Fratricide – Turkish Man Murders His Own Brother in Cold Blood

Fratricide - Turkish Man Murders His Own Brother in Cold Blood

Imagine this: you’re going to open your shop for business in the morning, somebody sends you an SMS message so you pull out your cell phone and start responding to it, you’re just about at the gate to your shop but you want to finish typing so you pause and carry on when a sound of someone approaching you quickly comes from behind. You turn your head slightly to look over your shoulder so you know which way to go to get out of their way since they’re presumably in a hurry and then bang… and all your lights are out. For good. You won’t even know it was your own brother who shot you in the back of the head at close range.

This was one brutal, cold blooded fratricide (brother murder). It happened in Turkey. According to – a Turkish news website, the reason behind brother murder is unknown, but jealousy is suspected. Apparently the murdered slept with murderers wife. The same Turkish source also clarifies the names of the brothers and I kid you not:

Name of the murderer: Jesus Eris
Name of murdered brother: Moses Eris

Jesus killed Moses like Kain killed Abel. Turkish rendition of Bible fratricide all over again.

I’m not sure if they’re used to dead people lying around in the streets in Turkey, but this one bleeding corpse didn’t phase the people from the shop out. They continued loading up the van while the man was bleeding out on the ground.

As can be seen from the video, brother killer was captured and will likely have a long time in jail to keep thinking about never seeing his own brother again… Because he shot him to death in a pre-mediated, cold blooded attack.

Video of the fratricide is below. It contains the CCTV footage of the murder itself as well as additional footage of the brother killer after arrest.

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  2. These various hit videos make one fact very clear – when someone pops you in the back of the neck, there is no way no how you are getting your hands up to protect yer melon. You are going down like a sack of potatoes. Aside from the brutal nature of the hit, two other things stand out. First, what the fuck is up with the crowd of gawkers? Does anyone in the 2nd and 3rd world ever have the courtesy to check for a pulse? Second, in the US, after you are cuffed and stuffed and taken to the station for booking, you pull a coat over your face and scamper from cop car to the back door of the cop shop – it’s discreet. In Turkey the perp walk is like half a mile long – how many places did they walk that guy through? Must have wanted everybody to get a good look at Jesus the celebrity.

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