Gang Member Hacked to Death by Rivals in Southern India

And Thus Indian Gang Member Is No More

Gang Member Hacked to Death by Rivals in Southern India

According to the backinfo I got, a known gang member was hacked to death by rivals in broad daylight in Southern India. He was dragged out of his car and repeatedly struck on the back of his head with a machete.

That’s all I got. Props to Best Gore member @vigked for the pics:

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29 thoughts on “Gang Member Hacked to Death by Rivals in Southern India”

      1. Interesting thought. Do tough gang thugs even wash their accountant disguises let alone seperate their whites and coloureds? Coincidentally it’s also a great strategy 1st world politicians should lead by…….

        1. Nope ,you mentioned it first and made me laugh. Pigs also added to it and made me laugh as well but YOU were the man first…

          Many middle-class Indians have the dumbest sense of Western dress ever. It is dork -Eighties like something from “Revenge of the Nerds” ,including even tough -guy gangsters get caught-up in it. I’d be more scared of them if they stayed in their national dress!

          1. @despy
            Always yellow after labor day, and also every thursday.
            There is an old French saying that goes like this desp.
            If you would ever wear Yellow Socks on a Thursday,,, Then it meant you were Gay,lol. 😉

  1. Don’t mourn his passing for he is in Indian heaven now. Where bobs and vagene are plentiful, the designated shitting streets go on for miles and there’s always room for just one more at the kerb.

    In Indian heaven India is a superpower and has been for over a thousand years, the streets are full of verminous looking food stands producing perniciously poisonous currys, prepared by the shit stained fingers of diseased looking old men who’ll accept no payment. Stomach cramps are guaranteed.

    Indian heaven, a little bit of hell in Paradise.

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