Fork Lift Frenzy, Killer Dies in Yantai, China

Fork Lift Frenzy Killer Dies in Yantai, China

Near a bus terminal on Xingfu Middle Road in Yantai, Shandong province, China, a man is shot dead by police when he drives a forklift truck aggressively at vehicles and people, killing one and hurting at least 10 others.

Wang Zhihua, 45, native of Suihua, a city in northeastern Heilongjiang province. During the video, Wang is seen leaving a trail of destruction driving the turquoise forklift at high speed along a busy road. A passer-by throws stones at the driver’s cab to get Wang to stop.

In one clip, a silver car is pushed for for several metres/yards along the carriageway. In another clip, a black car dangles from the forklift truck and gets dumped on a line of parked cars.

Five shots are heard, after Police officers surround Wang in the forklift succumbing to fatal injuries. When he was coming to a crossroad with life and death, he took the wrong direction.

Someone who knew Mr Wang says, “He looked pretty normal when he came here with his wife to do his shopping.”

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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          1. Wasn’t even directed towards me n’ I’ve been cryin’ under my blankie for the past 3 hours. He’s too clever with his insults, just don’t know what to do with my life anymore…

  1. Holy-Shit is that little forklift ever back heavy, to lift a complete car like that. I Mean they do put weights on the back of those,,, but shit-man,,, that was at it’s maximum capacity i’m sure.

      1. Wow,,, i never thought of that being in Construction all of my life. Cause the one that i took the course in was a Sky-Track. The Fucking Tires Alone Were 5 1/2 Feet Tall Brother, lol, Wild Eh? We used to lift 2 to 3 full Bundles of 3/4 inch Plywood up 40 to 50 feet high with-it. I Needed to Get Certified To Run That Fucking Beast Because I Was The Site Foreman/Supervisor. So If The Driver Took A Scheduled Day Off, And, Or Just “Called-In Sick”, or More Likely/Precisely Because He Was *Sick From Ze-Bottle*, lol, Or Just (Severely Hungover) As We Call-It, lol, Because we are after all in The Construction Field,,, Than I Would Be Stuck Driving/Running This Mega Ton, Heavy Lifting Huge (Tonka-Toy) Fork Lift As I Called-It For The Entire 10 Hr. Summer day! Pity,,Not, lol, I Loved-It Dude, and couldn’t believe that somebody actually got paid 28 Bucks An Hour To Play In The Dirt, or The Mud, if it rained, A Fucken Blast It Was. 🙂

        1. lol that sounds like a good time for sure!, the forklifts I’m referring to are our indoor ones, I for one am a yard rat and operate a Taylor 650, I work in a steel yard where we produce pipe for the oil fields, we rap up bundles of pipe roughly 80 thousand pounds or so with steel strapping and I move those all day long! wouldn’t change it for the world lol make good money and have fun doing it

          1. @Hidd3nA3sassian

            Those little Taylor 650’s are amazing little work horses.
            These Propane Beast’s are awesome as i have driven some also in our 50 Thousand square foot cabinet, and framing warehouses. I Use to have a blast with those fast little fuckers unloading skids on off of trucks and stacking the warehouse shelves like 12 ft. high with 3500 pound skids.

            I Miss playing with these things, lol. When i was in my early twenties before becoming a site Foreman, then Site Supervisor, i use to say to myself when running the forklift in the shop that,,, They Actually Pay You To Play with these little Tonka-Truck Mighty Machines, lol.

      1. Wasn’t he the cat that put armor on his bulldozer and literally went to town.
        The then there was the guy who snatched a M60 tank and took it for a test ride. I can’t remember his name, but if anyone’s never seen the video it’s on jewtube

  2. Phucking Chink claims the SUN was in his eyes? …. Come-on Double Chin Chan! It was cloudy outside plus you Squint at Night when the SUN isn’t even out! …. May the “Minute Rice” Gods have mercy on your Cat-Nip & Dog Casserole soul.

  3. Forklifts are definitely great fun to fuck around with while you’re getting paid to do it. Until your dickhead boss comes around the corner on a little three wheel forklift just as you’re trying to make a 19000 pound forklift drift around the same corner. Fuckers never appreciate talent.

  4. “Waa waa! They should have shot him in the leg! Did they need to fire 8 shots at him? Waa waa waa I hate the cops!! waa waa waa waa!! They’re meanies!!”

    Years ago a guy stole a tank from an armory I believe and went on a rampage in the same manner. I forget the exact outcome but I believe police somehow got onto the tank and managed to shoot the maniac!!

  5. “He looked pretty normal when he came here with his wife to do his shopping…”
    So, it’s normal to go and do your shopping in turquoise heavy-duty forklift in China then?
    He was clearly a lousy forklift driver, someone who knew what they were doing would have given all the people in the cars they attacked not a single solitary chance of surviving…

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