Forest Warden Murdered, Body Hanged Upside Down from Tree

Forest Warden Murdered, Body Hanged Upside Down from Tree

The body of a 22 year old forest warden, who had gone missing, was found hanging upside down from a tree in a forest in Seri Katanda, under Karsog Forest Division, Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh, India.

The guard has been identified as Hoshiyaar Singh. The extent of injuries suggested he was murdered. The relatives and police suspect the involvement of forest mafia.

While grazing goats in Garguj jungle, a villager spotted a shirt and upon closed inspection, realized there was a dead body hanging from a deodar tree and reported it to the police.

The victim’s family said he was an honest man, who was against illegal axing of trees, and that recently he had caught a vehicle carrying illegally harvested wood. The family allege that since then, he had been receiving threats from the mafia and the matter was also reported to his seniors who ignored it.

Props to Best Gore member @hndustan for the pics. There is only one gore related pic, the rest are mostly selfies and other pics of the guard taken while alive:

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74 thoughts on “Forest Warden Murdered, Body Hanged Upside Down from Tree”

    1. Yea let’s just let everyone do whatever the fuck they want, especially criminals. If you see someone being beheaded or someone trying to poison the community’s water supply don’t report that shit! The mere act of reporting someone for doing something illegal is just unfathomable. What’s wrong with people these days?

      1. @Matthew, yeah letting people do whatever they want would be a great thing, but there has to be a limit to what they can do. If a person was to go around killing innocents, or if pedophiles did whatever they wanted, or people stealing your things you worked for, it wouldn’t be so good now would it?

        1. Thanks Hindu for the clarification. Yes sure there should be a limit, but community/street justice isn’t the answer to that either… so many times people are murdered under false accusations and misunderstandings out of greed or jealousy. Like someone in the UK being murdered for being a thief, in merely receiving the welfare benefits they were entitled to (but deemed as undeserving by the community)

    1. The commercialisation of wood can be highly profitable, and many of the most expensive types of wood are under threat of extinction, and are hence protected. I think mahogany is an example. This happens a lot in the Amazon, with conflicts of lumberjacks against Indians, other people who depend on the forest, activists and those government officials who aren’t corrupt.
      The situation is akin to whaling.

  1. Ok guys.

    I rarely ever feel rotten for anyone featured on BG, but this guy appears to be a good dude who had shit happen to him when he did not deserve it.

    I hope the guys that did this get caught, castrated, and made to eat their dicks raw. πŸ™‚
    Hehe, imagine that.

    1. The Forest Mafia has many branches.
      Yogi and BooBoo swiping pic-a-nic baskets.
      Woodsy the Owl collects protection acorns from the chipmunks. Smokey the Bear pimps Bambi and that bitch in the red hood.
      Forest ranger bribes, pinecone trafficking and so forth.

          1. Haha, great comeback!! I too am glad I’m not the only one who thought he was a Bond. I’m straight, but I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to admit such observations…..

    1. they are called the forest mafia because their head balancing skills were learned by observing monkeys in the forest. i hear they pay big money for chopping down trees and killing faggots. no health insurance, but who the fuck needs that in india.

  2. How very prescient to be found hanging in a Deodar tree. When asked about the circumstance of this discovery, the villager stated “I was drawn to the tree because of …. de-odour !!!”. Muahahahahaaaaa ……

  3. Its the first time i hear about “forest mafias”… πŸ˜† Seriously India… what the fuck? Whats next, a toilet paper mafia to hunt down those that use toilet paper and poo in loos rather than DESIGNATED SHITTING STREETS?…

    1. I recently saw a Science documentary about the Universe and its end. It said, Everything with a non zero probability (Suppose 0.000000000000001% for an example) will happen before the universe dies. So, I’m pretty sure that what you said will happen too. Lol, I hope I’m alive long enough to hear this on the news channels here.

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