FSA Terrorists Riddle a Man with Bullets

FSA Terrorists Riddle a Man with Bullets

Fake Syrian Army – arguably the most blood-soaked armed gang in the world continues with their genocidal charade unhindered. Where is the UN? Where is NATO? Where is the world that we allow these terrorists to kill random people freely. Oh I see… UN, NATO and the sheep support them. They finance them, arm them, train them and promote them so their genocide can continue on. Brilliant state of the affairs right there.

In this video, allegedly filmed by the FSA terrorists themselves, we see and hear a man in the street get riddled by what would seem like a thousand bullets fired by the terrorists. It sure must be easy to kill people when you are continuously supplied with unlimited weapons and ammo. Turkey, in a bid to shelter their smuggling routes to Syria, stationed heavy artillery along the border and made up an excuse that it’s to prevent the government forces from advancing into their territory. What a crock of shit!

Time for Russia or China to step in and exterminate these filthy terrorists once and for all. Millions of Syrians of different religions coexist peacefully in the country but pieces of shit Sunnis would not settle with anything other than genocide on infidels and Sharia law enforced by fellow terrorists upon everyone. And both UN and NATO support them in it. Add the sheep to the list of supporters too.

Props to Dave aka archamedes for the video. Additional information on this incident is HERE:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “FSA Terrorists Riddle a Man with Bullets”

  1. Wow dude hit the ground like a sack of taters!!! Talk about overkill and HORRIBLE aim from some!!! See that tree limb in the distance get shot off?? What religion was that tree? What did it ever do to them??

  2. Hahahahaa, Thanks, my first laugh of the Day,haha they really did shot a thousand bullet at his ass.
    “Hey look! Theres Assads Forces, Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew, hooray we got em!”

    Two more comments,
    1.) nice shot, it looks just like They were waiting for him.
    2.) Sucks for the Flesh Virus caught in the fire.

    1. It looks like his hands were tied up behind the back, got shoved into the street, riddled by bullets from the anticipating trigger happy terrorists, then filmed for propaganda!
      “Assad troops shoot syrian cillivian” or whatever.

  3. I do wonder how these fucks recognise their own people compared to others. I mean they just opened up some dakka on him the second he ran out, no real time to identify if he was one of theirs…

    wait i got it, he wasn’t carrying a weapon. Rules of surviving the predator, differs from the rules of surviving against the FSA

  4. The fact that they have an endless supply of ammo paid for by the US government means they can freely unload shitloads all over the place.
    Now if they had to use bullets sparingly then they would have to learn to become better marksmen.

  5. Yowza. That guy died no less than 5 times before he hit the ground. He didn’t even have time to shiite his pants. All this bullshit for money and land. I hate humans so hard. I’d rather be a dung beetle than a human. At least then the only bullshit I’d have to deal with would be the funk nugget I roll around all day like a fuckin champ

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      1. Thank you MedEx! You are the CSI, Forensic, Pathologist Expert rolled into one. We Students of BestGore (S.O.B.) Learns from your inputs. We, always look forward on your new inputs…You’re a Professional with a great sense of humor, I wish that we S.O.B.’s got to hear more from your knowledge and experiences often… but, realizing the hectic schedule of your expertise on the fleshy virus…a droplet of your input is a tsunami of knowledge already.

    1. Turkey is also a secular religious free place (where even wearing akbur clothing in certain places like public universities is banned and punished by law), and it seems that they are smuggling weapons for the syrian akburs…….who is pulling the strings? Hillary? the jews? Alluh? THE GUARDIAN?…..

  7. It sure looked like somebody was shooting back at them, I don’t think most of the bullets were aimed at the dead dude, shots were form several different area’s, you can here it in the sound.

  8. Before Best Gore always thought the NATO were the good guys even when i played video games where the NATO plays a role i felt like i was accomplishing something and helping the world but seems all that was a lie 🙁

  9. God organized a wonderfull system, even if the world is left with muslims only, shiite will kill sunni or vice versa, its nothing to do with the religion fleshy virus will find a reason to kill, die mfucker die 🙂

  10. anyway folks at least if we ever go to war with the sandy negroes at least theyr not efficient and i dont mean these in afgan iraq i mean if we kick off proper at least we know they use a million bullets just for 1 person lol

  11. Probably mowing one of their own down as they do get bored quick and need a kill every other minute. Plus their iphone batteries run low because they haven’t figured out they may need to be charged back up. Dumb fucks. Rabid apes with 21st century technology was always going to be fucked up. Happy Alluhakhbar

  12. Wow, I don’t know whether to laugh or not. I want to laugh. That was so retarded, the guy had his hands tied up behind his back, unless I’m wrong, an it looks like someone gave him a shove and they shot him. What a waste of ammo, overkill, for Gods’ sake, would someone show these guys how to aim ffsakes??!?!?

  13. Ehemm yess yess durkir mushami just point the gun anywhere that the sky is blue and swirl it in a circular fashion…this will be sure to leave the deceased with only 2 out of the 30 rounds in your magazine.

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