… we just watched hockey every Saturday night.

      1. @brokeback
        I agree, like Dave Semenko of the Oilers who beat the shit out of anyone who messed with Gretsky, same for Marty McSorley when they both came to L.A.

        Fights were automatic in every period back then, now if there’s any, the refs break them up way too early.

        It’s sad that some of the mic’d up guys will just start a fight to please the crowd, they prepare for it, and you can tell they don’t really wanna tear each other apart like they would in the old days.

          1. I quit playing amatuer football (aussie rules) at 23, and can tell you that hardly any of the guys on my team watched the bread and circus league on TV. Watching millionaires play isn’t a priority when you’re busy with your own physical activities.

    1. I think that all sports should have fights in them just to make them more interesting to watch.
      Imagine watching a tennis match and the players get into a fight. Serena Williams would kick some serious ass.

        1. Never been to Detroit or Cleveland, so I can’t say for sure. Been to Inner Harbor area of Baltimore quite a few times and never had an issue, at least so far. As far as street crime goes they’re all shitholes where decent folk need to be carrying, I guess. But from strictly a sports/stadium environment, Philthydelphia takes the cake as having the scummiest fans…just my informed opinion. I was at a Phillies game once on the center field concourse and was 3 feet away from a Phils fan, without warning, coldcocking a Mets fan ….he needed the ambulance crew to come in and cart him off on a gurney he was out like a light. Just one example lol

    1. Go to a pub when there is a big boxing or UFC bout if you want to see the most retarded sports fans. They watch the professionals go at it, feel emasculated because of it, and then try to bash the weakest prick they can find to regain their masculinity. Usually results in an innocent bystander getting king hit from behind. I’ve worked security at these venues, it happens all the time.

      1. Nothing worse than a drunk bully out to prove something like you say usually after a sport.

        I can’t stand sports violence ,tribalism or not ,I consider the culprits weaklings who need a good whipping and public hanging. We’ve had dads punched up and left- brain damaged because of no-hopers like this.
        Similar goes for druggies. A great male- nurse of mine whom i got to know was left a vegetable because of a druggie he went to HELP!

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