FSA Terrorists Learn How to Shoot by Firing at Slain Corpses

FSA Terrorists Learn How to Shoot by Firing at Slain Corpses

Bullets galore. Supplies courtesy of Hillary the Obtuse keep coming so the terrorists can waste as must as they please. People they killed are dead all right, but the Sunnis still need to show off on camera and so they riddle the slain men ad nauseum. It’s like watching a bunch of kids goofing off with plastic guns, except that these Sunni retards have real rifles.

I can’t even describe the pity I feel for the sheep who still at this point bow down to everything Hillary says and take the absolutism without questioning. Just look at these fucking FSA monkeys – are they for fucking real? LOL.

Remember what Hillary and the ilk told their sheep when the FSA genocide in Syria started – back then they called them “unarmed protesters”. When it became clear that the FSA are are so heavily armed and manned they could put any army to shame, the title was changed into “freedom fighters”, but it took the sheep for fucking ever to quit it with “unarmed protesters”. How long will it take them to do the same with “freedom fighters” and start calling the FSA the fitting names, like – terrorists?

Video of FSA monsters practising shooting by firing at slain corpses is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “FSA Terrorists Learn How to Shoot by Firing at Slain Corpses”

  1. Needs more work on commando rolls ha ha that’s the gayest shit I’ve seen, maybe whoever is supplying them with assault rifles should include some basic training on how to fire your weapon, which one of these cunts are going to declare themselves “supreme leader of Syria” once the regime falls?
    Just fucken nuke that place!

  2. Looks like B roll footage by Jules White before they brought in the 3 Stooges. Seriously though, they can’t think they’re truly impressing anyone with such footage? It looks more to me like an exercise in desensitization for the new recruits, with sounds of gunfire and the presence of actual corpses at close range prior to utilizing those recruits for an actual terrorist assault by the FSA. Big mistake permitting this out on video, as some potential newbies might see through this embarrassing display.

  3. Aha ha ha ha; typical undisciplined arabs, I’m surprised that they didn’t manage to kill one-another with that demonstration of how awesome they are. Or maybe they did, and that accounts for the random bodies littered around; ‘oops, sorry Ahmed, didn’t mean to slot you in the head, it’s just I’ve got no fu**ing idea how to aim this thing and the rolling around got me all disorientated n’all’.

  4. These fuckers absolutely sicken me. They are willing to travel and die in a foreign country for the promise of virgins. Unfortunately these retarded fundamentals are dangerous because they have motivation and nothing to lose.

  5. omg this was like a REALLY bad movie…so lame! what was with the dude rolling around everywhere?!? and the guy lying on his back shooting through his feet…seriously…its like dumb and dumber…maybe they will shoot each other by accident with all their sommersaults and cartwheels

  6. Congratulations you passed corpse firing exercise with A*, you really gave those corpses what for eh, though your absolutely fucked when you take your shoot at an actual moving firing target exercise, lord knows why? possibly too many barrel rolls …well better luck next life.

  7. Good, good, all is going according to plan. Soon ZOG Syria will be up and running. Who will suspect that the Jews are actually controlling half of the Muslim countries from within by tugging American puppet strings. Let them kill off half of their own population arguing over which branch of radical Islam is dumberer and teach the other half to fight… poorly, at best.


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