Former Prison Inmate Shot 15 Times Throughout His Body

Former Prison Inmate Shot 15 Times All Over His Body

I try real hard not to stereotype Brazilians, I really do, but unwittingly I end up doing so… Mr. Reinaldo Santos Silva (hey, not my fault a vast majority of the Brazilian population shares this surname) was shot fifteen times in the village of Kennedy (fancy name) in Caruaru, Brazil. After borrowing a friend’s car which he used to look for an apartment to rent, so he said, Mr. Silva was approached by two individuals who performed multiple shots, hitting him all over his body, and here goes the list. Shot two times in the head area, one shot hit the cheek and the other hit right above his ear, eight in the torso and abdomen area, three hit his left hand, another hit the armpit and one more made it’s way to his arm. Those guys really wanted to make sure he was dead. Reminds me of the mob hits. Shot two times in the head by your best friend.

The two suspects ran away on foot according to witnesses. The family refused to talk to the press but police confirmed Mr. Silva was an ex-con.

I have alluded to situations like this one in the past and to me this seems to be just another inscrutable case, where the killers will probably never be found. On the other hand, these guys are using good quality cameras to document these murders, unlike the Thais and Indonesians that seem to have been stuck with 2003 cell phones.

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From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. They’re wrong about it being a homicide. I’m sure Hillary Clinton knew the guy, and he performed one of those “suicides” that dozens of Clinton’s associated end up doing. Yup, shot twice in the head and eight times in the torso. Definitely a Clinton suicide.

  1. This reminds me of the original Godfather movie, when Don Vito was shot multiple times while buying oranges from a street vendor. Life imitates art, da Silva style.

    “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” – Peter “Fat” Clemenza

  2. Portuguese Dude- Atta boy for creating Da Silva category. I noticed it when you did it several weeks ago. Perhaps BG needs a new category for Pernambuco and/or Caruaru. Also flip flops, pointers, nigh indestructible eye, etc.

    The bottom line is Da Silva in Caruaru = death.

  3. If he was an ex-con who got killed, I can’t help but theorize that he might have snitched on fellow inmates. Maybe to get a lighter prison sentence. Somehow he got outted, tracked down, and then silenced. Simply making enemies while in jail usually doesn’t come to this on the streets. He had to have known something that was a threat to the people on the inside for them to want him dead. The amount of bullets they unloaded in him says they meant business. No room for mistakes. No possibility of surviving.

  4. ok i think he is finally dead now
    If they wanted to continue to shoot him it would be better to dangle him up somewhere like a pigs for a practise shooting
    So uncivilized. people dont have patience at all. lets cum fast on mannequin lets empty the cylinder with 5 seconds. They probably talk fast too while squirting spit out of mouth like theatre actors

    1. and it would be even more cooler photo if murderers put cigar on hes mouth and blindfolded eyes
      Cant they paint with pain
      only mark the trails on hes arms with their disdain
      Everyday is same some love some hate, we should not care anymore
      ALways fix problems with a blade while bodies eyes turn from blue to gray
      Our flaws here are only thing whats left thats pure cant really live cant really endure
      The more we see the less we feel
      They lie themselves what isnt real
      why is everyone making such big fucking deal, we never gonna care it a more jeiii

  5. Da Silva is the most common Portuguese surname with a few common variants like Silveira. It was my maternal ancestors surname when they relocated from Belgium to Portugal. It means “of the forest” So… I guess I’ll be hacking someone to bits soon in the jungle. It’s destiny!
    Jk .

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