Four People Gunned Down in Sukhirin District, Thailand

Four People Gunned Down in Sukhirin District, Thailand

As many of you know, yesterday we celebrated Seven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore. Things have been busy here behind the scenes and there is surely no rest for the wicked. Due to time constraints we were unable to give you a specific post celebrating the event but for now, I want you to give your shout outs to our Founder, our Brother, Mark Marek. Show him your love, Gorians! Make some noise!

As for the topic at hand; four people were shot dead in a home in Sukhirin District, Thailand, on April 12. A mother, her son and two other adult males were inside when several men entered the home and opened fire on them, finishing them off with head shots. The perpetrators then attempted to burn the house down but this plan failed and only one of the corpses suffered some burn damage.

No motives and no suspects. Although, I’m willing to bet this was not random.

On 12 Apr scene was shot four individual compound events at home Nomklao 286 m. 12. Sukhirin District. Sukhirin the scene found the dead lying dead. In front of the house of blood Conditions were shot in the head and torso riddled know.
1. Mrs. Ari Ratna
2. Mr.Somnuk Ratna
3. Mr. Jules in Plauen.
4. Nang Dam in Rowan
The first two bodies were mother and son are dead after a second marriage, the four tracks have been shot dead by a bullet to the head, torso and both tracks have been burnt by the body. Before the accident that While the death of four people are sitting talking in the house. Criminals are men expected, there were about seven people broke into the house. Then a gun battle shootings that killed the four dead before the fire died

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          1. hi Wm how are you? :3 I know maybe you won’t answer me but why has everyone become so bitter this days? Am I missing something? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Not this time,since the beginning I use to admire you way before I loged in but meh I don’t get why I still care,I just get tired of being nice to everyone

    1. It?s the third world, there are less restrictions over independent photograph/video taking and sharing.

      The USA, by its size, would probably have the most gore but will feature less due to more stringent rules and regulations preventing such material being recorded and shared in the first place.

      Plus, as P Dude said, third world countries tend to be far more violent and lawless.

      Also, Africa doesn?t feature much despite both size and lawlessness because people in general tend not to give a shit about black Africans.

    2. The most logical answer would be that the contributor has access to a Thai website somewhere in the deep web, where these images are uploaded. There is a much more violent state nearby called Myanmar, it has more violence at least by an order of magnitude and an active rebel group.

      As for the arguments stated by two commentators above me, they’re not right. It’s the central Americas and South America that have a consistent high crime rate. We can’t really call Brazil, a country that is probably ascending to great power status (which always puzzles me) and Mexico as Third World now can we? As for regulations, US can’t prohibit sharing of gore unless there is an appeal from someone (usually family members). Even then it wouldn’t be entirely possible to stop sharing this gore, since about 90% of Internet isn’t accessible to any indexing.

      1. @133741, wrong.

        Most countries have a consistently high crime rate, despite their claims to the otherwise, and the larger the country the higher the crime rate.

        The recording and sharing of crime is where the differences lie.

        1. In what am I wrong exactly? It was asked why Thais have so much gore, it’s because there is a frequent source of these images that’s being used. Either a website or a person. And what do you mean the larger the state the larger the crime? Do you mean the more populous the state, more the crime, because that’s not valid. China has a comparably small crime rate, so does India and Japan.

          I do agree that recording and sharing of this material is important, but I don’t see how is that a specific cultural trait of Thais or any other Thirld Worlders.

          1. The original question was not why Thais have so much gore because the gore featured on this website is not all the Thai Gore available, the question was why Thai gore featured heavily on the website and the answer is that more gore videos are freely available there.

            ?Do you mean the more populous the state, more the crime, because that?s not valid?.

            It is valid, stop going of government statistics. The larger the population the more crime and this stands in petty much every country.

            China lies about its crime rate and Japan is getting worse and worse, this is fact to anybody who has lived there.

            India is an absolute shit hole so I don?t see where you got that from, crime has always been high there.

            @133741, travel a bit more and you will see the truth.

          2. Hi, Im living int Thailand, i think most of pics and videos come directly from guys working to ambulance. Im working in tourism and one day we had to pick guest with driver to airport, flight was delay, we been to visit some of his friend working in ambulance station (he was former paramedic). They had plenty of gore pics on walls and videos to in phones. A real museum.

  1. Congratulations Mark! Thanks for all the Best Gore we can take. I’ve been a fan for years but just recently joined some of the discussions. Thanks to everyone who sends in the pictures, and also to all the comments. They’re funny and make my day!

  2. @Obli and the rest of the contributors,

    The only reason we have had seven years of best mother fucking gore is because of you guys.

    MM getting done over by the establishment fucking stinks and we all hope for his release as soon as possible but when he went down I thought that BG would be over as well and yet here we are today.

    I suppose this also proves a point, power in numbers is what beats the system designed for the wealthy few. MM?s incarceration does not mean the end so long as there are others to take up the fight.

    Well done guys, despite the bitching that sometimes comes your way it?s because of you that we still exist today. Well done.

  3. I couldn’t have said it any more eloquently than @Empty already stated! Thank you Mark for your site creation and be proud my friend that its still going strong due to Obli, Ate, Acneska, etc., for carrying on the umm…”tradition”?! I adore all of you and to all my lovely BGers…heres to ya!!! (raising martini glass)

  4. You guys ( Contributers ) do a cracking job. I think most users of the site realise how difficult it must be to keep things running as smoothly as they do.
    I’m sure MM takes much pride from you guys continuing on with the great work he started.
    Long may BG continue.

  5. Seven years of best motherfucking gore, what the hell. Just three years sort of a decade. Site’s kicking ass now and I’ll bet my ass it would kick asses still…in its next seven more years! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And for Mark, I wish I had the chance to witness a fresh post from him. Since I can’t bring back the time, the only chance I get is when he’s finally free – something we’ve all been waiting for. I can’t possibly thank him enough for this website and what it does for a lot of people.

    As for the mods and other contributors, you guys rock with sheer awesomeness. I think if you guys strike a pose, your background will randomly explode from your badassery hahaha kinda like, Power Rangers.

    Thanks, Obli, for letting us shout-out for the site in your post. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Seven years of finding the dead lying dead. That’s got to allow us to break at least a couple of mirrors. Bang!

    “I want to thank you for making this day necessary.” – Yogi Berra

  7. So grateful to you, Mark, for building and fighting for this website.
    Wow! Seven years – that’s awesome!
    I’ve been a loyal follower here for about five of these seven years, and I can’t thank you (and BG’s contributors) enough for all the hard work and dedication you all put into this website. Keep up the great work!

  8. All the BEST to you Mark!!!
    Anticipating good news for you as well as your return.
    Also a BIG thanks to everyone behind the scenes making the BG machine continue…You’re all doing great work!

  9. Thank you to all who run this site, the contributors and of course the founder, Mark. Hard to go a day without my BG fix! ๐Ÿ˜€
    As it’s been said before: I came to this site for the gore and stayed for the truth (and education) !

  10. The writers/contributors bring us the stories with the pictures and videos each and every day. Without the work they do we wouldn’t have this place to meet and share common interests in all things gore.

    I also applaud all of the BG members who comment on these posts. It’s the members who’s comments, opinions, arguments, fights, racial slurs, name calling and so on that truly separate Best Gore from all of the other gore sites.
    Thank you ALL for the content that keeps me laughing and logging in daily.
    PS- to Emperor Tittycup(?). We’re just breaking balls.

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