FSA Commander Taken Out with Epic Headshot to the Temple

FSA Commander Taken Out with Epic Headshot to the Temple

One of the alleged commanders of the Fake Syrian Army was taken out by a Syrian army sniper with an epic headshot that drilled a hole in the scumbag’s temple. The video was released by the Syrian Tube guys the way we like it – waving the snackbar bye bye to the epic score by Ennio Morricone.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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88 thoughts on “FSA Commander Taken Out with Epic Headshot to the Temple”

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    1. I’d say it’s the exit wound. If this is the entry wound half of his head should be missing on the other side.

      When they move his head around you can barely even make out a nick on the other side so I assume we most likely see the exit wound.

      Any experts please?

  1. Whats up with that syria-tube music??? Death, suffering and terrorism is like a joke to them. It’s like they do it for sport, and when one of their comrades fall, they laugh.. And so do we.. But that’s another story 馃檪

    1. the syria tube is a page made by soldiers of the real syrian army, the army of Bashar.
      So when they upload those videos, they are laughing on their enemies, the snackbarist ones, they are not their comrades.

  2. It restores my faith when I see that justice is being served. I don’t share the same religious views as Syria (obviously) but I totally respect Assad and every other man and woman who stands up against the Zionist agenda being forced by the west.
    Assad’s part of the Syrian war is about him defending Syria, as the people of Syria (who voted him in) would expect. Of course he isn’t going to bow down to western influence, but he will defend his nation.
    We all have a duty to do the same, death to Zion

          1. The Syrian army is highly accepted by the civilians, cause they?re fighting for them. Its a regular army against a guerilla fighting bunch of foreign intruders, so sometimes collateral damage happens, but it would be contraproductive for Assad to slaughter his own people. He is the lesser evil atm.

  3. Ok, my first ever comment on best gore as I became a member today:D so I can’t find a forum, is there one? So I can express hate of course;) the hole in this guy is fucking huge! Wonder what he was doing right before this?

  4. congratulations you took one for the team and won your self a EPIC huge hole in the head now if we can find enough of your brains to fix for dinner it will be a great day.

  5. wow! more evidence of some limited consciousness at the point of death.. first it was some poor sods eyes moving left to right when their head was hacked off…

    …and now; a smile as he walks into his very own group of virgin girls….

    Allah Akhbar indeed!!!

  6. watching the actual videos from both sides of the conflict makes it pretty obvious which side we should be supporting. The FSA videos are all filled with snackbaring, terrorist music, shitty quality, and a lot of un-professional fighting. Meanwhile SyriaTube posts stuff with some English, it makes me laugh, and has a secular tone to it.

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