French National Shot to Death by Police in Bali, Indonesia

French National Shot to Death by Police in Bali, Indonesia

A French national who lived in Bali, Indonesia where he acted like the world belonged to him was shot dead in a standoff with police.

Amokrane Sabet was a roid raging meat-head about whom the local police received numerous complaints for threatening behavior and harassment of neighbors in Berawa, where he lived for two years. He would for example order food in a restaurant, but refuse to pay for it and threaten manager with death. He also shouted insults and threats at random people, drove around recklessly and showed finger to people whom he endangered, provoked fights with locals and foreign tourists, and otherwise made himself relevant by causing discomfort to others. Moreover, he overstayed his Indonesia visa, which expired in September 2015.

Police had summoned Sabet by mail, but he never showed up. So the police came to him with a warrant for arrest, to which he responded by attacking them and stabbing one policeman to death.

Bali Police then coordinated with the French Consulate General to execute a raid. During the standoff, the police fired numerous warning shots, but Sabet kept acting like a lunatic until his neutralization. The fatal shot looks a bit questionable, but I can understand why whoever fired it had had enough.

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    1. Exactly, bro! And did you see that while the lone cop was behind him, some idiot ROOKIE took a shot to finish him off, even though the cop at the back of him, could have been easily shot and killed by a ricochet bullet? Fucking amateurs is right, for sure dude.

      1. I watched that part a few times and I’m pretty sure it was the cop to the left of the camera with what looked like a 7.62mm (possibly 5.56) rifle that took the shot, so not much danger to the one standing close to the adjudicated individual if that were the case. However there was a nice hole in the middle of his forehead, so maybe I’m wrong. But it also looked like there was a hole through the side of his head.

    2. well.. i not understand good..

      i see in last pic he took 2 bullets in the head (1 in head and 1 in cheek).. still at end, he still move and took (apparently) the last shot in the head..

      so, he take 1 shot in head and still continu to move ? wtf..

      i see no waste of ammo in this situation… lol

      1. Hey @thedre long time no see, how you been doing? I going to be moving back to the mother land Russia in a few weeks, all set to go now just waiting for my visa and all that other crap, but kind of excided now that it is getting closer to the date.

  1. This is what happens when you don’t keep your Visa card current. I remember the good old days of a 30% interest rate for a single late payment. They aren’t bullshitting around with that today.

      1. It’s possible that the caliber/ammo the cops were using could’ve been 22LR; one of the smallest ammo cartridges around. For lack of knowing if the ammo was in fact 22LR, one could say the cops had really crappy aim; hitting knee caps, no major arteries or center mass/vitals. Although apply both possibilities for fun, and there we have it, one painful experience. Still brutal. Yet the guy took it like a champ.

      1. most of french are usually immigrate… i myself are mostly imigrate from spain-italia in old old family

        but more seriously, the “real” french peoples are only few… we are over-populated by maghrebian, africans and all east country from pologn to turky or albany

        i hate my country for that.. sometime i wonder if france still exist

    1. He’s going down in MY history book as the bravest, maddest, toughest dolt to enter the octagon I ever witnessed. I wouldn’t dream of saying anything to his face. He’s going to Valhalla at least. :- D

    1. If only they had that shotgun from the movie Expendables, Ha! Would’ve taken the guy’s lower torso area out in one shot! Not sure what kind of shotgun, but probably modified for serious fire power.

  2. He got his VISA stamped for a permanent stayal now .
    So no more rounds to the consulate .
    What a waste of Ammo there . Numerous shots get fired but none scores a bull’s eye . The one that got him even was a fluke I’d say . Ha hahahaha just an individual who kept the Police on the tenterhooks for awhile.
    Amokrane Sabet, the name sounds like a french missile.

  3. Er….was he armed? Seemed like an over kill reaction from the entire Balinese police force against a lone un armed Frenchman. The shooters most definitely need more trigger time at the range because they suck!

  4. Stupid ass frenchman serves him right, now the locals can live in peace.
    I would have shot him in the legs, tied him to a tree, then ask the locals to torture him as long as he dies.

  5. Hmm, methylated B vitamins or bioactive can increase vigor by 600%. It takes massive CH3- and ATP stores to achieve such an amazing feat. Overmethylators get very hungry. If LE apprehended instead he could have use a Reverse Twinkie Defense.

  6. And do you guys know? That the autopsy reveals that his cause of death is no from the bullet…. but from the stab injury on his neck.. long before the shoot out begun hes stabbed by the police who fight with him before he run away and wreak havoc.

  7. This looks like they shooting at werewolf who just transformed on full moon, freaking cops out.

    This is extermination but i bet if there was no police-people around would kill him much earlier.
    Nobody want’s to go into prison as(we all know) place where paranoia and fear rule and inmates are nothing then a walking demons(90% of them).

    To me, this looks like all cops were in fear of him, lucky to (finally) have a green light to destroy him.

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