Four Gunned Down Teenagers Die in Flip Flop Heaven

Four Gunned Down Teenagers Die in Flip Flop Heaven

In Parauapebas, a municipality in the state of Pará, Brazil, 4 teenagers with awful haircuts were shot and killed by 4 men who arrived on 2 motorcycles. 2 more teens who were with the other 4 were able to escape the gunfire alive.

2 out of 4 killed were Da Silvas: 18 year old Eonilson Cláudio Marques da Silva, and 16 year old Josué Anderson Serra da Silva. The other 2 were 18 year old Magdiel Ferreira Ramos, and 14 year old Bruno Ruan de Oliveira. They died in flip flop heaven.

One of the killed teens – Magdiel Ferreira Ramos had recently been arrested for drug trafficking. Their killing is suspected to have been revenge motivated.

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  1. Well they killed all the people with bad haircuts…when do they make a move on the skinny jean wearing crowd ? When they do they should be able to get them all…how hard can it be to shoot a man who kicks himself in the ass cheeks with the heels of his feet while running ?

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