Four Inmates Killed in Ceara Prison Massacre

Four Inmates Killed in Ceara Prison Massacre

Four inmates were brutally killed after the covenant of peace between gang factions jailed in Brazil’s Ceara prison was broken.

The prison massacre took place in the early hours of Monday October 3, 2016. The four were clubbed and stabbed to death, and then had their bodies dragged and charred.

According to the authorities, the four murdered inmates were Michel Idelfonso da Silva, Evando Macedo Vieira, Demontier Ferreira dos Santos and Fransueudo Pereira de Sousa. The criminal records of the four state that they were involved in such crimes as murder, robbery, drug trafficking, illegal weapons possession and organized crime.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Four Inmates Killed in Ceara Prison Massacre”

  1. It sucks ass when you don’t get a video of this unfolding. This is up there as far as torture, agony and one of the worst possible ways to go. In a jail, where nobody gives a fuck, and not a soul to help you. Not a prayer.

  2. I don’t know much about these Brazilian prisons, actually nothing. How in the hell do they manage to do these things ? I can only imagine the prison screws (guards) are corrupt as fuck.

    1. Brazilian prisons are ‘abandoned’ by police: They just control walls and that’s it. If someone die they don’t give a fuck. If someone is molested, raped, things robed-nothing happens.
      In Turkey they beat shit in inmates who are troublemakers. In Russia inmates are scared to do anything because punishment are severe beating so they don’t form gangs, cam’s are in every room. In Brazil, Hell is on overcrowded rooms and demons lusting.

  3. What a mysterious shit: Allowing them to form gangs in prison is most ridiculous thing ever.
    Again: System allows it. Fear fear fear. Chaos, paranoia, fear. Psychos in suits fucking adore it.
    Check the Russian prisons and see how inmates behave: They are scared to even fight and gangs are out of opinion.
    In Russia guards heavily beat the shit of anyone who tries to act like thug.

  4. The description fails to mention the fingers being hacked off as well. Probably the most interesting part of this all. My guess says it happened before they passed on. Possibly before everything else happened.

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