Four Chengguan Police Beaten to Death by Rioters in Southeastern China

Four Chengguan Police Beaten to Death by Rioters in Southeastern China

I think there’s a lot we could learn from the Chinese. They still know how to deal with corrupt police. We in the west have had it beat out of our heads so we need to regain the ability to finally fight back badly.

What you see in these photos is a response to unceasing police brutality against the civilians by the Chengguan police – members of the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau in Guizhou province, southeastern China.

After the Chengguan had a man killed for filming their abuse of a female vendor in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the people rioted and beat at least four Chengguan to death. They encircled one of their little buses in which the inspectors move themselves around, broke in and beat slash stoned the living shit out of them.

Authorities quickly called a large ensemble of SWAT officers to contain the riot, but it took a while before the growing crowd was put under control.

This is the inevitable consequence of letting the public to lose faith in the law enforcement and the justice system, especially when dealing with wrongdoings of government officials. There are other nations headed down the same path. And with that mind I say onto all of you, Citizens of the World – you too can rise up against your corrupt government. The pot is boiling. May justice of the people and wrath of God befall upon thee who hath abused his position of power against a civilian. May retribution be swift and punishment adequate your level of transgression against the people. Sic semper tyrannis!

Props to Best Gore member avangelice for the pics:

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  1. Whenever I see these uprisings in China I’m suspicious of CIA involvement, they’d love to stir up a shit storm in China like they already have in Libya and Syria, Ukraine ect. The US has plenty of Chinese Americans for the CIA to recruit and pack off to China, that’s why China has to rule with a rod of iron to stop incidents like this which can easily spread like wild fire and get out of control!

        1. Sure, and cavemen from Afghanistan did 9/11, Osama bin Laden was dumped in the see, Iran is only a year away from having a nuke, 6 Million Jews died and movie goers dived to save their girlfriends, right? Pure and simple…

  2. Turquoise shoes, green pants, and a pink shirt?!. Is this proper police murdering dress?. He looks like a pissed off Easter egg, or a golfer adopting the “Bad Grandpa” look.

    1. Dunno if there is a PM system or anything but you’ll eventually get my message. Don’t ever lot me in with the rest of you sickos. The reason I’m here is much more plausible than your freakish need to be entertained by disgusting shit.

  3. It’s sad when small minded idiots can’t realize that one or few people exploited for news purposes does not represent the whole. These morons then cast a blanket of judgement over all members of whatever group that an individual is considered to be a part of. Do you really think that news outlets of any kind are doing so as a “Public Service?”

    If your answer to that question was, “Yes” then you are one of the small minded majority of this world completely oblivious to the real world around them and are incapable of thinking for themselves. Thus, having to adopt the opinions of whatever media outlet reporting the “news” is.

    News agencies are companies for profit. They sensationalize incidents to draw in the small minded fools knowing that these idiots are going to react just as they fully expect and absolutely depend on them to in order to increase profit. It creates a rush of advertisers to compete for commercial time. Due to that competition and the limited time for commercial spots, it drives the prices charged for those particular sensationalized incidents to climb exponentially higher. This translates to creating higher sales for advertisers and more profit for companies and the media outlets. Corporations and other companies promote their goods and services to the small minded idiot audiences during those sensationalized incidents. They target those who can’t think for themselves and those who need to be told what to buy, what to use, and promoting exactly what opinions they want the small minded to be.

    According to the blanket judgement principal:

    If white man kills someone, we have to eradicate all white people from this world and none can be trusted.

    If a black man kills someone, we have to eradicate all blacks from this world and none can be trusted.

    If a Christian (or any other religion) kills someone, we have to eradicate all Christians (or any other religion) from this world and none can be trusted.

    It applies to any race, religion or group everywhere using that principal.

    In a protest situation as an example, have you ever considered that any portion of police standing in for crowd control actually agrees with the protesters and are only there because their occupation required it?

    Just consider things and don’t judge the whole for an individuals actions.

    Oops. That soap box was a little large. Ha!
    Sorry folks, just venting and trying to promote independent thinking and individuality.

    Are there bad cops? Yes. But, they don’t represent all in law enforcement. For every one bad cop sensationalized by the media, I can show you 10,000 who are not.

    Now you can all get your weapons and knock me off of this soap box. (Said with a smirk on my face)

    BTW, I watch all of these videos in an attempt to understand the balance of good and evil in this world.

    I respect all opinions; please, respect mine.

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