Gang Member with Black Eye Executed by Rivals in Brazil

Gang Member with Black Eye Executed by Rivals in Brazil

In Brazil, a presumed gang members was shot dead by rivals in grassy backwoods. We’ll need out Portuguese speaking friends to translate what they talk about, but I’m pretty sure I hear them repeatedly say “CV” in the video, and as we know CV stands for Comando Vermelho (Red Command) – one of the biggest Brazilian gangs known for its brutality toward rivals. I do not know if the victim was a member of CV and that’s why he got killed, or if the killers are members of CV and that’s why they kill the rival. CV is at deadly war with PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital).

The video shows the victim sitting on the ground with arms bound behind his back, and a black eye on his face, suggesting that he had been beaten prior to being executed. He’s the shot in the forehead at close range by a left handed kidnapper, and then cameraman appears to approach his dying body and pops a couple into the victim too.

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  1. They are asking the guy to apologize to PPC (gang) for the crime (they don’t say which crime he committed)…when he starts speak they shoot him! The End!

    PS: This guys don’t even speak correctly Portuguese…Brazilians rats!

      1. P.S.: you’re correcting someone who probably knows English as a second language, and you typed Postscript wrong, both P and S are capitalized and have periods between both and is followed by a colon after. I figured you may like to know it, since you’re so hell-bent on learning English and teaching English. Fucking moron.

          1. I say quit being a prick and correcting someone’s English when you’re wrong. How about that?

            And it’s than, not then.

            You haven’t written English correctly once, so I guess they’re even.

          2. English is a language common to Canada, Australia, USA, Scotland, Ireland and of course England, however, there are different dialects within each nation and especially within England which has very many different dialects. It is important to remember however that the language is still English wherever it is spoken.

    1. I speak English only and I aint even do dat correctly.
      Is someone who is fluent in Spanish able to communicate to someone in Portuguese? Or are they 2 completely different languages with no simularitys?

      1. An ex of mine spoke 6 languages including spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. You usually can get by as there are some similarities. I’m sure if you spoke fluent spanish, you could have an elementary conversation where both parties could figure each other out.

      2. Man, there are so many ways to use a only language. In Brazil there are so many videos with a man beating other or killing other and talking using their own accent from their own city or state. Some time I that speak portuguese can’t understand 100% the slangs that they use. I am from São Paulo, so when the crime is in Rio or North (places in the Brazil’s north) it’s clear the different accent between us (from São Paulo) and them (from Rio de Janeiro or the north states).

    2. His crime was to be a rival gang (CV, o Comando Vermelho, or “Red Command”). So the others guys from other gang (PCC, o Primeiro Comando da Capital, or “First Capital Command”) kill him, cause the gang war…

  2. Prior to liquidating the Brazilian parrot he was given some real good facials by being thrashed black and blue
    That was funny in the way the victim kept repeating every word his killer spoke and then couple of shots are heard ringing out and victim goes kaput

    Drug is all that’s there on their minds !

    1. No, it’s not. Money is a tool and it’s up to humans on how to use it. It is the same thing as to say that cars are killers for there are drunk people who run over and kill others or terrorists that ram into people. Even a table or a pen can be used to kill. So the killers are the men who use these tools for such a purpose. True, there are tools which have a more destructive capability than most others, such as nukes and I agree that besides being a means of exchange money gives power, but money has made it possible for us to develop a complex economy. Just imagine if we were to use barter. Like, you would have to go through a lengthy negociation for every transaction you would make. Just imagine how it would be if you produced towels and would go to the dentist. What if the dentist doesn’t want nor have the need for 10 towels in exchange for his services, what would you do? Now, that some have corrupted money, using paper instead of gold and creating a rotten system is another thing, but that’s a misuse of money, a scam and it’s unethical, kind of like a butcher who sells dog, cat or human meat as beef.

  3. The guy who is recording the video is asking the other that all CV’S (red command) to leave Araguaína (where they live). To get out of there, too, while it’s time, because if they do not leave, they will have the same end of it. His last words were: Excuse me, PCC.
    Less a thug in the world!
    A nice bandit is a dead bandit….
    Sorry for the translation I used Google Translate.

    1. I had one of those as a kid, man I loved my cap gun so much. Used to go around the neighborhood pretending to shoot stuff. Really piss off the neighbors. Luckily there were no cops near by, or else I would have been put down because of a plastic cowboy pistol with a bright orange tip.

  4. they were talking about sucking each others dicks. the black eyed faggot said he sucked more dick than the other two homos and he couldn’t suck anymore for at least an hour. then all hell broke loose. typical day in brazil.

  5. Those are PCC members killing a CV member for being in their territory, they are saying to all of the CV members who are in the city of Araguaína, state of Tocantins, to leave it immediately (and telling the CV member who’s about to die to repeat their words) else they will face the same fate.

  6. What a disappointing end. I was waiting for the characteristic “oomph” that most men make after a head shot. Here, there was nothing. What a miserable way to exit this world when even the video of your death fails to make an impression.

  7. He says to the young man that he will die, to say that it is for “all the CV of Araguaina to leave the city if they are not going to die”, and before the firing of the firearm, he apologizes to the PCC. If you need more Portuguese translations into English, just send me an email

    1. No,the 2 weeman were of the PCC variety, as were the shooters in the above video,(black eyes was CV) or maybe they were “cleaning house”killing their own bitches for not making a samich and cleaning the house.

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