FSA Jihadists Use Civilians to Attack Syrian Army Vehicles

FSA Jihadists Use Civilians to Attack Syrian Army Vehicles

FSA jihadists know that the Syrian Army won’t fire at civilians so because they’re losing the war, they’re using the fact as their last resort against the soldiers.

In this video, a civilian is playing a role of a street sweeper in order to make it look like he’s just engaging in a regular civilian activity so soldiers inside the patrolling BMP vehicle, which is stationed there to protect the civilians from raids by the terrorists, don’t suspect that something vile is being cooked behind those trees for them. Whether the sweeper was one of the FSA jihadists or a civilian coerced to play the role under a threat of death is unclear.

Once the premise of civilian activity in the FSA firing position is established, the sweeper gets out of the way and a terrorist with an RPG takes his place and fires at the BMP. Fucking terrorist scum.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “FSA Jihadists Use Civilians to Attack Syrian Army Vehicles”

  1. I hope i´ll live to see the day when zio net of terrorism gets smothered and the mask falls to reveal their crimes agains existence for all the sheep to see. As history shows; times change, leading figures change or are overthrown and in the end no system of a man can last forever. Evil is always precent among humans and some of those embodiments of evil get power wich leads to things like Israel and CCCP. Though there never will be “world peace” because humans are fundamentaly an insane species, but i sure wish to see the worlds reaction to uncensored zionism.

      1. As zionists falls so does their coverup organisation. The replacing power surely would love to reveal the horrible actions of their deffeated nemesis. Also it would give the news something to sell to the blind. When the people would hear the real truth from the news they could belive it. But in the other hand they would still be stupid sheep blindly following the media and not thinking themself. Nothing would be learned. I´m not expecting it any decade soon, but it will happen.

  2. Car bombs in a Turkish border town today, Turkish ministers were not slow in blaming the Mukhabarat so we can expect Turkish retaliation against Syria soon. I fear Assad’s days are now numbered, maybe a joint Turkish-israeli strike will snowball into full support from NATO?

  3. This video is part of an old video.
    THe old one shows how the FSA terrorists were teached from foreign agents in weapons and tactics.

    US will not invide Syria. It will start the 3rd WW.
    150k paratroopers are ready from Iran, Irak, Lebanon to join Assad in Syria. Last week Hesbolah leader was in Iran and talked about this plan. Next weeks the force will be ready. Jordan will also have troubles.
    Latest news: HOMS is under Assad control for the first time since the beginning of the war.

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