Four Bank Robbers Shot Down by Military Police in Brazil

Four Bank Robbers Shot Down by Military Police in Brazil

A botched bank robbery resulted in an exchange of gunfire between heavily armed bandits and Military Police on Friday, October 6th in Itupeva, state of SΓ£o Paulo, (73km from the SΓ£o Paulo metropolitan area) Brazil.

Friday morning, eight men, armed with assault rifles and wearing bullet proof vests, entered the Bank and announced the robbery. But Military Police arrived on scene and the bandits shot up the bank, injuring a man inside who later died from his injuries because rescue could not enter due to the chaos inside.

The robbers divided and made their get away in three vehicles, but Police gave pursuit and managed to intercept one vehicle with four robbers. They exchanged gun fire with police and two were shot dead at the scene, The other two were taken to hospital where they succumbed to their injuries.

The two other escape vehicles were found abandoned in the Chave neighbourhood. The police cordoned off the entire area between JundiaΓ­, Itupeva and Louveira in trying to locate the other bandits.

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    1. @Am0ur
      Remember for the post Best Gore Member Turns His Negative Emotions Into Art you’d made a mention about yours once being a combat medic………which means you served in your capacity as a military personnel but for the injuries you sustained you ‘d to quit . But have ya been earning any pension for the years ya rendered in uniform in the U.S. Army
      While serving as one ………….were ya any time posted outside the US of A in the middle east or somewhere and were ya in in the middle of a theater of war to have witnessed some real kick ass live action .
      Tell me only if you’re in a good mood.

      1. @blucon yes I did two tours in Iraq and have been deployed to many natural disasters. As a combat medic my job was to provide emergency aid and evacuation to wounded soldiers even under fire, once all wounded is moved to a field hospital we assist the surgeons with any further procedures the wounded needed.

        1. You’re pretty fucking awesome Amour. My mom was a nurse in the army during Vietnam and my sister served in the Navy as an electrical engineer on a weapons ship during the gulf war. My mom faired well after her service my sister not so much. So I know how hard being a medic during a war is like well through second hand experience not first hand. I went to a military academy through my highschool years preparing me to join when I turned 18. But I was well read and well informed and decided against it. It takes a special person to not only go through war but to come back from it being a functioning member of society. War took my sister from me. She is still alive, I think. Her mind was gone though

          1. @train like I’ve mentioned before its not about being tough, or brave its all about mind set I’m not without my demons, I don’t sleep much, I over work myself to prevent my mind from being idle for to long otherwise I’ll start thinking about the friends I’ve watched die over there or like your sister the ones who’s minds are no longer “there” leaving me to wonder by saving them did I condem them to a fate worse than death? But being in the middle of battle you don’t have time to think about things like that your mind goes into an “auto pilot” type state yet you see and hear everything with far more clarity than normal is weird and hard to explain. Natural disasters are the worst tho, remember the tsunami that hit Haiti? When my team got dropped in we were among the very fist and only a limited amount of medical supplies come with the first drop the next drop didn’t get there for 3 days the smell was horrible and your wading through rubble trying not to step on all the bloded rotting bodies twisted and mangled in the mess at the same time you need to be careful and avoid getting scratched by anything for infections etc.. Once you start getting survivers together and with the limited amount of resources you have with you then its time to start deciding who you treat and save and who you ignore and let die…..even children… I’ve got many demons I just have a big ass lock on that Pandoras box but sometimes the metal of that lock feels weak and ready to break and all I can do if fight myself in hopes of preventing that… I’m not any better than anyone else here believe that baby girl.

          2. Yeah my sister suffered from gulf war syndrome. She never talked about it and then one day she just disappeared altogether. My uncle slim passed away in 2004 from complications due to agent orange. I watched him gag and cough constantly. He lasted pretty long considering. It was the first military funeral I’ve ever been to with the whole gun salute in the forest on his land. Anyway And my mom never talks about the war.

            I’ve read a lot about how they I’ll equip the medics. That has never changed. I could go politically deep but I won’t because you’re fully aware. I’m just glad you’re functional. My family really checked out after all of it. Being the first responders in a natural disaster is probably one of the hardest things. You have to not only respond quickly but absorb as much info as possible in a short time.

    1. These guys are dressed like the people that shot them. Wonder if these guy’s got caught moonlighting ?

      @Xiang then I read your comment before posting…figured it goes under yours.

      1. I’ve only watched Reservoir Dogs twice since picking it up. I always assumed he got away. Didn’t hear those sounds at the end. Also, his cameo in Pulp Fiction seemed to suggest he was in hiding…as a waiter. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yay you put smiley back! But I stated in another comment that one of the guys looks like he can fly away. Do you would think that with four of them they would’ve/could’ve done some major damage. Shit the twoman on a motorcycle have done far more damage than these four putzs. Has Der Kopf said “Good Riddance”

  1. Its cheesy, but I have to say this: “Give a man gun, and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank, and he can rob the world”. We are being robbed on a large scale with our consent, and its ok… I dont support such actions like above, just trying to point out the principle.

          1. I read somewhere that banks made somewhere around 35 billion dollars in overdraft fees essentially saying that they took 35 billion dollars from people that are already broke

      1. They?d lose some paper or digits, but in the case above, people lost and would?ve lost lives. For every unit of fiat money they can “create” 9 units more through credit out of thin air.
        Why not withdraw our consent by not using credit cards and usury loans or by ceasing to support the corporations with our purse. Its a weapon.

    1. I must say apart from your Note to self @Atle this serves to be a statutory Note for those who may be oblivious to the fact that these are some of the countries where the ignorant fools may be so laid back not to learn or know that nobody is above the law ……………and if the law fails to catch up with them then its the other way around where drug feuds are rampant and killings are common ; and we have seen a whole lot of it here .. its obvious that such indulgences and crimes don’t ever pay
      Its ultimately the brutal death that awaits them .

      By the way That’s some classiest blood splatter in a long time to have come .
      Not even the Bullet Proof vests could save these failed Bandits .

  2. Ten years ago, when these guys were about 10-12 years old, Aldo, Mario, Johnny and Vero Da Silva, Petro, Pele, Neymar and Affonso Dos Santos made a pact to one day rob the biggest bank in Brazil and become millionaires or die trying.

    Finally the day came. They have been preparing all their lives for this moment. They reviewed once more what it is that they were going to do once they got inside the bank. They strapped on their body armor, kissed themselves on the cheek, got on their knees and suck each others dicks, bent over and fuck each other. After that show of affection, they got on their knees once more, but this time to pray to god to protect them while they went out to do harm.

    Everything was going according to plan until the military police showed up. It seems that no one bother to think that perhaps, just perhaps, the military police might show up at this robbery. Confused and disoriented, the Da Silva/Dos Santos gang got caught in a furious gun battle in which the Da Silva gang was exterminated. The Dos Santos got away, for now, but they will soon be found by the motorcycle riders – one wears a faggot colored helmet.

    You got to respect these guys tenacity. They set goals for themselves and then went out to achieve those goals. They did achieve a couple of their goals: Rob a bank, Die trying. Two out of three ain’t bad.

      1. The story had me crying the first time that I read it in the back of a vulva only magazine. Since that day I’ve made a pact with myself to also make goals and try to achieve them.

        I’ve set my sites on licking 4 vulvas a day (i’m trying to pace myself). Wish me success in my most grandiose adventure yet, Coochie. I’m just glad that none of my coochies have queefed on me.

        1. I sincerely encourage you in your intention to reach your goals. May you succeed and arise as a hero in your adventures! There is nothing better, than to relax between the legs of a woman on a hot summer night, while her gentle queefs provide comfort and a refreshing breeze.

          1. “Ten years ago, when these guys were about 10-12 years old, Aldo, Mario, Johnny and Vero Da Silva, Petro, Pele, Neymar and Affonso Dos Santos”

            I laughed so hard at this. That is the best love story.

    1. Banking online is such a pleasure and I have been truly loving it since these past so many years. Its safe and secure as long as one adheres to all the norms ……….at least it keeps ya away from coming in harm’s way and no sweat either .

  3. grats to the cops on this one.
    those guys look pretty well organised and armed.. bullet proof, muscle car and all.
    that should have been an big messed up shit between them and cops.
    too much organised for an simple group, i bet they are some dealer behind this. drug or cartel or something.

    1. Usually, large scale robberies here are sponsored by criminal organizations. Where I live, on S?o Paulo, the most known one is PCC, which actually acts from inside the prisons. The heads, even while arrested, give orders to the smaller dumbasses that are outside, such as the retards that got killed on this robbery.

  4. This reminds me of a video of some da silvas who robbed a bank in Rio at 12:00 noon and got caught in rush hour traffic. Police jerk one out of van and turn his head into a canoe. Meanwhile here in the state of NC we’ve had 4 women killed within about a 50 mile radius and they just fished 2 out of the river with a 3rd ladie being found in a ditch. Lucky thing is they caught both maggots and shot one but the prick survived.

        1. They probably won’t release any good video because then they’d really have an uproar in the case (even tho it was a white person, he was only a child). Sounds like the ones they do have are pretty bad – I hope they go to trial and something gets released so more people are aware of their behavior. πŸ™

          1. @gramps.

            I saw a news clip about that.
            Superb Police work I must say !, giving chase and filling the car with lead, how thankful people should be to those whom put their own lives in peril to protect us from fleeing 7 year old’s !!

            What a pair of pathetic specimens those badge wearing pricks are. An utter disgrace.

  5. No matter how many time that i try to log in on the first post, nothing happens? πŸ™ So for the gangsta getting his tattoo removed by cops, are they using a heated, fire hot, blade to scrape it off, or just a normal cold blade ? Can anybody help me with this answer, PLEASE πŸ™‚

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