FSA Medics Attempt to Revive Young Man with Hole in His Chest

FSA Medics Attempt to Revive Young Man with Hole in His Chest

Video from Syria shows FSA medics trying to revive a young man with holes in his chest. He looks pretty lifeless to me but the medics check for vital signs and continue with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) so I guess there was a chance to bring him back and they tried. I don’t think in the end they succeeded but the video doesn’t go that far so who knows…

It’s hard to estimate from the video, but the victim look pretty young to me, probably in his mid to late teens. It’s unfortunate the jihadists keep warring. It costs too many lives, including lives too young.

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42 thoughts on “FSA Medics Attempt to Revive Young Man with Hole in His Chest”

        1. They were doing a good job. But it was futile. No blood in the chest tube during compressions and no blood coming out of wound during compression. The only blood i saw was in the tube attached to the oxygen bag. Which could only mean, his lungs were full of blood. A for effort but like i said futile.

          1. Yep you’re right Grammy. It looks like his total blood volume is lying in the gurney. This kid bled out.

            All the banging on his chest just looked theatrical and for the camera. They weren’t getting this kid back. The pupils looked fixed & dilated.

    1. That CPR looked awful the second doc was even sure where his hands should be, so he changes position. They put what look like pads for a defibrillator on but one pad is not where I was thought to put it. In saying that they could probably mash potatoes pretty good.

  1. Again, agreement on those compressions. Although, it makes me think that this may be some kind of fucked up footage to show the perceived better side of what truly is a fucked up warring situation. This human, much like any killed in war, is a fucking body to be filmed and used as a visual weapon toward the enemy. Fuck any side that uses this fear tactic. That very fact is sickening… But hey, this is the world we all share. Bon ape-tit!

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