FSA Terrorists Blow Up a Hospital, Killing Over 100 People in Homs

FSA Terrorists Blow Up a Hospital, Killing Over 100 People in Homs

The terrorists from the Fake Syrian Army blew up a hospital in Homs, killing over 100 people inside, including doctors, nurses and patients. Most patients were civilians wounded by the FSA aggression but there were also some government workers who were being treated in the hospital so the FSA blew up the whole building, killing everyone.

Despite the fact that the terrorists announced at the beginning of the video that they are about to blow up the hospital and posted on pro terrorism forum that they rigged up tunnels underneath with explosives in order to bring this whole block down, I saw this video posted earlier today on YouTube with a title that artillery of Bashar al Assad shelled the hospital, killing 100 people inside. Unreal how low the terrorist liars would go to push their propaganda.

I’m pretty sure the terrorists who filmed this video moved to the rubble they created to film all the casualties so they have more propaganda videos they will publish with fake claims that those are victims of shelling by Al Assad’s forces. Amazing how propaganda works:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “FSA Terrorists Blow Up a Hospital, Killing Over 100 People in Homs”

  1. Can they get any more stupid. These Hummus chompin fucks blow up their only hospital, probably for miles because a couple of government workers are inside ? W.T.F is in their head OH YEA ! almost forgot (Allah). I hope they all get a really bad case of blue balls , being they have no hospital left.

  2. Dont think their target is to kill Govermant workers. Its about to destroy and say thats Assad forces have no humanity. + mass media has to eat in NATO countires))) + 1 to Future Days – i wonder where Fox is

  3. I swear to gawd, or in this case Allah, if I have to see another fucking video of these allahu aktards chanting mindlessly, I’m going to put a gun in my mouth, pull the trigger and hopefully meet Allah himself. At which case I would squeeze his tiny undersized genitals paki-style lynch him, drag him behind a truck, stone him shoot him to death with my brand new m-16 (paid for by hillary and obama.and then post propaganda videos of it. I’m so tired of these mindless robots chanting that shit it makes me vomit. Or I could just turn down the volume

  4. Someone should really let these guys know Allah is not that great (allahu akbar means allah is great or something like that right? ) Like George Carlin pointed out the sun is much more reliable god than any other, because you know that every morning it will be there and most of all you can see it.

    Also isn’t it obvious it not an air strike, I mean shouldn’t you be able to see some spot (the shell, bomb missile or whatever) falling first than the explosion following. This looks jut like Marked described a tunnel of explosives beneath the structures.

    I am not an expert though

  5. “Achmed!! Help me, I have been shot! take me to a hospital, quick!”

    “Oh Mohammed, you fool, there is no hospital, we blew it up this morning, did you forget? Nevermind we will give you lots of allah snackbars.”

  6. So, this is all happening because Russia apparently discovered it’s cheaper to sponsor puppet-terrorism than mount the increasingly expensive conventional warfare?

    So now that NATO is getting into that business, this will only get far worse. I can’t say I blame NATO for this anymore than I would for Russia (more accurately, the former KGB) for getting into this business. The KGB are much more adept at it, which is why the FSA can be so amusingly-transparent sometimes.

    Thanks for reports like this one, Mark. It takes plums to do so in these strange days.

  7. since converting to the religion of peace, love, and eternal harmony the allahu akbaring has become music to Aladeen’s ears. like a mantra i repeat it 300x a day to convince myself of the bullshit worthiness of our cause. the overthrow of our Western oppressor infidels and the establishment of a global caliphate at which great Admiral General Aladeen will serve at it’s head. allahu akbar everyone, get used to it. you will soon be chanting it yourselves or fall to the sword of Allah the most merciful.

      1. actually i have 100 stations on Pandora internet radio of all kinds of music. josh groban, michael buble, nat king cole, 80’s music, pitbull, eagles, enya, frank sinatra, jerry vale, etc.,. so you see all kinds of music. the allahu akbar channel however is my favorite. it provides a great backdrop to the daily beheadings. like me on Facebook.

          1. well INFIDEL! you only mentioned 3 stations. there are 97 more to go. i assure you they are of all variety but now that you have blasphemed the great Aladeen you must come to Wadiya where you will be ass raped by my personal guard and subsequently beheaded.

    1. Converting to the religion of peace or dying as an atheist by the sword of a snackbar…I’ll take the latter, and hope I can at least take a few of em out with me. I sure as hell won’t be as complacent as most of the slaughtered we see on here.

  8. I wish i could do the same thing to an american hospital in NY 🙁 would be so epic. … hey maybe after it they could blame muslims and invade Kenya for bring freedom to them by stealing oil and mineral resources and maybe they could call their soldiers defenders of the mighty nation of USA … well maybe one day .. maybe

  9. G’day from Australia!
    I’m a new but old comer to bestgore, finally got around to registering haha. Have to say it’s great to see how open minded people are on bestgore. So many sheep out there it’s hard to find anyone who actually thinks outside the television box… This site is where the real news is at haha xD

  10. any Syrian committing crimes against their own country deserves the worst kind of death I mean it’s fucking terrible what America Qatar Saudi Arabia and other countries are doing with the support of terror in Syria I’m a proud American but I don’t agree with everything my country does

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