FSA Rebels Massacre 60 Shia Muslims in Hatla, Kenyan Sends More Weapons

Boy Beheaded by FSA Extremists in Hatla, Syria

On June 12, 2013 the world learned that FSA rebels carried out another brutal massacre in Syria, wiping out the entire Shia Muslim population of the village of Hatla (sometimes spelled Hatlah) located in the region of Deir e Zohr. Reports on how many people were killed in total vary, with some claiming that the terrorists executed as many as 100 innocent civilians among whom were dozens of women and children. This of course is not the first not the last massacre by the FSA rebels but as it goes, Jewish media remained vastly mute on it, or keep it heavily downreported and downplayed.

Meanwhile, Kenyan born, in Indonesia raised war criminal, international arms dealer, international drug trafficker, child killer, human rights abuser, leader of the world’s bloodiest terrorist organization and traitor to America and humanity as a whole by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, loyal to his Zionist masters and nobody else, announced that America would start supplying the rebels with more destructive weapons to assist them in fight against Israel’s enemies (Syria, Lebanon and Iran – destruction of Syria is a key Israeli objective).

It is somewhat precious that Kenyan would try to conceal his eternal loyalty to Zionism by occasionally criticising Israel’s policies in order to make himself look like an unbiased leader in the eyes of the sheep, while at the same time declaring that America’s financial support for Israel must increase, even at an expense of social programs in America.

It is even more precious that the same Kenyan uses the ridiculous “weapons of mass destruction” excuse to justify his support for the terrorists. The use of chemicals on Syrians has been proven to have been carried out by the FSA so many times and by so many people, only an unfixable sheeple would still believe the lies that the Syrian government did it. Recently, Turkish police arrested members of Sunni terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra trying to smuggle Sarin nerve gas into Syria. There is not one shred of evidence that Syrian government ever used chemical weapons against civilians. Why would they – president Bashar al Assad enjoys unrivalled popularity and support among Syrians.

Shabbos Goy Barack Hussein Obama - Eternal Servant of the Zionists

Members of the National Security Agency have admitted that rebels waging war on Syria are the associates of al Qaeda. Given that Kenyan has pledged his support for the rebels and intends to send them more advanced weapons, he’s basically directly supporting the same terrorist organization which the American government blames for 9/11. How is that for a spit in the face of families whose loved ones died in the attacks on twin towers?

That al Qaeda and 9/11 have served the Zionists well is undisputable. Through them, bolstered with propaganda through Jewish owned media, American anger has been used against the enemies of Israel, rather than the enemies of America. Syria is not the enemy of America, Israel is. It was Israel that carried out the Lavon Affair. It was Israel that deliberately attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 171 Americans.

In the video below, FSA rebels waving al Qaeda flags celebrate the execution of the Hatla massacre and call Shia Muslims derogatory names. They also state that they were going to burn houses of the Shias down.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “FSA Rebels Massacre 60 Shia Muslims in Hatla, Kenyan Sends More Weapons”

  1. War is the most profitable enterprise in the world, therefore we know that there will never be a time of peace, a time of no war, because there will never be a time without profit.

    Our governments are not even pretending to hide their reasons and actions anymore, they know that we are now toothless, unable to effect any change, they have even taught us to hate ourselves and to accept all manner of pain and misery through propaganda.

    Our media and governments tell us that our enemies are evil and that we are good, then we have the Muslim extremists, Muslim extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan are bad whilst Muslim extremists in Libya and Syria are good, the notions of good and bad wholly dependant on future profits and economic principles.

    When you get down to it war, death, weapons, politics etc, are all wholly dependant on future profits and economic principles, the notions of good and bad are represented on a financial spreadsheet and not on a moralistic standpoint.

    Good, bad, evil, right, wrong, these are expressions/notions for the little people, the filthy rich operate on no such moral framework, the stock exchange is their Bible and profit is their God.

    It is no coincidence that the people at the top are the most perverse, corrupt, twisted, money obsessed people in the world, the system actively promotes these types, thieves only trust fellow thieves, the boat is less likely to get rocked that way.

        1. there is no good or evil in nature. there is only nature. MAN invented the ideas of good and evil. good and evil are subjective to the observer. what i say is wrong you may feel is right. there is no inherent good and evil in nature. there is only energy.

      1. Of course……why you just don’t go to the gas station and fill up your gas tank……and by the way
        While you are at it …..go order some diesel fuel for heating your lame ass for winter to come … Lol !

  2. How many of you are prepared? How many of you are willing to die for the rock you live on? Or is this post going to just spark more fantasy talk? I survive, that is what I do. I don’t believe in any god or ideology. I tried to play along and be sympathetic and even gave you the means to solve your problem….but ultimately I don’t care about these creatures. I am a rogue. I survive, as I have always done. I fight only for my family and myself and would kill anyone who threatens either. Fuck wars I have nothing to do with, fuck conflicts that will not and cannot be solved within my lifetime. War will never end as long as man lives.

    1. @Obliterator

      Don’t underestimate the importance of the process that’s well underway. No revolution has ever achieved anything without first there being change in awareness. To achieve great change, you need to do things in order. If we were to jump feet first into battling the Zionists, we’d lose. There are too few of us and the enemy is too strong. But we have on our side what Zionists don’t have – the truth.

      The process of increasing awareness is absolutely essential and that is what is happening right now. We are indeed fighting the revolution, but we’re doing it the right way, the only way that has a chance. People are awakening at a massive rate. Much greater than I could ever imagine. It’s working. Make no mistake.

      People from former Eastern Bloc were able to kick Jewish communists out and they had kept the countries in a totalitarian state. That was possible because through underground means, a few dedicated individuals kept increasing the awareness of general populace. With tens of millions of people becoming aware, even the most totalitarian regime can be brought to its knees. It doesn’t happen overnight, but even the longest journey has to start with the first step. We are taking these first steps as we speak. They are indeed important and they are an essential part of the revolution.

      1. that’s what I’ve been saying. this is a slow process akin to HIV infection. it will take decades but slowly infecting the right channels is the only reasonable way to achieve this result. that’s what I’ve tried to explain to @Silenced and @Empty Soul at different times: infection through sending the right people into military, teaching and government positions. they say that cannot be done. leaving the only other option as violent revolution. but I disagree with that and want no part in a violent conflict.
        change comes from within.

        1. Yes sir,

          violent revolution may be entirely avoidable if support for change gains massive numbers. That is what I’m shooting for. I don’t like violence and don’t want to see any take place. But the enemy uses it en masse so if it came to it, it may be the only way to go. I however absolutely believe that you can’t just jump on a path of violent revolution as soon as you see something is very wrong with the way things are.

          Instead, I believe we need to continue doing what we’re doing, even if it takes decades. I believe it is possible to turn Billions people to awareness. Should that happen, then violence may be unnecessary. Every revolution in history that achieved change started with change in awareness through spread of information by dedicated individuals. They were persecuted and prosecuted, but they believed in greater good and were willing to put their lives on the line for it. Adolf Hitler was one of them. Awareness is the most important thing. Even if it doesn’t lead to a positive change on my watch.

          1. the more you talk the more im convinced in years ahead in the future you will be looked upon as a great man ,a great thinker ,and a kick starter of a revoluition. why cant we have people like you running countrys and not power hungry pieces of shit that love bankers and hate poor people who they use and abuse. you are greatly admired mark.

    2. @Obliterator,

      We all want to arrive at the same destination but we all have different views on how to get there.

      The problem with the infect the right channels over time solution is that they, the powers that are, control the channels.

      The Muslims want to take over the world and spread their religion and they were able to do so, to a certain extent, namely in the African and Arab countries, by infecting the right channels but the powers who are controlled these channels, in the western world anyway, and have crushed the Muslim advance by violent means and a good old dose of media vilification.

      Just as Mark pointed out awareness is needed but I disagree with him that violent revolution can be avoided, awareness will only increase the number of people on our side, enough awareness may even give us a fighting chance but what do you think will happen when we start to take back control, do you think that the powers in control will simply let us do that, not a chance, they will try to take it back with force, with violence, the only way to survive and keep control will be through force and violence also, in effect a violent revolution.

      I am not a violent person, I live in a way that doesn’t hurt others, I survive the best that I can peacefully, but I can not see any other path that does not involve violent revolution, a non violent solution can only happen if the other side doesn’t use violence too and as we know that will never happen.

      1. I don’t want to see another war. I don’t want to have to die for peace. I don’t want groups telling me I have to fight and die for them. The Aware, in huge numbers may become akin to a “terrorist” organization itself. threatening to kill people who refuse to fight and die for their beliefs. killing innocent civilians through acts of terrorism like burning down or blowing up mosques. throwing riots that will accomplish nothing but cause a parade of violence and unnecessary deaths. in this manner they’d be no different from the enemy they rose up to fight in the first place. deaths will inevitably result no matter how this change in Awareness is brought about. but are you, @Empty, willing to spend the rest of your life behind bars to spread an idea through violence and death?
        who are you more likely to listen to? someone who is calm and rational or someone who is screaming and throwing a tantrum?

        1. @Obliterator,

          I have already mentioned on many occasions that I hate riots and violent protests because the majority of people are too stupid and get involved in the herd effect, they attack everything but the correct targets.

          I am one of the most calm and rational people I have ever known and because I view things logically I know that violence creates violence and that the system of power cannot be changed without violence and because of human weakness and greed any new system of power is bound to go the same way eventually.

          The only way to stop that would be to have a new power base with new people all on a equal level every fifty years or so and once again this will never happen, the greedy will merely fix things again.

          In all honesty I have never known anyone who wasn’t changed by power once they had acquired it, sooner or later you realise that humans do not fight for a better world for all, they fight for a better world for themselves, better conditions for themselves, more money for themselves and once they get it they stop fighting and become the new dictators or in the very least they abandon their principles.

          This is why I always say that humanity is fucked, that unless human beings evolve as people they are cursed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

          This is why I choose not to fight and instead wait to die, human beings are not ready for equality, for fairness, nothing will change in the mentality of humanity for many thousands of years, until I die I will continue to observe the world without blinkers and speak only in the tongue of acquired truth, a truth derived from my own individual experiences of life.

          1. i seek to evolve my mind. to transcend this shell i inhabit. to be better than these things called man. i have seen the other side or at least the space between. i have been in the void and came back. i know this energy does not die with this body. i will evolve.

          2. I wholeheartedly agree with you. We, as humanity, can never hope to achieve a system of government that will not eventually grow corrupt. Also, with violent revolution, it seems as though it leads immediately back to corruption.

            The only way that humanity can hope to evolve past this is to come to a dystopian society in which people are chosen at birth for what they will do and can not experience any emotion whatsoever, and who seek to only help their people. But, therein lies another problem. That system is best for the whole. It is cold and it forgets the individual; however, it seems to be the most efficient system for destroying corruption, at the cost of freedom.

          3. @Kierkegaard
            I agree that such society would be an ideal one because humans are not equal. We are born with different physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. The requisite for such system would be a national identity strong enough for every person to sacrifice their individual freedoms just to protect.

            On the other hand, this remains just an ideal as honor and duty are just concepts which can easily be disregarded in the pursuit of man’s individualistic and instinctual urges. It is in man’s nature to pursue survival, while eradicating pain and ensuring pleasure through whatever means possible. Unless every individual can control these urges for the sake of the society, humanity will remain in a perpetual state of disorder.

      1. @Vag, it’s impossible to say with any real certainty how one would act in a given situation. however, as of this moment, I believe I would rather sit in prison than fight and die in a war I do not believe in. bloodshed leads to bloodshed, we have to evolve our minds beyond this human condition or we will not survive as a species.
        man acts on his emotions. and look at all the horror that has created. we must act on and live in our mind. that is where new evolution will take place. we must transcend.

  3. Murica Fuck Yeah! Coming again to save the motherfucking day!

    And now the “media” is going to have these fake debates and meaningless polls asking “Should we help the syrians in the fight against the oppressive regime?” So they keep the people busy and interested, all the while ignoring the fact that they are continuing this profit machine called the military that sadly feeds of innocent human suffering. Glad to see humanity does not plan on going trough any changes.

    1. You say this thinking it would insult me, or cause me to be upset.

      Nothing could be further from the truth, because I don’t exactly disagree with you.

      Canada’s future is that of a mix of Europe and America, more Europe than America.

      Think London, England for a start, pinch a bit of Amsterdam and Paris into it, sprinkle a bit of Malmo on-top, and multiply that and you have Canada’s future.

      A mixture of the African world and the Muslim world.

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